Porsche To Launch More 911 GT Variants Than Ever Before

Porsche chief executive Oliver Blume says the German automaker is putting a greater focus on GT models for the 911’s 992 generation.

During a recent interview with Evo Magazine, Blume said that implementing an expanded GT program similar to the 991-generation helped boost sales of the old car immensely in its final year of production. In fact, Porsche sold more cars in the model’s final production year than any other 911 generation to come before it.

Porsche will do the same with the new 911 and increase the number of GT models on offer, even though Blume wouldn’t go into specifics.

However, there’s a number of obvious 911 GT variants which will be built. The first of these include a new GT3, which has already been spied testing on a number of occasions in recent months. A hardcore GT3 RS will arrive soon after and, from there, the sky is the limit as Porsche could build a new GT3 Touring, GT2, and GT2 RS, as well as some versions we haven’t seen in the past.

One thing that’s bound to relieve 911 customers is that select GT models will retain naturally-aspirated engines. It is reported that the six-cylinder engine of the 992 GT3 will displace at least 4.0-liters, rev to around 9,000 rpm, and could pump out upwards of 542 hp.

Beyond confirming that new Porsche 911 GT models are on the agenda, Blume said that he sees no need to install future 911 models with autonomous driving systems.

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  • Bash

    I love the Porsche 911, I’ve always thought it’s perfect. Really.

  • nastinupe

    Well that’s what happens when you make the base car a turbo and the GT car’s naturally aspirated. Porsche just needs to make the GTS a naturally aspirated car again. The line up should go like this

    Turbo: 911 T (Old 911), 911 TS (Old 911 S), 911 TS2 (Old 911 Turbo), 911 TS3 (Old 911 Turbo S), 911 TS4-2 (Old 911 GT2 RS)
    Naturally Aspirated: 911 GTS (Still RWD and AWD Options), 911 GT3 (Still manual and PDK options), 911 GT3 RS (Manual and PDK options).

  • Munchma Quchi

    Porsche offers a made to order steering wheel made out of the discarded foreskins gathered from all of the local Stuttgart hospitals. Talk about soft to the touch….

  • Astonman

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