Is The Lincoln Nautilus More Than A Fancy, More Expensive Ford Edge?

The Lincoln MKX was redesigned and renamed the Nautilus at the end of 2017, receiving a Continental-inspired front end, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster inside and several other features.

There’s no denying that it looks better than the MKX with that new grille, and that the cabin feels premium, for the most part. Occupants are surrounded by leather and wood trim, and have the SYNC 3 infotainment system, which supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, at their disposal.

The front seats may look comfortable, but the truth is that they’re not. TheStraightPipes YouTube channel said they’re not as good as the ones in the more upmarketContinental and Navigator, although the massage function did earn them extra points if one can get used to its quirks.

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There are several physical buttons that should help drivers keep their eyes on the road more, but some functions, such as the heated steering wheel, are accessible only via the infotainment system. Also, the 360-degree cameras are low-res, and that doesn’t do justice to a premium SUV.

While the overall quality of the interior is decent, space is pretty much identical to the Ford Edge. That’s no coincidence, as the two share the same platform and many more. Which, inevitably, leads to the question whether the Nautilus is worth the premium over the Edge. The Lincoln starts at just over $40,000, whereas the Ford costs a considerable $10,000 less.

The weird thing is that the two reviewers already have a favorite two-row SUV, and it doesn’t even come from a luxury brand. We’ll give you a hint: it’s not American and is even more affordable than the Edge.


  • charlotteharry57

    You know, as a Ford Fusion owner, I admit that I laughed at the local auto show in November when I sat in an MKZ, thinking “gussied up Ford”. I can’t comment on this model, but sales are WAY up. Simply because of the renaming (which was just done, not a the end of 2017) and some minor restyling. Good one, Ford!

    • TrevP

      My daily driver is an MKZ and I love it. There aren’t many similarities between it and a Fusion. Sure there are some but they look completely different inside and out.

      • charlotteharry57

        There are a LOT of similarities, including shared exterior parts and the 2.0L Turbo engine. I HATED the center console in the MKZ – it was a stretch to reach the power ports; not the case in mine. Sorry, but I’d never pay the premium for one.

        • TrevP

          Which exterior parts? Even the mirrors and door handles are different. I have the 3.7 in mine but of course engines are going to be shared. Many cars share the same power plants. I get why you wouldn’t want to spend the premium on it. I did and it was worth it. I even got AWD and way more power.

          • charlotteharry57

            I was next to one in traffic a few weeks ago and the door handles and mirrors sure looked the same to me. Good thing you have the 3.7 because the 3.0 TT has proven unreliable, according to surveys. Now, the Connie, another sister car, is VERY difficult to discern its Fusion roots. Most folks don’t know that the Edge and Nautilus are ALSO Fusion-based, the subject of this thread.

          • TrevP

            Look a little closer to the details of each, you will see differences. I personally think Lincoln does a great job at making their cars look different from their Ford siblings. GM on the other hand is terrible at doing so.

          • Dennis Scipio

            What? GM has a terrible time making their cars look different, the GMC Acadia, Cadillac XT6, Buick Enclave, and Chevy Traverse looks pretty different enough for me, however when it comes to their Full Size SUVs (Esclalade/Yukon/Tahoe) and Trucks (Silverado/Sierra) i can agree.

          • Alduin

            GM should’ve kept Hummer and killed off GMC. Pontiac could’ve been their performance division.

  • Kash

    You know what’s sad, looking at the cover photo I can see how the hood doesn’t line up with the front quarter panel over the headlight and how uneven the panel gap that runs across the front, over the grille is. It’s all laughable from here. Overall, and from a distance, it’s not a bad looking crossover, but it’s not worth the premium over the Edge.

    • Nihar

      Lincoln is making baby steps. It’s still technically an MKX. If it was the Aviator, I would be more worried.

      • Kash

        If they’re still having these kinds of gap issues on a product that’s been on sale since 2016 (albeit the pre-facelift) what does that say about the Aviator’s construction? Will it have the same issues? Worse ones? These kinds of panel gaps show that either Ford just doesn’t care about quality control, or they find this acceptable, and I’m not sure which is worse.

        • Alphie

          The gap is to allow room for the hood to close and latch without damaging the top of the headlight. This is common manufacturing practice. The following is an image of a new Toyota (known for strict quality control standards) which you can see that the left part of the housing has a tight gap with the finder and then a larger gap where the hood meets the lamp housing. Some manufacturers have clever designs to make this less noticeable. I have a Ford Edge and a Honda and the gaps on my edge are much more consistent and cleaner. (Not a dog on Honda, I love the accord as well). Just facts.

          • Kash

            Hold on, we’re talking about different things. I was talking about how the hood didn’t align with the front quarter panel over the headlight and the inconsistency of the gap between the hood and grille surround. Not the fact there is a gap. I understand the need for a panel gap, however there’s no need for 2 panels to be so far out of alignment like they are on the Nautilus in the picture in both spots.

    • SteersUright

      Ford’s have some of the absolute worst panel fit I’ve ever seen for a modern car. Almost 1990’s Kia bad. Not sure what’s going on. Dont they all use the same robots as the Japanese and Germans these days anyhow?

  • Research Janitor

    Just a Ford.

  • Rick Hallanger

    Boy there are a lot of Ford, Lincoln bashers.. The MKZ shares a platform with the Fusion but my Lincoln hybrid has a few more things than even is available on a fusion.. I guess the foreign stuff NEVER shares any platforms.. right..

    • brn

      A few years ago, I was looking at the MKZ. All the reviews told me I’d be better off with a well equipped Fusion, so I compared a top of the line Fusion with an entry level MKZ.

      Similar? Yes, but the MKZ was smoother (not just the motor, but even the power seats), quieter, had better materials,better finish, etc. On top of that it had things that couldn’t be had on any trim of the Fusion.

      People who call them the same had their minds made up before doing the comparison.

    • Cobrajet

      Sharing platforms, is often the most stupidest reason to criticize something. The platform is not the be and end of a car. But my problem with the MKZ is that it’s FWD, in a segment where RWD is preferred, no matter what the Fusion is.

  • SteersUright

    The only Lincoln’s of any consequence are the Navigator and upcoming Aviator. The Navigator I sat in still feels half-ass in execution compared to a German or Japanese premium anything, but it was a huge leap for Lincoln, considering the piles they’ve been releasing in prior years. The Continental almost captured America’s interest when revealed as a concept, then the FWD-based production model came out looking like a Chinese knock off. Very bad move.
    That said, I’m very excited to check out the new Aviator and hope it furthers the brand’s newfound commitment to real quality.

  • Alduin

    Lincoln is killing Chrysler and Cadillac. They’ve really stepped up. Very impressed.

  • TheBelltower

    This thing is gorgeous. But after a half century of building mostly crap, Lincoln has a long way to go before they can be considered a legit luxury brand again. They need to make sure that every Nautilus on the road is well optioned, looks impressive and turns heads. At $70k for a well optioned “black label,” this is over $10k out of its league. Lincoln has a lot to prove, and should be thankful that anyone is looking at their vehicles. Having to pay extra for a decent audio system or a heated steering wheel is absurd.

  • DM

    I agree with many of you, it’s a nice looking car with a great engine and features, but its pricing should not yet be at par with german and japanese rivals. IMO only people who reeeeally want an american brand buy these. Navigator and Aviator are stunning though, so I expect all new redesigned cars to follow suit.

  • TB

    Pretty spot on review…especially with the color! LOL That said I’d have to say it’s somewhat worth more than the Edge. It’s more refined. I’ve driven both and I do understand the premium for the Lincoln…but 10K is 10K.

    The Lincoln is much more polished IMO.

  • Emoto

    Is it just me, or does the new KIA Telluride(sp?) look very much like this?

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