Here’s An Evolutionary Approach To Subaru’s Second-Gen BRZ

After some uncertainty and a number of reports announcing the BRZ’s death, Subaru recently confirmed that its compact sports car will live through to a second generation. Limited details about the next-gen BRZ are known but the following clip offers one take on how the car may look.

TheSketchMonkey are behind this creation. As we’ve yet to see any prototypes of the new BRZ testing in public, it’s impossible to know what the car will look like. Nevertheless, this take on the new car is quite nice.

The design of the current BRZ is pretty conservative, but TheSketchMonkey’s creation previews a slightly more edgy and aggressive vehicle. For example, inspiration has been taken from the wild Subaru STI Viziv Performance Concept, particularly with the sharp and pointed headlights.

Elsewhere, the car featured below includes an angular front grille and a pair of large front air intakes that following the same dramatic angle as the headlights. Beyond the front end, not much about the BRZ has been changed, save for a few new character lines that run along the hood, doors, and front and rear quarter panels.

Renderings copyright / Josh Byrnes

Thus, it’s more of an evolutionary, rather an all-new, design. In contrast, our own Josh Byrnes offered up a totally different vision for the next-generation Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ last week. Our rendering depicts the “twins” adopting a radically overhauled styling that bears virtually no similarities to the current car. For example, design traits have been taken from the iconic Toyota AE86, with a larger rear compartment featured to improve cabin space.

No matter how the finished items will look, we hope the two Japanese automakers listen to customers and ditch the current 2.0-liter flat-four for something more powerful, like for instance Subaru’s 260HP 2.4-liter turbocharged unit, as the chassis can certainly handle the extra ponies.


  • Rocket

    Nice rendering, and far more realistic.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Still too small to sell. As others on here have mentioned before, the side profile definitely needs more attention in a remodel. The front end is pretty nice though, nice work.

  • TheBelltower

    For the love of Jeremy Clarkson… please, enough of the cheesy side vents!

    • Bash

      I find them cool tbh.

    • KAG25

      Fake vents seem to be with car companies think we want.

  • AceFutr

    Stop reporting on renders as if they were news, or even a thing. No one gives two squirts, mate.

  • Taegon Lewis

    That’s your only concern?

    A sports-car, that’s neither Electric or Plug-In/Hybrid, is considered “worthless” to you?

    It’s obvious, you’re in the wrong-type of articles. (Or, wrong-type of website.) If you want to feed into your obsession towards EVs; go to articles, that ACTUALLY MENTIONS THEM. Instead of, degrading automakers that don’t support a certain of technology/segment, only the ignorant/close-minded/elitist/narcissistic consumers, consider “acceptable” and “necessary”.

    (And, I can’t believe; I’m calling an EV-elitist out, on a pointless, Render Article.)

  • Ida Vincent

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  • Harry_Wild

    Front end is hideous. New BRZ now has angles. No cheap!

  • Alex87f

    Most of what’s behind the firewall is identical to the current model so there’s no chance it’ll look anywhere close to this..

  • KAG25

    Looks good, what is the point of the rear seat in them, is it just for the insurance to be lower?

    • yomama

      Thats what I said, but that’s actually a myth.
      That being said, the rear seats are literally pointless unless you are a fetus.

      • KAG25

        So many cars like that, convertibles are really bad with the fake back seats, the worst being the Lexus sc430.
        I remember all the sports cars and me being young trying to fit for a drive and having to sit sideways.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Barely anybody buys the Miata. The Miata is a money-losing venture here n the US. Bigger is important here, the only successful 2 door vehicles below 60,000 dollars are muscle cars, the Corvette, and the Audi A5. Light weight tossable car’s struggle really badly. I think the Genesis failed first and foremost because of its styling.

  • yomama

    The newer render looks a lot more possible than that ugly “fastback” render.
    I’d actually prefer if just 1 brand sold this car, Subaru, because I feel they’d at least try and give it more performance where Toyota probably won’t want to so as not to take away from their Supra sales, which they’ll need to sell a good amount of

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Subaru would would never make a production car look this good.

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