Porsche 911 On Tracks Rescues A Toyota Pickup Stuck In The Mud

The Porsche 911 doesn’t just compete in many of the planet’s premier sports car racing classes; it also has a rich rally history and thanks to the rear-engined layout, provides surprisingly good traction over difficult terrain.

Need proof? Just watch this old 911 managing to rescue a Toyota Tacoma that found itself stuck in some snow in Los Angeles.

As you can see, though, this is no ordinary 911 – and we’re not talking about the fact that it appears to be a slantnose Targa.

The car in question is the work of Jason Lightner, a man with years of expertise building outlandish 911s, including some off-road animals – and what makes this 911 unique is that, instead of rear wheels, it has been fitted with tracks that provide immense amounts of traction.

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Eager to help a fellow motorist, Lightner came to the aid of a man who got his Tacoma in the snow and ice. The 911 is absolutely tiny compared to the pickup and doesn’t have a very powerful engine, but was still able to get the job done.

Obviously, this Porsche 911 hasn’t been created to drive on public roads and is now more of a recreational vehicle than a sports car. However, as far as we can remember, it is probably the coolest, as well as the most unlikely, car to wear tracks. Plus, as you can see in the video below, it definitely gets the job done.


  • kachuks

    That blacked out Tacoma with the lift kit and 2WD looks great. Keep it on pavement.

  • Tim Manning

    Someone should show this to Scotty Kilmer 😂

  • Six_Tymes

    looks staged, and not surprising at all

    • Bash

      Kinda felt the same.

  • brn

    I missed the part where the 911 pulled the rwd Tacoma out.

    • Tim Manning

      It’s in the video’s comment section

  • Brian

    What a useless clip.

  • Paul

    Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

  • Bash

    How much brain should a guy have to do that to a 911? smh

  • Tracie

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