David Brown Automotive’s $100,000 Mini Remastered Is Cute, But Absurdly Expensive

David Brown Automotive has brought a trio of its Mini Remastered models to the ongoing Geneva Motor Show.

After an unforgettable appearance at last year’s event which included displaying a Speedback Silverstone Edition with an embarrassing spelling mistake, the cute Mini Remastered models on display bring some retro appeal to an event filled with cutting-edge concepts and bold production cars.

The David Brown Mini Remastered is much more than a restored classic Mini. In fact, the British company builds each Mini Remastered from the ground up with bespoke body panels. David Brown says it takes roughly 1400 hours to turn a donor Mini into the Mini Remastered. The only parts shared between the donor vehicle and the finished product are the engine and gearbox.

David Brown Automotive also works its magic on the Mini’s interior. There’s plush leather found throughout and a new dashboard with aluminum knobs. What’s more, the company fits a modern Pioneer infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The seats can also be re-trimmed to the tastes of the customer.

Classic Mini donor cars which David Brown receives utilize a tiny 1275 cc four-cylinder engine. The coachbuilder can increase that to 1330 cc, allowing the engines to pump out 94 hp at 6100 rpm and 87 lb-ft (117 Nm). Standard Mini Remastered models retain the original car’s 1275 cc capacity and have 78 hp and 91 lb-ft of torque (123 Nm).

Then comes the price. David Brown will sell you a Mini Remastered from roughly £75,000 ($98,800) but prices can reach as high as £100,000 ($131.738). Ouch.

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  • TheBelltower

    If a “remastered” Singer Porsche can get over $400k, then $100k Mini isn’t completely out of line. It’s serious money, but a lot of people really like these classic Minis.

    • Miknik

      Well, to me the problem is that the Singer Porsche is basically a reinterpretation, and basically completely re engineered Carrera RS, which, if you find one on the market, will, even in not so great condition, cost probably as much as a Singer. And the 911 was always an expensive sports car, so making a retro mod also (even more) expensive, kind of stays in line;

      A Mini on the other hand was a cheap car, and even today, it is possible to grab a used one to work on for very little money. Also, unlike the SInger, which basically gets “the best of all 911 generations plus a new from scratch 4.0 engine”, this is a – admittedly beautiful – restoration with a engine power bump. It is, just somehow, much less a 100k car than the Singer Porsche is a 400k car, and even more so if you compare them to what that money will buy otherwise…

      • exeptor

        I agree – $100,000 is quite a lot of money for this car, no matter how well made it is. Probably this amount is not just some out of nowhere number, but we definitely need more information and ultimately a deeper look by some of the car related medias. I guess the money will star appear if we are able to “look” closer.

    • Puddingpopper

      plus a sought after mini model starts around $50k

  • Harlan McCartney

    Is it me or is the steering wheel on the correct side!? (sorry had to say it)

  • Bash

    Cool and lovely classic, but sorry a mini should not cost that much money.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Cool but too dear.

  • Smith

    This is a great little car but a huge insult to anyone’s intelligence. £100,000 and original mini cannot appear in the same sentence. Bad, really bad!

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