World’s First AWD Porsche 356 Coupe Allrad Is A 911-Based Restomod

What do you get when you cross a classic Porsche 356 Coupe with the all-wheel drive chassis from a 911? Meet the ‘Allrad’, Emory Motorsports’ latest creation and perhaps the most capable 356 ever made.

The project was commissioned by a customer looking to drive his 356 to East Coast ski resorts during the winter, so the decision to marry the chassis of a 1990 964 C4 chassis to a 1964 356 Coupe body was swiftly made.

The whole project lasted four years and included laser scanning both the 1990 chassis and the 1964 body in order to marry the two in the best possible way. The goal was to retain all the original 911 suspension pick-up points and the 356’s shorter wheelbase. The 356’s steel body was then subtly widened to match the 911’s rear track.

For the suspension, Emory went for an adjustable KW coilover setup to achieve the optimal balance between ride quality and handling. The 911 C4’s five-speed G64 manual transmission was retained but the driveline was upgraded with a rally-style differential that allows independent front-to-rear and side-to-side manual torque control. The brakes come standard from the 964 while the custom wheels measure 16×7 inches and are fitted with 205/60 Pirelli Ice Zeros.

Power comes from the Emory-Rothsport “Outlaw-4” engine, meaning a 2.4-liter flat-four fed by dual Weber 48 IDA carburetors producing 200 horsepower.

As you would expect from a build of this quality, there are numerous details worth talking about; the body is finished in Graphite Blue metallic and features yellow headlight lenses, a flattened hood, a louvered deck lid and a rood rack made out of -get this- titanium.

The rack was designed in CAD to be fully functional and that means carrying bikes, skis, or other gear on road trips. Even the one-off drip-rail clamps were 3D printed in chemically pure titanium, then welded to the custom-fabricated rack.

The end result is a true all-weather Porsche 356 that features not only the more modern 911 suspension geometry but also comes with a curb weight of just 2,150lbs (975kg).

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  • KAG25

    200hp, that must be a screamer of a car.

    • Emoto


    • Matt

      It’s about driving fun, not drag racing.

      • Howfarr

        Hes probably a kid that doesn’t even have a licence yet, just cares about internet hp figures

        • KAG25

          I am probably a man that knows what a flat four sounds like that has been built to run N/A at high rpm which refers to the screamer part. Which tells me you really don’t know anything about Porsche motors.

          • Howfarr

            Oh so your first comment was serious (but written sarcastically), and your failed gif was supposed to sarcastic (but actually backed up the sarcastic interpretation of your first comment).
            3 different people interpreted your comments wrong. But instead of correcting your comments you’ve gone all whiny.

          • KAG25

            What does any N/A motor sound like at high revs, screaming, so shut up

          • KAG25

            wow, still going, I want to know what you drive now, since you people don’t know about how a n/a motor sounds being reved high. I am guessing pickups.

          • Howfarr

            Interesting that you love the sound of NA when all you do is whine like a supercharger.

  • David

    That’s awesome! Purpose built, and the sole purpose is to just drive it and have fun!!!

  • SteersUright


  • Usually I’m not a fan of restomod but this one is epic.

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