Subaru WRX And Toyota Crash Shows You Can’t Let Your Guard Down While Driving

If you want a quick lesson on how not to drive, watch the video below and observe the white Toyota RAV4.

The following video was filmed from the dashcam of a Subaru WRX driver in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and starts off entirely mundane, showing the WRX cruising down the fast lane of a motorway. Things quickly change.

As the Subaru driver progresses down the road, traffic in the middle lane begins to build up and eventually grinds to a halt. However, the driver of a white Toyota RAV4 in the middle lane failed to see traffic building, inevitably distracted by something. Despite the vehicle in front of the RAV4 grinding to a halt, the Toyota driver does nothing and only brakes at the very last moment before impact.

Not only does the RAV4 driver brake far too late, but they also yank the steering wheel to the left, directing the SUV directly into the path of the Subaru WRX. Without any time to react, the Subaru driver slams into the rear of the RAV4, causing serious damage to the vehicle’s front end.

The Toyota is clearly at fault for the accident and everything could have been avoided if they simply braked early enough. With that being said, the Subaru driver could have driven slightly more cautiously and slowed while approaching and passing the traffic in the middle lane.


  • Momogg

    The subaru driver should give more attention to the road next time.

    • Shobin Drogan

      You spelled Toyota wrong.

      • Momogg

        Sorry! 😌

  • salamOOn

    you can see a queue for at least 5-6 seconds….. better keep my pace, its not in my lane.

  • Bo Hanan

    It just seems like if the Subie driver had been looking at ALL traffic they would have anticipated the Toyota stunt. In addition, the Rav4 speeding up and the Civic not keeping the same pace was an indication of where things were going. Me? I just expect people to be stupid when I’m in traffic. Additionally, The WRX has a turbo and AWD- he should have done an “exit-stage-right” into the slow lane and avoided everybody.

  • Daniel Masterson

    Also could have been avoided if the toyota had eyesight so that at least the toyota would have starting braking waaay in advance.

  • KAG25

    Watch out for SUVs, they want to kill you on the road, that is what I have learned.

  • Jason Miller

    All the expert drivers in here saying the Subaru should have done this or that. Bull. If you were in that car the same thing would have happened and you know it. Toyota is 100% at fault here. Case closed.

    • LJ

      The only thing I might’ve done is slowed a bit seeing the traffic build in the lane next to me, but other than that, the RAV4 is 100% to blame.

      • Momogg

        Of course, if there is a traffic jam on the other lane, the best is to slow down and anticipate others faults!

        • LJ

          Exactly. Defensive driving.

        • Knotmyrealname

          A lot of traffic jams are caused by people being in the wrong lane at the wrong time. Look at this incident – there’s a jam in the middle lane! Why should the middle lane of any highway be jammed? Normally, when normal people drive, they would see there was some sort of hold up, indicate and escape the lane. In this instance, it seems like there were a bunch of lemmings that just braked and didn’t bother or didn’t have the capability of changing lanes. It just banked up as a consequence.
          I drive and try to anticipate silly drivers every day, but there is a limit to what I should anticipate. This is outside the norm. The RAV4 driver was not even on the highway; their mind was somewhere else. What happened next was unavoidable for the Subaru driver.

    • Momogg

      Of course the Toyota is 100% at fault there! Case closed? Bull. If you were… With IF you could change the world. You cannot say what will happen with someone who is careful and take care about other lanes instead of driving like a blind moron in his lane!

  • LJ

    The RAV4 actually rear ended the Civic first, which in turn rear ended the Nissan, bounced off and swerved over in front of the WRX.

    RAV4 driver is at fault.

  • Robert Roach

    Well for one the driver of the Subaru had just reached the traffic slowdown. The RAV4 in a hurry makes a risky manuever and instead of stopping trust to accelerate around the Honda.. from the moment the driver hits the Honda and the WRX hits the RAV4 is less then 3 seconds.wrx owner hits breaks at less then a second from Honda and ravs inpact. Nothing could have been done to stop from hitting RAV4. Look closer people before you jump to conclusions.

    • Momogg

      At 0:25 you can guess what will happen. He lost 5 seconds because he was not concentrated.

  • El Guisongo

    why we are watching a video from 2017?

  • Paul

    Was the driver of the Toyota 4banger texting or something?

  • badcyclist

    Funny how many people want to blame the Subaru driver for some reason. The Toyota hit the car in front of it and suddenly lurched directly into the Subaru’s path. There was no excessive speed on the Subaru’s part (what, should they have slammed on the brakes in anticipation that something might have gone wrong, and then triggered havoc behind them by random braking?). And the time the Subaru had to respond, even given reasonable speed, was approximately zero point zero seconds. And yet there are alleged drivers here who claim that they would have avoided the accident by, what? Clean living? Reading minds? Warping the laws of physics? C’mon guys- get real. The Toyota caused the accident, full stop, and no one less divine than Jesus driving the Subaru could have avoided hitting the Toyota.

    • I agree, If you where to solely watch the white toyota, and its lane the subaru drive could of seen it coming 2 seconds ahead, but when you drive your lane it top priority, you shouldn’t be looking at another lane in dead locked focus waiting for a incident you know is going to happen in the future while driving. the Subaru driver only had 2 seconds to tell the Toyota was going to have issues in another lane that might effect him.

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