Fiat Chrysler Doesn’t Rule Out Mergers, Will Definitely Keep Maserati

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is open to alliance and merger opportunities, chief executive Mike Manley revealed last week at the Geneva Motor Show.

“We have a strong independent future, but if there is a partnership, a relationship or a merger which strengthens that future I will look at that,” Manley told Reuters.

While it seems unlikely FCA will merge with another car manufacturer in the near future, PSA Group has been cited as a potential candidate. The French conglomerate primarily operates throughout Europe and merging with FCA would give it exposure to the U.S. as well as FCA’s hugely popular Jeep brand.

Manley’s predecessor, the late Sergio Marchionne, pursued a number of mergers over the years but none of them came to fruition.

FCA’s boss also said that there are no plans to sell the Maserati luxury brand. This comes despite recent media reports that China’s Geely Automobile Holdings has expressed interest in buying the Italian marque. For the time being, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is focused on complying with European emissions regulations.

“There are three options. You can sell enough electrified vehicles to balance your fleet. Two: You can be part of a pooling scheme. Three is to pay the fines. I don’t see a scenario when (carmakers) continue to subsidize technologies … indefinitely,” Manley said.

Current FCA plans call for $10.19 billion in investments over the next five years to introduce a range of hybrid and electric cars to be sold worldwide.

  • MarketAndChurch

    A merger would only combine both companies problems under one roof. An alliance to co-develop cars together might be better. VW’s MEB platform is a short-term fix that both could pursuit independently. Autonomous / safety tech can also be outsourced to BMW-Mercedes, as FCA already has working relations with BMW on that front. Maybe sell(transfer) Maserati to Ferrari?

    • Mike anonymous

      All I can say is that I 100% agree, on all things you’ve just stated. A Partnership/Alliance would work much better. I think there simply needs to be a reorganization of things at FCA.

      From my perspective FCA seems like a kid (or someone) who doesn’t want to clean their space, simply because there is just so much to clean, and doing it alone would be hard and exhausting. So rather than clean, the kid (or person) puts it off until later.
      If FCA attempted a merger, it is not as though the problems or mess would go away, there would still be work that needed to get done (better manage companies, reorganize things, introduce ‘actually’ new products, and breathe proper life into the brands that need it most). With so many great brands (that are not being managed to their fullest potential) A merger would just create a bigger mess for both parties involved.

      Rather; Giving FCA a ‘cleaning buddy‘, or in this case a ‘Partner’ to help them better their vehicles, and further improve their products would be a great idea & much better than a merger in my opinion. With that said, (again), I 100% agree.

      • MarketAndChurch

        Beautiful analogy. Well said Mike.

  • Bash

    Now imagine a world where VW Also owns FCA. hmm

    • Giannis Antypas

      This can’t happen any more.
      There was only one mind who had thoroughly thought of the idea (Piech)
      and he has been essentially kicked off the company.

  • Craig

    Only a fool would NOT always keep an open mind.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Maserati is not ailing. They simply didn’t update any model. Of course it gets boring.

    • europeon

      And again, another example of how people that know absolutely nothing about the brand, are having opinions.

      FYI, they have updated every model in the past four years with both interior and exterior facelifts, quite important ones, including the GranTurismo which now has an up-to-date infotainment system. They also have updated the engines in their new cars, introduced new trim levels, and offered new interior finishers and materials each year.

      • Wandering_Spirit

        … in the last four years…

        Can you point me to any brand new model in the lineup, Levante aside? Because what I see is the same lineup with occasional improvements. And bear in mind, I like them quite much. I skip the lack of models in segments where there should be (not SUVs). For example in the same segment of the Porsche Cayman. That would help. Besides, chill out. I came here to relax, not to argue. Thanks for your insights anyway.

        • europeon

          Do you have a time perception problem, or is it something much deeper?
          The normal life cycle of a car is somewhere between 7 and 11 years, the Maserati lineup consists of QP VI which is barely 5 years old, Ghibli III which is barely 4 years old, and the Levante which is 3 years old. The GranTurismo and GranCabrio ended production a few months ago. They all had refreshes and facelifts already, what on earth have you made you think they haven’t updated them?
          As for the Cayman, I don’t think Maserati has ever gone that far downmarket.

          • Merc1

            The Granturismo is now into it’s 13th model year!!! You are delusional. Cars typically go 5-7 years in the luxury space, maybe 8 sometimes. You have one Maser that is old as dirt as I mentioned and the rest were totally uncompetitive, under engineered and lacking from the START. People think they haven’t been updated because the were nothing to begin with. The Levante is the only thing relevant and even it doesn’t sell.


          • europeon

            It’s ok, every comment section needs to have a resident idiot like you.
            The GranTurismo (12 model years) was a specialty car that was kept alive one more model year as as a last hurrah, but you would’t know that. G-Klasse, Phantom, Rapide, Aventador, Mulsanne, Veyron, all cars that I expect you to throw a fit of rage they’ve been produced for more than 10 years.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            Except for the G Klasse, which sits in a class of its own associated with that design, like the Wrangler and other models of 4×4 have little or no relations with the segments we’re talking about (otherwise we could also mention the Lada Niva, the Trabant and a few more staples of the automotive history), or, if you wish much like 911, the others are all one step or more above any Maserati model. Veyron represents an icon by itself. Rapide is part of a range of cars based on an obsolete platfom, like Maserati, Phantom belongs again to another category where customers like tradition and change is not always welcome, at least not at usual intervals. The Maserati platform is old. Full stop. The chassis is old, the concept is old, the whole platform is old. And that is why the next year the GT is going, substituted by the Alfieri and another smaller SUV is coming to be placed under Levante.

            Facts are facts. Maseratis are based on an old platform and marginal improvements to an old chassis do not make it any better. That is why they are coming with new models as fast as their budgets allow. What about stopping your experiments at straw clutching and give us all a break while you retire again in your imaginary world?

          • europeon

            You live in a fantasy world. Really. Wake up or take it easier with the drugs.
            The GT is old, nobody said otherwise, that’s why it’s out of production, but the other three models they have in their range are not.

            But, you said a very true thing:

            like Maserati, Phantom belongs again to another category where customers like tradition and change is not always welcome

            I don’t expect you to know the first thing about Maserati customers (or anything for that matter), but they are much older and much wealthier that the average premium-luxury car customers. That’s why the cars sell (and quite well actually) without stupid useless tech that other manufacturers push in an effort to make their cars “premium”. They went downmarket with the base Ghibli and the base Levante. It didn’t go well, not they stopped and are focusing on what matters.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            “I don’t expect you to know the first thing about Maserati customers (or
            anything for that matter), but they are much older and much wealthier
            that the average premium-luxury car customers. That’s why the cars sell”

            I used to be a translator for the automotive sector and the IT sector for many years (i still am, at times). I not only know what the customer of a brand or a model is, but it’s been my job, for decades, to make sure that mechanics in the workshops could understand the proper procedures to fix issues and bugs, to make sure that marketing campaigns were understood by internal staff, and finally, to make sure that the customers bought the cars of the brands i was working for. This includes Maserati, Bentley, Honda, and a few others.
            From the strenuous defense of the brand, perhaps you are an owner and got irked at the statement that they are old. If so, that might be understandable. But neither you nor I determine the destiny of the brand. And for the brand to live on, what’s necessary is (marketing wise), the expansion of the lineup, downwards (something Maserati might be forced to do at some point). The second thing is a refreshening of the design. Those models have had those lines for too long. The chassis. Nobody said it has a problem. What i said is that it’s getting old. And the market hates old.
            The “base Ghibli” and “Levante” aren’t what the market wants, except for those old men. But as generational change approaches, younger, affluent buyers will not like them. They need something else. Something others have and Maserati doesn’t.

            Finally, i agree on the unnecessary idiotic amount of tech some models have to make cars “easier” and “premium”. It’s a sign of ours times, like the fast obsolescence of models that in other times would have been good and coveted for decades in a row.

            As far as i am concerned, i’d get a GT anytime. And a Lotus Exige, too. No frills. Unfortunately we’re a dying breed. Get over it. Unlike you do with everyone who doesn’t agree with you, i will not insult you. I do think you live in a bubble of your own though. I respect it. You should do the same.

        • Merc1

          He can’t. They’re nothing but a collection fancy, but beautiful Chryslers.


          • europeon

            I’m sure you’d make a great study case for some clinical psychiatrists, that’s the level of mess you have in your head when it comes to cars.

    • Merc1

      They sure as hell are ailing. Sales dropping and cutting production left and right and they have nothing new of any importance. If you don’t call that ailing I’d hate to see what you think a truly ailing brand is.


      • LeStori

        Maserati went too down market. Do much visible Chysler rubbish in them . Same problem that occured with Alfa Romeo. They had too many FIAT components. People feel they are being conned.

  • Liam Paul

    FCA does not make sense to me, Dodge has not seen a complete new model in what ten or more years? Chrysler only model that is competitive is the pacifica , the 300 while nice is so outdated like everything in the dodge showroom. Jeep Grand Cherokee is about 10 years old , the smaller Cherokee is 5 years old, those other jeeps the compass and renegade are not real jeep models , your only winner in the jeep lineup is the wrangler, the Ram Pickup is barely a new refresh model.. FCA other brands in countries I guess are no better. why would any manufacturer want to merge with them? what was their one good line up over at jeep is starting to get old now too. Jeep name and wrangler is all it has going for it and I cant recall any spy photos of a new jeep Grand cherokee, FCA and jeep needs to design a new GC Asap. If any manufacturer did buy them or merge, the jeep wrangler is the only true worthy product out of all the FCA bread and butter models, that is sad. As for Maserati, isnt even those cars starting to become dated as well? FCA seems to have a theme, sell outdated models

    • europeon

      Let’s hope, with the butcher marchionne finally gone, things will start getting better.

      • Liam Paul

        well I am sorry he had to go the way he did but lets hope for the best but don’t bet on them

  • Manuel Stallion

    Merge Chrysler, Dodge and RAM into 1 brand called Mopar, eliminate Fiat and Alfa Romeo and keep Maserati and a merger with another company would be unnecessary.

    • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

      Eliminate Alfa? Thank God you’re not in charge

      • Manuel Stallion

        If I were in charge, those plants in Italy would be working at full capacity instead of well below capacity. People just aren’t stupid enough to spend their money on a dead carcass called Alfa Romeo.

        • pxsupply

          Sell Alfa and Maserati to Geely. Let Chrysler and Dodge continue to be a US sold brand only. See how that goes…. I actually think that would be better for AR and Maserati considering how successful Geely has been with Volvo.

          • LeStori

            Volvo is for boring farts. No loss being taken over by the Chinese.

          • pxsupply

            Volvo is far from boring. Test drive a new XC90 and you will be impressed

      • pxsupply


    • ksegg

      Merge Chrysler, Dodge and RAM into 1 brand called Mopar, eliminate Fiat and Alfa Romeo, and Maserati and bring back LANCIA. 😀

      • LeStori

        Mopar in the Dumpster. That is where rubbish belongs. I would keep Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Jeep.

    • Merc1

      They don’t need to do that because they already sell all of them under one roof anyways. There was be no need to keep Maser if you’re going to let go of Alfa. Fiat can be flushed.


    • LeStori

      I would put Mopar in the dumpster and keep Alfa Romeo.

  • LeStori

    Maserati, AlfA Romeo and Jeep. the rest in the dumpster. Maserati needs to be moved further upmarket. Alf aRomeo needs more models and Jepps is selling well all round the world.the rest is USA market only.

  • europeon

    Oh boy… do you know how to read? So the 2013 (with 2014MY) QP VI “has been there forever”, then what about the W222 S-Class, that was also released in 2013? Or what about the previous generation W211 S-Class what was in production from 2006 to 2013?

    • Wandering_Spirit

      Pretty sure I can. But since we don’t agree what about we all keep our own opinions? Or you need to roam the website (as usual) looking for people to prey on and vent your issues? Let’s strike a deal. To you Maserati’s platform is updated and perfectly in line with other models. And to me it’s not. Now, while you prepare your next insult followed by some nonsense, I go have dinner. Will come back later to entertainment myself with your malaise

      • europeon

        Facts are facts. Figments of your imagination are not.

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