Porsche 357 Speedster Study Looks Into The Future, Not The Past

Vehicles like the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, as well as the upcoming Lister Knobbly, may help to re-ignite the passion for speedsters, a niche that seems to have gone into hybernation for a long time.

Porsche is the exception to the rule, as it continues to build speedsters, albeit in limited numbers – and these renderings from Clement Lacour depict something that could supposedly come out of Weissach. Well, not right now, but sometime in, say, 2040 or so.

In designing the vehicle, dubbed the 357, Lacour took inspiration from the Porsche 356 as well as the original Porsche Speedster. The German car manufacturer has a long and proud history of building Speedsters ever since the mid-1950s with the 550 Spyder. In 1987, Porsche even revealed a rigid tonneau cover at the Frankfurt Motor Show which could transform the Speedster of the day into a single-seater.

With all of this in mind, designing a Porsche Speedster single-seater for the 21st century isn’t easy, but Lacour has taken a swing at it anyway.

The front of the vehicle is incredibly low, lacks traditional headlights and turn signals and features bulging wheel arches. Smooth bodywork stretches from the nose over the rest of the vehicle’s exterior, only making way for a small opening where the driver sits. Past the tiny driver compartment is a rear fascia just as streamlined as the front. The 357 also incorporates a single LED light bar stretching the width of its rear.

In the decade since the global financial crisis, demand for limited-edition and one-off supercars and hypercars has reached unprecedented heights. Companies like Ferrari or Bugatti have built one-offs for wealthy customers and, although Porsche doesn’t play that game, if it decides to, it could do much worse than something like this.

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  • drc

    Lack of Style. And what styling it does have is more Corvette than Porsche. Fail.

  • Six_Tymes

    I like these renders, but then again, I did grow up with the Mach 5

  • Not bad for an unofficial render.

  • Bash

    It could be anything. I don’t really like it tbh.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Really nice design, even if it isn’t a nice car. To me, it looks more like the platform for a great supercar to be designed on top of.

  • Smith

    … and the future is horrible. These are the worst renderings I have ever seen.

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