Chevrolet Caprice From Fast & Furious 7 Will Cost You $22,995

The 1987 Chevrolet Caprice driven by Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris in 2015’s Furious 7 is up for sale on eBay for an attainable price.

The car was featured in a number of scenes throughout the seventh installment in the Fast and Furious franchise and set the hearts racing of many movie-goers. Fitted with a 350 hp V8 create engine, a hydraulic handbrake, and a set of fat wheels and tires, it looks amazing.

When filming for Furious 7 concluded, Universal Studios gifted the car to Ludacris. Despite plans to keep and modify the car, it was auctioned off by Mecum in May 2017. Now it’s on the market once again.

It remains unclear if the eBay seller is the same person that purchased the car at auction back in 2017. Nonetheless, the seller says that the Caprice features all the same modifications it had while starring in Furious 7. Alongside the aforementioned V8, handbrake, and wheels, the car also includes a roll cage, dedicated fuel cell, a NASCAR-inspired rear spoiler, and a bespoke hood. It’s a true head-turner.

As this is the only car of its kind in the world, putting a valuation on it is difficult, but if it runs well, fans of the film could find the $22,995 ‘Buy It Now’ price reasonable.

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  • Da Only Skid

    It, ain’t costing me a damn thing….make my own, much cheaper…

  • The-Fez

    Wow. No.

  • BrucieBruce

    Owning a movie car is cool in general. Furious franchise car could even be a money maker if they ever needed it for a sequel. But this thing is HIDEOUS !!! Ouch

  • Knotmyrealname

    No CD player?

  • Bash

    Well, it’s Valentines day, so i’ll show some love.
    Ill give you 50 bucks for it. best deal i can make.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I am pre-selling the Lada Niva i am going to use in the next FART AND FURIOUS. Since it’s a bargain and the car isn’t famous yet, 100k is enough. Hurry up because later on the price will skyrocket, even if the car is going to be dropped off a plane, for real, before going under the hammer on e-dumbay

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