New Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake: Trading Off A Bit Of Styling For Practicality?

The second-gen CLA is coming our way as a sporty, four-door coupe alternative to the more upright A-Class Sedan – and with it, the mercedes-benz-cla-will-soon-get-shooting-brake-body-look-like/”new Shooting Brake version that has just been filmed in the midst of testing.

That’s despite previous reports, which claimed that Mercedes had decided to ditch the more practical version and keep just the saloon. As you can see, though, the Shooting Brake is definitely happening.

Like the all-new CLA four-door Coupe and the A-Class hatchback (and, of course, the CLA four-door), the new CLA Shooting Brake will be underpinned by the carmaker’s front-wheel drive compact platform. The styling of the vehicle will also be familiar, albeit with a redesigned front fascia and rear end.

Most significantly, the roof has been extended and there’s a more upright rear window, which in all likelihood will make it a bit more practical than its predecessor.

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That being said, the prototype featured here appears to sacrifice some of its sexy looks for increased boot space. The first iteration of the CLA Shooting Brake, particularly in AMG guise, was absolutely stunning. One of the reasons for the car’s good looks were its curvy headlights and taillights but with the simplified, triangular headlights and taillights first featured on the CLS finding their way onto the new CLA, we’re not convinced about the new car. And that boxier rear end doesn’t help, either. But we could be wrong – something we’ll find out soon enough.

The new CLA Shooting Brake will initially be offered in CLA 250 guise with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder pumping out 221 hp and 258 lb-ft (349 Nm) of torque. Naturally, it will also be available with a number of different petrol and diesel powertrains, potentially including the 400+ hp four-cylinder of the new A45 AMG and all-wheel drive.


  • ksegg

    Trade off for styling? LOL

    Hard to trade off for something it never had to begin with.

  • StrangerGP

    CLA is pointless, there’s not a lot of difference from the A-class except of course for the higher price and worse practicality. CLS I can understand, it’s different from the E-class.


    still no news about the future of SL series

  • Aaron Stevens

    It has 4 doors It’s a station wagon, not a shooting brake. Get a clue

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