Stuttgart Makes It Official, Bans Euro 4 Diesels Starting April 1st

Last summer, news broke about the city of Stuttgart and its plans to ban older diesel vehicles starting this year. Now, the German city, which is home to Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, has made it official.

The ban will be enforced starting April 1st and will affect not just visitors but also current residents of the city who own an Euro 4 diesel car or older – unless they are granted an exception, as reported by Autonews Europe.

“From 2019 there will be a driving restriction in the green environmental zone for older diesel Euro 4 and below, with a transitional arrangement for local residents and reasonable exceptions for tradesmen and delivery services,” stated Andreas Schwarz, the head of the Green parliamentary group in Baden-Wurttemberg.

Meanwhile, Environment Minister Svenja Schulze was quoted by DW as saying: “The longer you want for older diesels to be retrofitted with hardware, the more likely we are to see driving bans. Now diesel owners have to pay for the massive mistakes of the car industry.”

Is my Euro 5 diesel safe?

Vehicles with engines confirming to Euro 5 emissions standards are safe, for now. However, a decision to whether they too should be banned or not will reportedly be made in the coming months.

Other major German cities that allowed diesel bans to be enforced include Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin. Hamburg’s restrictions have however been criticized, as they only cover two streets and allow for many exceptions.

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  • TheAmerican2point0

    Europe banning everything these days

    • LJ

      It’s no wonder the UK voted for Brexit.

    • ksegg

      It’s getting ridiculous. Just read all cars later on will be capped at 112MPH.

      What is Europe’s problem lately? Banning this, banning that. What’s next, you can’t drink beer past 9PM? Cheese is only allowed starting 10AM?


  • StrangerGP

    Buying a diesel is becoming less and less attractive in Europe. Not only are the diesel prices pretty high, but you can end up with your car getting banned even if it’s less than 10 years old. Not to mention DPF replacement can skyrocket your vehicle expenses.

  • Oh brilliant!

    This is wrong on many levels but it’s good to see government officials completely ignoring old petrol cars too. It’s not as if they’re just as damaging (if not more) to the environment as well. Cool. No one has done any actual homework on the differences between these and why diesels are actually cleaner than petrols. But carry on.

    • Diesels cleaner than petrols? In which galaxy?

      • Well, they’re better for CO2 (the most pollutant Greenhouse Gas, hence why it’s legally advertised next to all cars in showrooms), the NOx values are closer than what people think – on top of the fact the DPF reduces the most polluted anyway. The DPF filters themselves also work to reduce other pollutants such as CO (in some cases petrol is 6x worse than diesel cars).

        So yeah, this is what governments are missing. You can’t just penalise diesel just as you can’t only with petrol. There needs to be a balance with more initiatives with both actively working at making the environment cleaner. Scapegoating one fuel type excuses the other and doesn’t progress a healthier world.

        • CO2 does not harm you personally (it’s of course a major problem because of the global warming), but diesel is full of carcinogens that cannot be found in petrol fumes. There is literally no known organisation that would deny the link between diesel and raised risk of cancer. DPF is BS, and the whole “dieselgate” is about how manufacturers tried to sell a product claiming it to be “clean” when it’s brutally pollutive. Don’t get me wrong, petrol cars are bad as well, just a bit less. The only solution is electric cars.

          • Whilst I respect your argument, petrol and diesel is pretty much the same thing (one has a longer hydro-carbon chain than the other) which is why they pollute similar substances. But the way they’re burnt is what causes the differences. However, the technology such as DPF technology (it does work because it works in any environment you test it in, that’s the beauty of it, especially with the addition of AdBlue) is what blocks most of the harmful pollutants from entering the atmosphere. The catalysts in DPFs provide complete combustion that result in a cleaner burn. Yes diesels still produce more NOx but not a staggering amount more than petrol. Plus, with recently technological upgrades and improvements, the majority of other pollution produced in petrol engines exceed the figures of diesel engines.

            Electric cars is this but 100x worse (exaggerated). The difference here is the production pollution and source pollution. Despite the WTO’s global presence, it doesn’t have the governmental force or power to make sure emission standards are met. For example that power stations are reliably declaring what they’re emitting and that they have all the technology in place to make sure waste emissions are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way that benefits both human health and the environment. When this is your source of electricity that ‘fuels’ EVs, we’re certainly not there yet to say EVs are cleaner than ICE vehicles. Yet, of course.

          • How many pre Euro 5 diesels have DPF and how many of the owners are actually adding AdBlue every 5-10k km?
            Yes, electric cars are much cleaner even if energy comes 100% from coal burning plants. Electric cars have an energy efficiency that equals to about 1l/100km. When it comes to comparisons people always forget that you are not only burning the fuel, but it has to go through a brutally wasteful process: drilling, distillation, packaging, transportation to destination country in giant extremely inefficient tanker ships, land transportation, refining, more land transportation and pumping. Compared to this fueling an electric car is easy peasy. You can even generate the energy on your rooftop (which is the case many times), and even if not, the grid is providing you with energy that is produced close to your home. Hence little energy is wasted.

          • I understand that I’m not going to successfully convince you of my point so I’d suggest simply researching it. I will, whilst we’re here, however correct you on your Addblue statement – if the car does not have Addblue in it, it will shutdown. Simple as that. To be legally compliant to the advertised CO2 levels, it has to have Addblue in it or the car shuts off indefinitely until refilled. Therefore, every car that requires Addblue is 100% being refilled. Also, whilst you are correct about energy / thermal efficiency of EVs over ICEs, the environmental damage of extracting the minerals is almost as much as the damage caused by ICEs in the lifetime. Part of this is due to the minerals are usually found in more difficult and expensive locations that require more extensive mining than oil drilling.

            Another factor is that most of these difficult to extract minerals are found in much colder environments such as Canada and Alaska. The issue here is the pollution lasts longer in the ecosystem and therefore does more damage for longer. The lack of heat in these climates pretty much restricts any sort of degrading because there isn’t any heat to breakdown the waste. That is more damaging to the environment that what comes out of the tailpipes of ICEs – the surrounding environment struggles to recover.

          • I guess you refer to cobalt, graphite and lithium. No, mining these minerals is nowhere near as destructive as the oil industry (a single spill is worse than the whole battery industry put together). We are talking about a business that spends hundreds of millions of dollars to halt the work to minimize the effects of global warming (I hope you are not one of those that deny this). These same companies spread false propaganda like the ones you mention. Sure, lithium mining is a massive waste of water, but we are years away from solid state batteries. Wonder what the next propaganda will be by the oil industry once those hit the market…

  • Dietrich

    And what about diesel owners, locals who can’t afford a new one?

    • Dylan Wentworth

      Then they can just take the bus.
      (which probably runs on diesel)

  • Dylan Wentworth

    They could do an Obama cash 4 clunkers scheme where the gov gives incentives for people that own their cars outright to trade them in for something newer that they can’t afford the payments on.

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