2021 Toyota 86: Here’s What A Second Gen Model Could Look Like

Toyota’s 86 together with its Subaru BRZ sibling are arguably one (we won’t say two, since they’re identical) of the most celebrated, mainstream sports cars of our time, but they’ve been overshadowed lately. Why? Well the answer comes from within the Japanese manufacturer’s own stables: the newly-revealed Supra.

“Supra this, Supra that”, has dominated much of the automotive soundscape over the past year. Whether the chatter is through news articles, social media posts or enthusiast forums – the sheer amount of hype is deafening and has been hard to escape.

So much so, that rumors erupted of the GT86 and Subaru BRZ being axed, but fortunately, for enthusiasts and fans of RWD coupes, they proved to be wrong, as both Toyota and Subaru quickly denied them, confirming the development of a second-generation model.

The 2020 Toyota Supra was co-developed with BMW

Whilst there are no spy shots (…yet) to elaborate on the next-generation 86’s presence, that doesn’t stop us from crystal-ball gazing. So what could it look like and what engines could it use? Let us explore further making some educated styling guesses based on history and the brand’s current design themes. We stress that this specific render is just CarScoops’ take on a possible styling direction. If and when we get our hands on pictures of actual prototypes, we’ll return with something more accurate. 

Striking Style

While reaction to the Supra has been relatively mixed in terms of its design (frontal styling in particular), the GT86 could lure those undecided buyers with bold, yet less polarizing looks.

This design study leans on the original AE86 for visual inspiration (though you will also find elements from the Supra too). Cue the lift-back profile, wedge-like nose and sharp shoulder-line creases.

The rear hatch and elevated rear, could provide more space for luggage and the +2 seats. Unique styling highlights include bold haunches, triple DRL headlamps, floating roof design and upper fender vents. At the rear, full-width horizontal LED tail lamps, ducktail spoiler and huge diffuser complete the menacing look.

From The Driver’s Seat

Expect the next GT86 to offer a much nicer cabin, with modern, driver-orientated ergonomics and higher-quality materials.

The outdated infotainment system will be binned in favor of a much snappier touch-screen interface that finally supports Apple CarPlay phone mirroring. Another huge change will be the inclusion of standard driver assist safety systems. These range from pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection, road sign assist, adaptive cruise control, lane tracing assist, reverse automatic braking and blind spot detection.

Powertrain & Platform

If there’s one thing many consumers were vocal about, that would be the lack of a turbocharged engine, even as an option to the naturally aspirated 197hp boxer four powerting the current car.

Subaru’s new 2.4-litre turbocharged, four-cylinder boxer engine could either replace or perhaps better yet, supplement a base 2.0-litre unit. Such a move would address one of the most common complaints about the current car – lack of power. This motor is already used in Subaru’s Ascent large SUV and the all-new Legacy. In this form, it pumps out 260 horsepower (194 kilowatts) and 277 pound-feet (376 Newton-meters) of torque.

According to chief engineer of the 86 and Supra, Tetsuya Tada, turbocharging was off the table in the current car as the platform wasn’t suitable. Whilst Toyota already utilizes BMW’s rear-wheel drive architecture in the turbocharged Supra, it won’t underpin the next 86 as it should continue to be co-developed with Subaru for the BRZ.

Sports Car Rivals

Asides from its Subaru BRZ sibling, the 86 will compete against other sports coupes like Ford’s 2.3-litre Ecoboost Mustang, Audi TT, Mazda MX5, Nissan 370Z and Toyota’s own Supra (in 2.0-litre, JDM-only format, but that engine won’t be coming to North America).

We don’t have any information on when Subaru and Toyota could release the rear-wheel drive coupe, but a launch in late 2020 or 2021 would make sense.

What direction do you think the next GT86 should head? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Renderings copyright Carscoops.com / Josh Byrnes

  • donald seymour

    Nope, looks too good. Won’t happen.

    • Mill0048

      I have no intentions of trading in my BRZ, but if this happened, I would seriously consider it.

    • Smith

      Nope, looks too ugly and will therefore never happen. Toyota and Subaru know a little more about fun car designs that this renderer does.

    • KenjiK


  • SpongeBob99Swell


    …hasta aquí, me gusta! <3

  • Stealth333

    Ewww,….no way if it looks like that it will be a fail.

  • PhilMcGraw

    This is the Toyota 86 which is codeveloped with Subaru not BMW. I’m not sure where you are getting that info on the 1.5 engine.

  • Bash


  • SpongeBob99Swell

    …Although that would make a great AE86 revival instead of the GT86…

    …considering the GT86’s sports car bodystyle.

  • Big Black Duck

    Looks good ..but will it ever look like this??

  • Tinky-Winky

    Wow, great job

  • Liam Paul

    now that looks good like a Porsche 924 but let’s be honest, toyota does not have a good record, just look at that new supra, it’s hideous looking and lord knows the z4 came out looking good, how could toyota destroy such a good design, oh well, be honest everyone, toyota will never make a good looking car, its not what they are good at. Toyota’s have and always will be the most boring cars on the road

    • Axel Cortez

      gt86 brz are good looking

    • Smith

      Just your opinion. I have a very different one, I think the Z4 is one of the ugliest versions of a typical everyday BMW. It is so boring to cause one to fall asleep when reviewing and getting to just the second image. The Supra is far better styling, and overall car.

  • Axel Cortez

    looks very nice, but it wont be like that

  • Barak-Har Elkin

    Great looking speculation. If they chopped the weight & added that 2.4T, I’d buy it.

    • yomama

      You realize they only weigh around 2700-2800lbs right?
      The 2.4T would be enough for me.

  • MarkoS

    Interesting Render. I’d much prefer a hatch.

  • Daniel Masterson

    Doesnt the 86 and BRZ produce 205 hp?

    • Mitt Zombie

      Yeah, only 150 torque or so though.

  • Jeremiah Mckenna

    That looks ten bazillion times better than the Supra.

    • Smith

      Rubbish. Looks ugly as sin.

      • ErnieB

        The Supra is not exactly a pretty car ..

  • cronin

    It’s a shame it’s not electric with twice the horsepower.

    • Smith

      EV would be the kiss of death of the GT86 and BRZ. The last thing that we need is an EV GT86. That would be pathetic.

      • cronin

        I see you’ve never driven a Tesla.

      • yomama

        Yeah, electric cars are super slow these days…. They only beat Dodge Demons, Hellcats, ferraris…..

    • yomama

      I’d be on board for a hybrid sports car in the next gen 86.
      Matter of fact why hasn’t a car brand dropped a hybrid sports car yet?

      • cronin

        You mean like the Porsche 918 or the Ferrari LaFerrari?

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Much better than the current one to be honest. But i suspect once it becomes real metal sheet it may turn into metal Sh**t!

    • Smith

      The current one is a 6 year plus design, so yes, anything new is exciting, except for this concept, which is so far from any Toyota design study or direction that it is embarrassing.

  • ErnieB

    I am not a betting man but I bet you 1 trillion dollars it will not look like that.. cool looking and Toyota don’t go together..

    • Smith

      … and this is certainly not a cool look either, so not sure where you re going here? You are right, the new GT86 will look nothing like this, thank God!

      • ErnieB

        I don’t think Toyota is capable right now of producing a good looking car period.. they’d have to fire their whole design department and start from scratch …

  • TheBelltower

    If VW won’t give us a Scirocco, then Subaru and Toyota can. This looks great.

  • Ary Wisesa

    I like it. It almost looks like a shooting brake a la Vanquish Zagato shooting brake. Classic fast back coupe is no longer interesting for me. A shooting brake would definitely more appealing.

    • Smith

      Ugly, horrible and definitely not where Toyota needs to take the GT86.

  • Smith

    This is exactly what the second gen GT86 will NOT look like. Why do you think the new version will be a $100,000 premium performance car. It would be impossible to produce your extravagant rendering for $30,000, which is where the car has to be, so why did you even p bother to produce such totally off base design. WOW.

    • yomama

      That’s why its just a render genius….

  • Smith

    Yes, thank god the GT86 will have nothing to do with BMW. They are too everyday boring car company. GT86 and BRZ will remain a joint Toyota Subaru project and will be be fun and exciting than any BMW ever made.

  • Dan Facciolo

    Looks more like a 2021 Porsche 928.

  • Kaido Alex

    That won’t happen due to modern safety standards.

  • assassingtr

    I’m guessing whoever photoshopped this realized halfway through the render that car design is actually a lot harder than it looks. Kill this render with fire

  • samagon

    I used to be leery of even test driving this car because of the wailings of internet geeks everywhere. then I drove one. then I bought one. the power is not corvette levels, it is not even fiesta ST levels (well, maybe). that is not what this car is, it is not what it is supposed to be.

    I look at this car as a RWD version of the Integra GSR. it is a 4 seat (barely) version of a 240z. it is a non-British version of every British sports car. 240sx, miata with a roof.

    these sports cars all had many things in common, but the two most important commonalities are that they are designed to be driven hard around corners. they were all not quick cars in a straight line, either now, or for the time they were available.

    • yomama

      I own a first year first gen model and it took me a while to grasp that fact…
      I have a ton of fun daily driving it and tossing it into turns that a muscle car would need a good amount of throttle to pull off.
      It makes every trip feel like some type of racing event even when staying at legal speeds.
      What makes no sense is how folks hate on this car all day, but immediately praise integra type R’s, civic si’s of the 90’s, for being small high revving fun cars (WITH NO RWD MIND YOU), but this car is lame somehow…..

      • Bob

        Nowadays, seemingly the only measure of a fast car is what it does in a straight line. Not many get that this is more about what happens after you turn the wheel.

        A Golf GTI may be relatively quick from 0 to 60, or may accelerate decently in-gear but even a GTI creates some doubt once a convincing corner arrives. This is where the 86 plays.

      • Ethan Allen

        Lameness is in the driver not the car.

  • Shahul Usman

    took them forever last time…so… 20206 brz? with 206 hp

  • kDawg

    Looks too good to be a Toyota.

  • yomama

    That roofline is atrocious….
    I wouldn’t mind a fast back similar to how the supras roofline slopes, but this one looks terrible and non proportional…
    Honestly if they really want this car to sell better and compete, they just need to find a way to drop the turbo version of the engine that subaru already has in the STI and Ascent…
    Add that, make the interior not like a 90’s integra, add heated mirrors and a rear wiper and I’d sign up.

  • yomama

    It wouldn’t ruin anything if done right.
    The main reason wasn’t they didn’t was the 2.0 engine itself and its limitations.
    It’s not turbo friendly stock without some reinforcement to the block and connecting rods.
    Hopefully they’ll find a way to modify the turbo version they already build for the STI/Ascent and add a specific tune for it….

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Ironically, you’ve made a more convincing second-gen Supra homage.

    I don’t see any AE86 in this other than the name.

  • Jake

    That is truly beautiful

  • Alex AJ

    looks like next gen VW Scirocco

  • jesterking

    Chrysler Crossfire… Gen 2.

  • Ethan Allen

    Go Porsche! Some sheet metal tuning but begin to enhance the car as a classic. Fix the obvious – get rid of some rattles, improve the interior including infotainment, and stay with a boxer engine but also go 50/50 on weight, only more HP, larger wheels, but keep the ride a bit rough so you know you are in a sports car. Add lane monitoring and other current tech dealing with safety to bring down the cost to insure. The 86 currently is very expensive to insure considering its MSRP. Just do not try a total makeover on this car. Just make over what needs improved. The style is classic like Porsche.

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