Does This Ferrari F8 Tributo “Evo” Make For A Convincing 488 Pista Replacement?

With the advent of the F8 Tributo in Geneva, Ferrari has written another chapter in their V8 model range history book. The supercar has been tasked with replacing the 488 GTB, which has been in the market for a mere four years.

At this point, enthusiasts know that one of the Italian company’s next steps, aside from a Spider, is a more track-focused variant. And while the 488 Pista’s successor is still some way into the future, it has been rendered by FMPNick, albeit with the ‘Evo’ suffix that’s very unlikely to be used given that Maranello’s arch-rival has name the revamped Huracan so.

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The render makes sure that this F8 looks more hardcore by fitting it with a bunch of carbon fiber add-ons at the front, side and rear and giving it a two-tone paint job, with a black top. There are also new vents on the hood and in the front doors, as well as larger rear air intakes to provide better cooling for the engine.

In the regular F8 Tributo, the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 is good for 720 PS (710 hp / 530 kW) and 770 Nm (568 lb-ft) of torque. That’s 50 PS (49 hp / 37 kW) and 10 Nm (7 lb-ft) more than the 488 GTB, which places it on the same level with the 488 Pista. The latter sprints to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.85 seconds and has a 340 km/h (211 mph) top speed, whereas the F8 needs 2.9 seconds and has an identical V-max.

The 488 Pista was unveiled only last year, so it will remain in the market a bit more. As for its successor, it’s probably safe to say that it will arrive after 2020. We can hardly wait to see how Ferrari will manage to one-up the magnificent Pista.


  • Stram toni

    For Guido’s sake, cant you guys just take a deep breath and at least enjoy a car that has not elven come out yet, before talking about the next one?

    • Bo Hanan

      My thoughts exactly. They need to let Ferrari worry about this.

  • Bash

    Its cool, I love it, and the answer to that question is No.

  • Tracie

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    • Tumbi Mtika


  • Tumbi Mtika

    No. I think it’s ugly personally.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    This is not…the greatest car in the wor-or-orld…this is just a Tributo.

  • Basem Sat

    Seems that is deliberately planned , Ferrari is about to disappeared

    • Bo Hanan

      If rumors are true that Ferrari is going to a V6 Hybrid for it’s entry level car, then “F8 Tributo” might be a “tribute” to the demise of the 8 cylinder Ferrari models. Just a thought.

  • Andrewthecarguy

    Looks like the new Corvette C8 Z06 Carbon Edition

    • donald seymour

      Nailed it! I was thinking the same thing.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        Ha! Great minds… 🙂


    When more is a lot less…..

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