Vicious Texas Drainage Holes Still Claim SUVs, Trucks And Amazon Vans

In October, we shared a somewhat funny video showing vehicles falling into two drainage holes in Houston, Texas. While we thought the viral video may have prompted local authorities to cover those holes, well, it didn’t, so now we have a new clip that shows more drivers falling in.

According to the home owner whose camera captured these clips, his neighborhood in Houston has quite a lot of these holes throughout. One would expect that those driving around the area would constantly be on the lookout for them – but they’re clearly not. Even the little flags and reflectors placed around them to warn drivers are clearly not enough.

In this clip, we first see a large Chevrolet SUV fall into one of the ditches while trying to turn around. By applying some throttle, the driver is able to rescue himself but we wouldn’t be surprised if the car suffered some damage.

The second vehicle that falls in is a Mercedes-Benz delivery van from Amazon Prime, which has its front driver’s side wheel swallowed up. Last but not least, there’s a Ford F-Series truck that tries to do a three-point turn at the end of the street and ends up reversing directly into the hole.

At the time of the first video’s publication, the home owner said he got a kick out of watching locals fall into the holes.

“It is deeply amusing. I get an evil thrill of glee when I get a notification from my camera and see in the little thumbnail that there’s a car there.”

By now, he must have had many such videos. And lots of laughs, too, at the expense of inattentive drivers who end up, in one way or another, in those holes.


  • Momogg

    I cannot understand why they are going inside.

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  • Merc1

    The truth of the matter is that there is a large cross section of people in this country that are just limited. Why on earth would you drive up on the lawn/grassy area? I mean how dumb can people be?


  • Mr. EP9

    It got removed, but there are just so many of them constantly the filter can’t keep up. And believe me, this isn’t the only site that deals with this.

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