Peugeot Says It Could Beat VW’s Pikes Peak Record With An ICE Car

Peugeot says it’s disappointed with Volkswagen, as it expected the all-electric I.D. R to beat its former record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with a much faster time.

The French automaker famously sent its bespoke petrol-powered 208 T16 up the famous hill climb with Sebastien Loeb and set a mind-boggling time of 8:13.878, a full 92 seconds quicker than the previous record. Volkswagen toppled Peugeot’s record last year, recording a time of 7:57 with the I.D. R.

According to Peugeot Sport boss Bruno Famin, however, the I.D. R should have been much quicker.

“I was very disappointed by the Volkswagen as they could have done much better, for sure. There’s at least 10 to 15 seconds more to be taken from the record,” Famin told Top Gear.

That’s not all. Famin went on to say that a traditional ICE-powered car can beat the I.D. R’s record.

“Even with a gasoline engine you can go and beat that record, but if you want some good promotion and good marketing you want a pure electric car for sure. If you want some money from the big boss, you have to prove it’s worth it.”

It’s easy to understand where Famin is coming from. Whereas the I.D. R’s electric powertrain ensured it lost absolutely no power as the altitude increased throughout the hill climb, the 208 T16 had a combustion engine. An ICE car at the summit of Pikes Peak (14,112 feet) produces roughly 42 per cent less power than it does at sea level.

Despite his fighting words, Famin said there are no current plans from within Peugeot to snatch back Pikes Peak glory.

“It has been proposed, but not for the time being. I’m convinced we can beat the record, but I know also that it costs quite a lot of money. That was not the case when we smashed the record in 2013, where the cost of the project was almost nothing because we just used components from the 908 racecar, and everything had competed already at Le Mans.

“It was the only way to do it at that time. If you want to beat the current record you’d have to spend millions and develop a bespoke car. You need to divide the front surface by two and have a prototype shape, for sure,” Famin said.

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  • Bash

    Someone is so pissed off. which is ok to spice things up, but its will be even better than just -u know- talking bla bla bla. Proof it!

    • uS’gedlemba

      No need to prove anything, the guy is an engineer and has won championships with cars he built. 16 seconds better than the old record is truly underwhelming given advantages an electric car is supposed to have over an ICE, another run with the T16 could probably shave off a few seconds off that 16 second gap, which makes it completely realistic that another ICE could dethrone the ID R. No reliance on air quality/density and no gearshifting, instant/constant torque…and only 16 seconds???

      • TheHake

        I’m also an engineer, I’ve won things with cars I built. So if I say I could make a Reliant Robin go up there faster than the ID.R, I don’t need to prove it? Put your money where your mouth is.

        • mist

          The difference is that Peugeot beat the previous record by a massive 92 seconds in one attempt – no attempt in the years before unlike other regular competitors, and that record stood for 5 years.

          YOU, on the contrary, have won absolutely nothing significant.

          • TheHake

            Hey! I won the town fair beer drinking contest with a huge margin. That was my finest hour!

        • uS’gedlemba

          You have to prove it because you are a nobody, there’s no track record or reputation to suggest you in anyway capable. We’ve just read that Peugeot didn’t have the luxury of the budget even on the 208 T16, they repurposed parts from a retired car, with a proper budget they couldve purposely built a car from scratch (like VW did) and put better times, he’s not knocking off VW nor am I, just saying VW aimed very low.

      • Ken Lyns

        Of course, we don’t know how much more development headroom there is in the current ID-R. Such is racing.

        • uS’gedlemba

          True, we don’t know but 16 seconds is still underwhelming, an ICE car as disadvantaged as it would be can surpass that. The crux of the matter is VW only managed a 16 second gap without having to deal with the challenges faced by ICE.

          • Ken Lyns

            Not sure how much ICE is actually disadvantaged in this case. Given proper resources, it’s quite possible to do a 1.5 liter engine boosted to 1300 hp like early-1980s F1 “qualifier” cars.

  • Eagle By Singer

    Mmm. That 405

  • Do it Peugeot!

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