Nissan IMs Concept Re-Imagines Sedan As An Electric Crossover To Save It From Extinction

Sedans are increasingly threatened by crossovers, so Nissan has decided to combine the two body styles. The result is the IMs concept which has been unveiled in Detroit.

Billed as an “elevated sports sedan,” the IMs is a stylish electric crossover with sedan-like proportions. This makes the model relatively unique and it’s far more attractive than previous sedan-crossover mashups such as the Volvo S60 Cross Country.

A large part of this is due to clever design as the IMs has a mix of sharp lines and gently flowing surfaces. The front of the concept is dominated by a non-traditional ‘grille’ which is flanked by stylish lighting units and squared off vertical fins.

While the front isn’t the concept’s best angle, things get better as you move further back. Aft of the hood is a rakish windscreen and a sporty roof which is somewhat reminiscent of the 2019 Maxima. The concept also has a dynamic greenhouse, stylish bodywork and 22-inch wheels that are wrapped in high-performance rubber.

Despite appearances, the concept lacks a B-pillar and has suicide rear doors for easier entry and egress. Other notable features include hidden door handles, holographic taillights and a smoked glass roof with a gold geometric pattern.

The futuristic design continues in the cabin as drivers sit behind a compact steering wheel and find themselves looking at a digital instrument cluster. On either side are additional displays. The one of the left shows the time, temperature and remaining range, while the one of the right appears to serve double duty as an infotainment system and an entertainment system for the front passenger.

Another unique feature is the concept’s so-called “premier seat.” It’s a lounge-like chair that is created folding the two outer seat backs down.

On the performance front, the IMs has a 115 kWh battery that powers two electric motors. This gives the concept all-wheel drive as well as a combined output of 483 hp (360 kW / 490 PS) and 590 lb-ft (799 Nm) of torque. Nissan declined to say how fast the IMs can accelerate, but the automaker said drivers can expect to travel approximately 380 miles (611 km) on a single charge.

While sport sedans are aimed enthusiasts who enjoy driving, the IMs has a fully autonomous driving mode. When the mode is selected, the steering wheel retracts to make the driver more comfortable. The concept’s head- and taillights also turn blue and a light “travels continuously from front-to-rear to notify pedestrians and other drivers of its autonomous status.”

Sticking with the technology theme, Nissan says the concept has their new Invisible-to-Visible technology that debuted at CES earlier this month. It allows drivers to see around corners, visualize upcoming traffic jams and even travel with digital companion in the form of a three-dimensional augmented-reality avatar.


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  • Nexus7

    Instead of this bs, why don’t they make a wagon; it could be actually sexy and useful.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Wow, I’m impressed this concept’s design.

  • Jason Panamera

    And I think that should be one of the ways for cars.

  • charlotteharry57

    OK, Nissan, I was leery at first pass, but I could probably get on board with an “elevated sedan” (offering a wagon too would be better).
    After a never-ending stream of CUV/SUV reveals at both this show and the LA Show, I’m about to hurl at the thought of another one (Telluride sent me over the edge).
    Kudos for something fresh.


    • Richard Taylor

      I think it’s quite refreshing (but see why it’s not always going to be liked). Is it a nod to the IDx concepts of a few years ago? I could see Nissan filtering a version of the vertical wing/fender shut-lines into future production cars.

    • assassingtr

      It’s something new, and yes to Richard’s point is quite refreshing. Everything has been done already in design. Of course I know that goes above your head but try to use logic.

  • Toronado_II

    Nissan Outback !

  • roy


  • Stephen G

    The “Short Sedan” is what is wrong with cars today. Too difficult to enter/exit cramped interiors. This is why people are leaning toward SUVs and Crossovers. A “Tall Sedan” just might reverse that.

  • Bash

    The future will be filled with EVs in that shape.

  • Yilmaz Yasar

    Almost every Asian carmaker show us amazing concept cars and then they just made superugly cars

  • Perry F. Bruns

    They’re not so much raising sedans up as they are raising them back up. Cars seemed to get progressively lower to the ground from the 1920s to the 1990s, and since then they seem to be on a reverse course. Compare the IMs to a 1948 Cadillac.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Interesting take. Of course, roads weren’t good then – even by ‘48.

      • Perry F. Bruns

        Very good point! That said, they also seem to be getting worse now. 😉

        • Six Thousand Times

          Not untrue.

  • Rich Money

    very nice

  • Richard Taylor

    Seems entirely plausible – likely even – to me if we filter out the more futuristic elements. It’s a concept that fits perfectly into Nissan’s ethos, slipstreaming into ‘new’ categories. Also like the subtle nods to IDx concept with the sharp verticals of the front and rear wings.

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