Rolls-Royce Has Personalized Every Single Cullinan Sold So Far

With a $325,000 starting price in the States, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is definitely a ride for the rich and famous.

It’s the first-ever Rolls SUV, comes with seating for up to seven, and can be ordered with some extravagant options.

Rolls-Royce of course knows that its clients only opt for the best regardless of the cost. Thus, they’re offering extras such as high end trim, cigar humidors, champagne coolers and others. A 9-carat gold-plated Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament? That’ll be for $17,000, reports Bloomberg, while a picnic hamper goes for an amazing $46,000!

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So, with these eye-watering prices, how many Cullinans do you think have been personalized so far? The answer is ALL of them! The announcement was made by CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos when the company announced their 2018 sales numbers. With the high levels of customization, this means that you’ll never come across two identical Cullinans out there.

The same, more or less, stands for the Phantom. With a base price of $450,000, 99 percent of all flagship sedans sold were customized. In total, the news outlet says that more than 90 percent of the brand’s vehicles have been so personalized that they’re pretty much one-offs.

The demand is so big, the bespoke department had to hire an additional 100 employees just to keep up. Thus, Rolls’ workforce went past the 2,000 mark for the first time ever.

With 4,107 cars shipped to customers in over 50 countries worldwide, 2018 was the luxury brand’s best year ever. The Americas remained their largest market, where each car delivered cost about $400,000 on average, options included, but sales jumped across all regions.

The best-seller in the United States was the Dawn. However, it’s expected to be surpassed this year by the Cullinan, which accounted for more than 20 percent of sales in 2018.

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  • Bash

    I wonder if I ask them to personalize mine by replacing that (largely common) Spirit of Ecstasy with a special made lego Batman including his cape. It would be like a the Batman rises every time I press that button. And if don’t accept that, FT I’ll take my money somewhere else. 😂😂

  • charlotteharry57

    Every time I see the Cullinan, it looks smaller. Look at the pic above with the dude standing in front of it. Even IF I had the $, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to pay $46K for a picnic basket. But bet lots of rich dummies (read: musicians and sports players) will be.

    • nastinupe

      Actually Rolls-Royce’s largest markets are in Asia; China and the Middle East. 28% of their sales go to China alone, whereas 20% goes to both the US and the Middle East. The main consumer are extremely wealthy business men and people with old money. The “dummies” that you mention make up a small portion of their customer base.

      • Olotu Ejuvwedia

        Agree with you, Though Africans (Nigerians actually) love exotic cars but challenge there is the auto mechanics trained one is almost invisible.

  • MatTa Ddor


  • Kagan

    It should be the next London taxi!

    • Olotu Ejuvwedia

      Hello Guy please hahahaha hope you’re not going suggest that the Phantom 8 should be too?.

  • Jacques Lovinsky

    That’s not true the first ones sold were dealer samples and they were NOT customized.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      They were samples made to show the possible customizations, so they were not the 325k Cullinan but, more probably, 500/600k ones

  • Momogg

    Everything is possible…

    …If you have money!


  • SteersUright

    So you’re saying people paying a quarter mil for an SUV dont mind paying a bit more to make it exactly to their gaudy tastes? Shocking and every bit as grossly pompous as the doofus leaning on the Cullinan in the pics.

    • Olotu Ejuvwedia

      Calm down Bro!.

  • Bash

    Now were talking, glad that we are on the same page. LOL

  • Bash
  • Bobby Lee

    It does not seat 7, it only has 2 rows.

    • Cobrajet

      Good. This should not be used to carry children.

      • Olotu Ejuvwedia

        Let them enjoy what their father own.

  • MarketAndChurch

    The red Cullinan looks insanely beautiful!

    • Olotu Ejuvwedia

      Preferably for is the gray/silver is an all weather color.

  • Bash


    • Olotu Ejuvwedia

      Every body with his/her likes. Bash.

      • Bash

        Totally agree man.

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