Manual Conversion For Lamborghini Gallardo Looks Like A Bit Of A Nightmare

Manual transmissions are becoming increasingly rare as a number of cars are going automatic only.

That wasn’t the case with the Lamborghini Gallardo, but the Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera did come standard with an e-gear transmission. YouTuber Peter Bjorck happens to own one and he decided to convert his car to a six-speed manual.

This isn’t an easy or affordable task as his latest video gives a look at what’s involved. This includes buying a number of new components such as cables, the shifter and the clutch pedal assembly.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg as Bjorck also had to purchase an assortment of brackets, rubber bushings and springs.

Besides having to buy a ton of new components, Bjorck had to tear apart the center console and remove everything that that was specific to the e-gear transmission.

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Once Bjorck gets everything finished, he’s pretty impressed with the results as he says it’s an “amazing feeling” to be driving the car with a six-speed manual. He also explains he wasn’t a fan of the original e-gear transmission as it wasn’t always shifting according to his liking.

Despite the initial success, Bjorck eventually decides to remove the transmission to check out its internals. After he does this, Bjorck says he’s going to replace the original throwout bearing and make some electrical changes to ensure everything is working properly.

There’s no word on how much time or money Bjorck has invested into the conversion, but it’s probably safe to say quite a bit on both counts.

H/T to Autoweek


  • Netsphere

    cool, its funny how a peasant like myself is working on his everyday cars or project car, on the other hand you have this badass guy messing with a lambo like its nothing. cool, really cool

  • Carl Sloan

    “There’s no word on how much time or money Bjorck has invested into the conversion, but it’s probably safe to say quite a bit on both counts.”

    Sooo… the writer didn’t actually bother to interview the car owner for this story. He just watched a YouTube video and called it good.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    How in another dimension the laudable work of someone turns into a negative feeling on manuals. I am surprised not to read how complex it is to use that stick instead of just playing Xbox with your steering wheel.

  • Bash

    1) why would someone want to do that!
    2) in fact we are living in an era where SUVs and Automatic transmissions are the way to access more and more buyers. I guess I’m trying to say that although it’s sad but that is what people want these days.

  • Ronald Roman

    WHY do that? Anyone can explain it to me?

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