2019 BMW 330i Is Clearly More Luxury Sedan Than Sports Sedan

The BMW 3 Series has always offered a sweet balance between luxury and sporty handling and that’s what made it immensely successful all over the world.

Owing to its rather compact dimensions and relatively low weight, the 3 Series has always been a fun car to drive on twisty roads and enjoy its precise steering and rear-wheel traction. Mind you, earlier 3 Series generations placed more emphasis on sportiness and driving agility than later models.

With each generation, the 3 Series had to grow bigger and heavier to meet market demand for more spacious, more luxurious and more technologically-advanced premium sedans. The latest G20 generation is the perfect example of that, as Doug DeMuro discovered while reviewing the US-spec 2019 BMW 330i.

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It is by far the most high-tech 3 Series ever made and the number of gimmicks present on board is absolutely ridiculous. It is quite telling that more than half of the video review is dedicated to the impressive amount of tech the G20 packs. Tech aside, the seventh-generation 3 Series is also the most comfortable so far, offering a quieter and more upscale cabin than ever before — which are great things to have in a luxury sedan. Plus, there’s more space inside than ever, especially for rear seat passengers.

Is there a downside to all these improvements? Well, while the 3 Series is more refined and more sophisticated than ever, it isn’t exactly a thrill generator, at least not in 330i guise. The 255hp 2.0-liter turbo-four engine offers good throttle response and the car is quite nimble.

However, BMW has clearly prioritized comfort, luxury, and technology over agility. Those who want a more exciting experience in the 3 Series are well advised to wait for the M340i version. That 382hp six-cylinder model should be more deserving of being called a sports sedan.


  • Arthur

    The 340i is going to be a fair premium more than the 330i being that the 340 sits right under the M3. I don’t know if official US pricing for the 340 has been released but I’d guess it’s at least 55K where as the M3 is low to mid 70s starting. BTW, is the 330 the lowest G20 3 series BMW is going to sell now? If so, it’s direct competitors the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class means the 330 would start in the low 40s.

  • Rivaldo

    Everyone says that 3 series is fun to drive, more agile compare to F30, Doug doesn’t know how to test cars, how to drive them, he films hes face in the test drive and that’s all.

    • Bo Hanan

      Doesn’t have the camera team to do it.

    • Sovereignty

      Doug doesn’t know how to test cars? Perhaps you should launch your own channel and do a better job if you think you’d be better. From your recent comments, you’d be trashing everything that wasn’t a BMW.

      • Rivaldo

        To TEST Drive, not only test, he is good, tell me one review where the new 3 series it is called more luxury sedan than a sport sedan, Doug is the only one.

        • Sovereignty

          You’ve obviously read all the reviews everywhere.

  • Scott K

    Waiting for Hoovie to be referred to as “this man” again.

  • SteersUright

    Awesome car, but its grown to be a rather large car so of course its not as nimble as its 30+ year old counterpart. Too big for me personally. Would be nice to see a proper RWD small sedan from BMW for those who require 4 doors and practical, but also want something agile. I love my M235i, but would’ve gotten the sport sedan version if they offered one.

  • StrangerGP

    The plastics around the gear lever look really cheap and they don’t even seem to be fitted properly. I have to say it doesn’t surprise me. A buddy of mine owns the current 4 Series Coupe and some of the materials in the interior are godawful.


      You’re lying.

    • JohnW

      Agreed, my 3 Series had such a disappointing interior.

  • Dennis James

    I am more and more disappointed by the bland styling and the size increase. I simply cannot replace my current BMW with this. The Alfa Romeo Giulia simply is what the new 3 should have been. Excepting the interior and tech, maybe, but for a driver’s car these are really secondary traits.

    • Rivaldo

      You are so wrong, the steering is sharp and responsive, very close to the old E46, the new 3 series is back to the good old days in terms of handling, all the tests and reviewers says that.

      • JohnW

        Only took them how many years to figure it out after losing Biermann to Korea.

    • Bill Nguyen

      BMW interiors just don’t seem good anymore… Sat in a BMW X2 and I was like, is this a mainstream car or something?

  • EM1

    This guy is a big jerk off overrate reviewer.

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