Dodge Charger Widebody Unveiled, Is A Concept In Name Only

Without making a big fuss about it, Dodge has unveiled a widebody Charger design concept at the Spring Fest 14 in Pomona, California.

As it turns out, it’s the exact same car that an Instagram user spotted earlier this week near Detroit — the artistic SRT-themed camouflage gives it away. Dodge didn’t share much about Charger Widebody Concept, posting only two photos on its media website and Facebook page.

However, Dodge’s and SRT’s design boss Mark Trostle posted more images of the Charger Widebody on Instagram, albeit without any details. Looking at the snaps, it’s pretty clear this is a concept in name only.

Dodge is highly likely to start offering the widebody option on the 2020 Charger, as suggested by the fact that the show car features a revised front end — something the 2020 Charger is expected to bring. The Charger Widebody show car adopts a similar grille to the Durango SRT, as well as more generous air intakes on each corner of the front bumper. The grille no longer features the additional intakes for the supercharger; those seem to have migrated to the bumper.

The rear fascia carries some updates as well including a massive boot lid spoiler and refreshed bumper with bigger vents. But the highlight is obviously the widebody treatment which makes the Charger look much more menacing. As with the Challenger Widebody, the fender flares are expected to increase the car’s sticker price by $6,000.

We have to admit the Charger Widebody looks phenomenal and we can’t wait to see it without the camouflage livery to better assess the changes. According to the latest reports, Dodge is contemplating offering the widebody option on two models: the top-dog Charger SRT Hellcat and the 392 Scat Pack.


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    • Bash

      So what!

      • Dark Rebel

        This will sell well once they bring it to production form. People hate because Dodge is unique and doesn’t make boring FWD cars that most people drive.

        • Bash

          I couldn’t agree more with you. you are right on the money mate.

    • Dark Rebel

      Its a great platform. No need to get a “new” platform every 3-5 five years. They have improved this platform since its beginning similar to how Nissan improves the GTR every year. If most companies could do this they would as this reduces overhead.

      • Matt

        When a platform can trace its roots back to 1996 then I think a new (much lighter) one is welcome (or overdue…)

  • Bo Hanan

    Yeah, but if it doesn’t handle well then you wasted everybody’s time and spent a lot of money.

    • Ben

      Why does it need to “handle”? Why does it need to chase German vehicles around at what they do best? Why not honor its heritage and namesake by being an unapologetic muscle car?

      • Bo Hanan

        Why would you widen the body if not for handling? Let’s see- for bigger tires? Yep! That’ll improve handling. Duh?!
        You question like a child.

        • Ben

          The wide body is to fit wider tires in order to improve traction at launch. Something the Hellcat and SRT models struggled with due to narrow factory rubber. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but not everyone gives a damn about laptimes at the Ring. Dodge/SRT already made a vehicle that is meant to “handle”, the Viper ACR.

          The Challenger is a muscle car. It honors its heritage and not trying to compete with a 911. Oh, and anytime some fool says “Duh?!” during a debate, its pretty clear who the child is.

          • Bo Hanan

            Bitch please! In its current state the Dodge is a “1-trick-pony.” Wider tires = better traction = better ***handling*** off the line. Ding, ding, ding.

          • Ben

            “Better handling off the line”, son, we call that traction. Something muscle cars such as the Hellcat need desperately. Thanks for confirming my original point. If you want a car that’s a jack of all trades, that’s fine and you should get one when you’re old enough to drive.

            Being a “one-trick-pony” seems to be working out for the challenger. Whatever vehicle you like to drive in Forza is your business, but obviously plenty of actual drivers are buying the challenger.

            Stay sassy.

  • Bash

    Nothing to hate here.

  • Emoto

    I don’t hate this or any Dodge, if truth be told, but holy cow, I am tired of the look of this car. I didn’t really like it much to begin with and they have done nothing to win me over. I like rear wheel drive vehicles enough to own two of them, so I’m not some whiner in a tiny Japanese tin box, complaining about something he would never buy in the first place.

    I don’t know the details of FCA’s financial position, but I hope they eventually find the time and money to update the looks of the Charger. It is a pretty cool car, all things considered, but it just looks like @ss to me. Sorry guys.

  • Harry_Wild

    Will it come with the new 4 banger?

  • MayTheBestCarWin05

    when are we getting a new Charger….its looooong overdue

  • Bobby Lee

    Way to keep it fresh FCA, maybe some innovative pinstripes for 2021?

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