Mother And Kids Almost Hit By Car Braking In The Snow

Safely driving in the snow is difficult, but things can be made particularly challenging when pedestrians fail to take into account how long it takes for a car to come to a stop on a slippery and snowy road. Case in point, this near miss that recently happened in Canada.

The video the moment a mother with three children attempt to cross the road while a car is coming their way.

The clip starts with the vehicle traveling down the snow-covered road at 30 km/h (18 mph) when, suddenly, the mother steps out onto the road with two kids by her side and one in her arm. At this moment, the car appears to be roughly 100 feet away from the mother and her kids. If the road conditions were more favorable, the car could have easily slowed down to allow them to cross.

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The driver starts braking immediately and eventually manages to stop the car, all while the mother is standing in the middle of the street, seemingly just expecting the car to stop anyway – something that, under those circumstances was not absolutely certain.

Nevertheless, she seems very agitated by the whole thing, clearly shouting at the driver as he comes to a rest. Which, given that he wasn’t speeding, seems a bit too much, although to her defense, anyone behind the wheel must readjust his driving to the conditions on the road and leave a margin for the unexpected.

via Gfycat

  • Christian

    he was speeding….

    • Finkployd

      At 30km/h ? 🐌

      • Christian

        what’s the point with snail? Calling me a sl u t? Are you secretly trying to call me fat and slow? This IS NOT OKAY! #thinprivligeisreal

        • Julien Lachemoi

          You alright mate ?

          • Christian

            No! Haven’t ben right since 2016, when orange monkey won..

          • Six_Tymes

            glad the most corrupt liar in the universe didn’t win. is nails on a chalk board running again? 3rd time loser? or maybe 3rd time we’re in big trouble if that murderer liar finally wins. #anyonebuthillary

          • Christian

            I wish Sanders would had won….

          • Julien Lachemoi

            I must say, I don’t feel good since that day and I’m not even from his country.

  • Finkployd

    now that’s great parenting

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      It’s almost the definition of irony.

  • Momogg

    This woman has no brain, I’m sorry for the kids.

  • Six_Tymes

    is she an idiot, clearly. this driver is also an idiot, he or she was going too fast in those conditions. both are dumb-asses

  • Craig

    Entirely the mothers fault. And she doesn’t even back up when she see’s the car. Clearly a moron. Poor kids.

    • cooper

      Hopefully the father will get full custody.

  • sidewaysspin

    Another illogical woman, she probably doesn’t compute that a car takes much longer to stop in those conditions.

  • Evan McMaster

    She kept walking forward instead of backing up wtf

    • Bo Hanan

      As a woman it is “her right to put her and her children’s lives in danger.” And if you can’t slow down in time to avoid an accident it’s all your (i.e. all men) fault.It’s also my husbands fault because he should have known “we” would be in this situation (on this day & time) and he should have been here.

  • cooper

    Showing your kids how to run out in front of a car in a snowstorm with icy roads. Brilliant 🤯

  • Christian

    I hope someone snips him…. And as a black person, I can call whoever a monkey…You white folks have done enough!

  • ksegg

    Idiot Mom. This is in no way the drivers fault.

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