Is This The New 2021 Ford Ranger Or Something Else?

There is an all-new generation Ford Ranger in the works and this could be it.

These images, shared online by Australia’s Wheels Magazine, allegedly show a prototype of the new Ranger snapped during a photoshoot in Melbourne. To say the new Ranger looks way different than the current model would be an understatement. The front of the vehicle pictured shares an obvious resemblance to the fascia of the updated Ford Super Duty pickups.

For example, there’s a large grille with two horizontal chrome components connecting the headlights. Additionally, there are C-shaped lights which appear almost hidden under tinted plastic. It’s unconventional and quite futuristic.

Similarities between the vehicle pictured and the Super Duty continue at the rear with the taillights and chrome garnish at the base of the bumper. The pickup also sits on a set of familiar black alloy wheels.

Is this a new Ford or are we being fooled?

Few details have been provided about who snapped these images and whether or not the vehicle in question is a clay-model or in fact a functional prototype. Officially, there’s no confirmation that this is indeed the next-generation Ford Ranger, which means it’s possible that it could be the latest vehicle from another automaker, perhaps from China – that shares styling traits with existing vehicles in the Ford family.

Road & Track confirmed that Ford is indeed working on a next-generation Ranger back in January. It remains to be seen how far development of the pickup has progressed, particularly since production of the 2019 Ranger only commenced in October. Claims have been made that the new Ranger and Bronco will share a similar design.

Regardless of whether the pickup we’re looking at is indeed the new Ford Ranger, it’s clear that shoppers will soon have another mid-size pickup to choose from.



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Exclusive: is this the next-gen 2021 Ford Ranger?! We snapped exclusive photos of this prototype in Melbourne. Read more at the link in our bio.

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  • Christian

    Car Scoop, you drunk…That’s a chevy

    • Benjamin B.

      Australia doesn’t get Chevys. It could be a Holden though.

      • Christian

        why you so mean to me?

      • TheAmerican2point0

        Holden ain’t around anymore

  • Rocket

    It’s interesting, that’s for sure. But it bears little resemblance to current Ford trucks, so I’m leaning toward something else. It wouldn’t take much to convince me it is the next generation Holden/Chevy Colorado, however. Or possibly a Ranger-based Amarok.

  • Jesse

    definitely a Chevy

    • Benjamin B.

      Definitely not a Chevy in Australia. Probably a Holden.

    • Matt

      Except for all the Ford design language… sure. That double horizontal grille is pure Ford, as is the tailgate and the front bumper is an evolution of the current Ranger.

  • Nihar

    Ridgeline or Colorado

    • Matt

      Ridgeline? Uh…

    • Benjamin B.

      Ridgeline is a USDM vehicle only and Ian exclusive to the USDM and Canada and Mexico (they’re practically in the USA now)

  • charlotteharry57

    I really doubt that manufacturers would be spilling that much of the beans at this point on a ’21 model, so it’s probably not a Ranger. Heck, we’re still waiting to see many ’20 vehicles, a lot destined for the New York Show in mid-April.

    • Maybe a chinese knockoff?

    • MarkoS

      I defiantly get Nissan from the rear. The front is throwing me off.

    • Matt

      This photo was leaked, you weren’t meant to see it.

  • Mike anonymous

    This actually appears to be either a FORD or a GMC. It features a number of styling elements seen on current and past ford & GMC vehicles.

    The reason it does not ‘look’ like a Ford is because of the windows (which don’t have fords unknowingly iconic ‘stepping stool’ front passenger/driver window shape). Apart from this it seems to be a Ford Product. What shoes it are the two metal bars on the grille commonly seen on ford products and trucks. But what also makes me think it may be a GMC as the front headlights shape as they feature GMCs’ new “C” headlights design. (if you take a closer look).

    If anything it may be the next generation GMC Canyon (which seems quite dated) and has been need of a new generation for sometime now. (pictured below)

    • Benjamin B.

      GMC doesn’t sell anything outside of the USA and Canada. Mexico only gets Chevys.

      • MarkoS

        They could test down-under.

    • Jay

      You missed the fact it has round wheel arches. That’s definitely a Ford thing. There are no current GM trucks with round wheel arches. That alone pushes this into the Ford category. Another is that it has no steps on the bed or bumper. However it does look like it has the step in the tailgate.

  • Eagle By Singer

    Although it does look like a Chevy. Why would Wheels Australia have these photos? We don’t have Chevy’s down here, or at least not yet.
    Especially since these photos were taken in Melbourne….

    Apart from the front bumper, it side and somewhat the back look similar to the ranger….

    • Rocket

      Holden Colorado.

  • Jay

    I see a but of the Nissan Titan but IMO it’s mostly a baby F-150. I think it’s a Ford due to the all of cues from the 150, looks like a baby version of it.

    • Benjamin B.

      Could be the new Frontier finally


    could be possibly a 2020 colorado

    • PhilMcGraw

      I agree. Chances of it being a Ranger are very, very low considering they just introduced the 2019 model year in the states. They wouldn’t do a full refresh in just 2 years, it wouldn’t make sense. The Colorado on the other hand has been around for years without a redo.

      • Matt

        Except the Ranger you get in the states is actually almost 10 years old, it’s been sold elsewhere in the world since 2011. So there is a very good chance this is the new Ranger, based on the twin horizontal slats on the grille which are a dead Ford giveaway.

    • Benjamin B.

      It probably isn’t a Chevy… maybe a Holden.

    • futures

      Yes, the tail lights look like a Silverado.

  • john1168

    It looks pretty good! Is this gonna be the first product of Ford and VW?

    • Benjamin B.

      Yes I wonder if it’ll have VW’s 2L TSI from the GTI or Ford’s 2.3L EcoBoost from the ST and Mustang? Or perhaps a new or existing turbocharged V6 for the USDM Ranger Raptor? Other markets will get that new twin turbo EcoBlue 2L I-4 diesel while VW even offers a turbo diesel V6 in Europe.

  • J. P.

    The logo’s mostly hidden but judging by what I see, it’s more oval that completely round so it might be a Ford Ranger

    • marriotthill

      The badge looks square to me.

    • Jay

      Yea the square covering it is meant to throw everyone off, I agree there’s an oval under there too.

  • salamOOn

    front end looks like a chevy….

    • Bash

      Way much better than Chevy! Did you see their mess lately. This one looks amazing.

    • TheAmerican2point0

      Nahh the headlights look like the new GMC

    • could be a new Colorado.

      • Benjamin B.

        The Chevy is sold as a Holden in Australia, but there’s rumors GM will discontinue the brand.

    • Jay

      With 2 horizontal bars across the grille, I don’t think so. That’s a Ford thing.

      • futures

        But the tail lights look exactly like the new Silverado… Don’t know what to make of this.

        • Jay

          Yes I noticed that, but if you ignore the shape the layout also resembles the current U.S ranger and both the 150 and 250 tail lights. The grille just says it all for me it’s definitely a miniature F-150 and 250. Also the fact the the current ranger is a refresh so it’s due for a new model as well. Another detail that makes me doubt it being a Chevy is that is has to integrated steps on the bumper. The top of the tailgate resembles fords more than chevys as well.

  • Hot Twink

    What is it? It’s a Ford for sure. What model of Ford it is can be up for debate.

    It’s front end styling is the same (save for a different grille and headlamp arrangement) as the unnamed baby Bronco leaked a while back.

    They could be based on the same platform.

  • MarkoS

    Hmmm, The Front says Ford, but the grille is off of trend. Maybe GMC Canyon. I get a Nissan vibe from the rear.

  • Navy Pier Moroccan ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Ew, looks like a Chevy up front. UGLY!

  • ejd1984

    An EV truck?

    • Matt

      Probably not with the traditional grille.

      • Benjamin B.

        It’ll probably offer either a 48-volt battery (also called a mild hybrid) to assist with accessories and improve fuel mileage, or a full hybrid drivetrain like the Lincoln Aviator and Ford Explorer twins do. I suspect both could be offered.

  • assassingtr

    Seems like Chevy/GMC design language.

    • MarketAndChurch

      The bar running from the headlamps through the grille, and the headlamps being split by the bar used to be Chevy design language, like a decade or two ago. But that bar, those c-shaped headlamps wrapping around it, and the round wheel arches make this most likely a Ford product. The tail-lamps look like they could be from anyone.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Whatever it is, it’s very beautiful.

  • John Dair

    Could this be a styling concept for the US auto show circuit?

  • Pissed Canuck

    The top edge of the Blue Oval logo can be seen closer in the second thick bar of the grille near the top.

    • MarkoS

      Not sure about that one.

  • Bob White

    Why would you do a photoshoot for a 2021 in Australia? This is a chinese truck coming to take on the Big 3. Get ready Yankees, the Chinese steamroller is coming.

    • Matt

      It will be an internal photoshoot, to preview the design to dealers etc. It’s not meant to be shown to the public.

    • Joe

      The Ranger is Ford’s biggest seller by far in Australia, and the current model was launched there back in 2010. It’s the only rational choice for it to be developed there.
      Can’t be Chinese, would’ve appeared in Chinese design approval publicity already (like the next Sylphy/Sentra already has) and pickup trucks have tiny market share in China pretty much solely as rural workhorses, which also how they’re marketed (as a budget work offering) to low but profitable sales elsewhere – it’d make no sense to make a premium-trimmed model and send it to Australia for mock-ups and photoshoots.

  • MarkoS

    I’d even through KIA in there. Or maybe GM is testing down-under. The rest just is not on Ford trend. I suppose it could be a Amorok.

    • Matt

      KIA?! It’s literally ALL Ford. The grille, the bumpers, the rear lift gate – literally the oval badge on the front. Yes some of the design language is new, but you’ll see more of it on the upcoming Bronco. I think a lot of ‘it’s not a Ford’ brigade will be eating their hats soon enough….

      • MarkoS

        I disagree. I think its something else.

  • no25

    Ford did say they were going to make a smaller truck than the Ranger. This could be it. It may just not look that small in the photos. It looks somewhat Ford to me because of the light in the chrome bar – the Expedition has similar styling. BUT at the same time, the chrome bar is very Chevy. The taillights are very Silverado-like. But I could still see this being the baby-Ranger Ford said they were going to make.

    • MarketAndChurch

      I think the baby-ranger is being developed on the Focus or Fiesta platform. This looks too big.

  • Harry_Wild

    Wow! Puts the current Ranger in the U.S. to shame since it so big! Will this be the same compact size Ranger for U.S. buyers in 2021 that was last sold back in 2011?

  • ejd1984

    It’s not a GM truck. The rear bumper steps are not there. I can’t see GM getting rid of that great feature.

    • MarkoS

      There appears to be a rear bumper there, not GM style though.

  • MarkoS

    Today I am thinking this is a Ranger styling mockup to show VW what it could do with a new Amarok. I see some similarities here with the Tanoak concept. Other than that I am getting a Korean vibe.

  • Marc Gruben

    FCA said they were working on a midsize truck… it has a little bit of the New Ram’s vibe. Not saying that’s what it is, but not saying it isn’t either.

  • Scott K

    That can’t be a Ford. The covered logo on the front has the wrong proportions and I don’t know what that is on the back. Chinese brand, most likely.

  • R55

    Doesn’t matter what it is, like all concepts, its production counter part will never live up to the design.

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