Is Mecum Selling John Cena’s Ford GT After Telling Ford It Wouldn’t?

As hard as it might be to believe, the story of John Cena’s 2017 Ford GT continues almost 18 months after Ford sued the wrestler for flipping the car. In May, the car will cross the auction block courtesy of Mecum Auctions.

Cena sold his GT shortly after taking delivery towards the end of 2017. Last year, it was revealed that Cena sold the supercar to a 78-year-old Californian farmer who was an avid Ford fan. The farmer is thought to have owned the GT for roughly eight months before he decided to part ways with it and sell it through a Russo and Steele auction in August 2018.

Unsurprisingly, the car sold for $1.54 million, almost three times its base price but incredibly, the third owner parted ways with it just a month later. The fourth owner purchased it for $1.32 million at a Mecum sale in Dallas last October.

This Ford has been handed around a lot…

Fast forward to May 2019 and the car will be sold yet again and will soon find its fifth owner. Making the story all the more interesting is that it will be sold once again by Mecum Auctions.

If you’re a keen Carscoops reader, you may remember that Ford and Mecum reached a settlement in January that bars the auction company from selling any new Ford GTs within the first two years of their existence. This settlement reportedly also means Mecum can’t sell any Ford GT, even if it’s not owned by the original purchaser that’s subject to the vehicle’s controversial ownership agreement and must consult Ford for any “downstream purchaser” who acquires a GT from it.

With this in mind, it’s unclear how Mecum can sell Cena’s former GT yet again without feeling the wrath of Ford.

We’re still looking into this story, and will update as soon as we find out more.

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  • tt tt

    An otherwise great car if not for the greedy corporate who shamed it’s blue collar hero pedigree by creating artificial barriers and shortages.

    • brn

      The motivation was for the car to get into the hands of people that would appreciate it, rather than scalpers. Given the limited production, kudos to Ford.

  • Bash

    This car has been handed around too many times and never settled down, in reality and in human terms, that car is like a b1t€h.

  • Da Only Skid

    Okay, so what’s the build date? Clearly says can’t be sold within 2 years of purchase. 2019 – 2017 = 2 years depending on mfg date. Mecum was stupid once, twice, meh…

    Love the story of the farmer though, added nothing to this and the fact the a few months past shows his entire passion for the Ford GT.

    Some things get finer with age, reporting is not one of those. And to say, we can trust anyone as far as we can throw them…unless a cliff is involved, then, well, a cliff…hope it’s soft….down there…

  • Smith

    It is such a piece and someone should really sue Ford for restrictive business practices. If you buy the car you should be able to sell it, once you realize what a piece it is and how you got suckered own by the hype and paid way too much for a rear engine Ford ]Mustang, nothing more. Can blame people wanting to sell these.

    • brn

      Contracts are just that. Ford could offer it in two prices. Crazy high with no restrictions. Discounted if you agree not to flip.

  • Stephen G

    It is become increasing clear that the crazy party here is Ford. They should put an MSRP of $2M on these things and cut the “resale” contract. Obviously the market is there. I’m guessing that the original intent is to get these into the hands of people that appreciate a race bred automobile and would treat it as such. But it appears we are in the midst of allot more money aficionado’s than automobile aficionado’s.

  • Bo Hanan


  • rodriguez256

    Such a beautiful GT.

  • Aaron Kane

    Remember these are the folks that gave us the Pinto

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