Think These 2020 Mercedes S-Class Renderings Look Accurate?

It’s been a little over a year since we first caught Mercedesall-new W223 S-Class testing in the wild, fully camouflaged yet still larger than life.

At the time, we didn’t have a lot of information regarding what the new-gen model would look like. However, after staring at the spy images long enough, we realized that it featured MercedesSensual Purity design language, boasting an entirely new front fascia, a cleaner profile and a restyled rear end with horizontal teardrop taillights.

Now, thanks to Kolesa and designer Nikita Chuiko, we can finally picture what the W223 actually looks like underneath its extensive camouflage, and judging by the details alone, these renderings appear to be surprisingly accurate.

New era of four-door luxury

While body cladding remains an issue, the 2020 S-Class really does seem to have a trapezoidal grille design, elongated headlights, and an overall lower and more vertical front fascia aesthetic. It’s hard to say if the grille will actually be bigger than the one used on the current car, but it does look wider, at least.

Now, the rear end design could be an even bigger story here, because these renders actually helped us notice that the W223’s taillights might actually be interconnected by some type of insert, whether it’s chrome or a more practical light strip.

The illustration features a chrome solution, which is plausible given its thickness on actual prototypes. By the way, this is more than just an inkling, as pretty much every single 2020 S-Class prototype appears to have a horizontal break in its boot lid camouflage, right above the license plate.

How do you feel about this being your all-new W223 Mercedes S-Class?

  • Jay

    Not a fan of those tail lights. I think they look okay on the smaller mercs, but not here. Over all the car looks okay. I like it.

  • Christian Wimmer

    I hope to the imaginary lord that the next S-Class won’t look like this. This does not look terrible but just weird. Thankfully these are just renderings/artist’s impressions….

  • Jason Panamera

    That grille looks like a bell to Benz’s end.

  • Dude

    The s class isn’t as super exciting car in general but this is painfully boring

  • kimbentsen

    This is no good. The current model is better.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    It looks like a Ford Fusion.

  • Bo Hanan

    Hope not. I see a Hyundai Sonata.


      It’s a render, not new photos from benz

      • Bo Hanan

        -based on spy shots.

    • bd0007

      We’ll see soon enough how accurate of a rendering it is – but, hexagonal-shaped grille (check) and stretched headlights (check).

  • erly5

    The shape of that grille can’t be right. Otherwise it looks just ok, nothing more.

  • no25

    I sure hope they’re not. That grille ruins the classy look of the SClass

  • Ben

    FUUUGLY (said in the tone of a fog horn)

  • AMG44

    Liking the rear end. Mercedes moving back to horizontal tail lamps. Front end grille is very different from the current Mercedes design language.

  • C Noi

    Nope, this is ru dream

  • OS

    Here before merc1 tells us his highly valuable opinion and signatures his comments with M….

    • Matt

      Well least we know where the bitter Audi fanboy is ^^^. Merc1 is entitled to his opinion, as we all are.

      • no25

        there’s a difference between an opinion and just writing nonsense. Merc1 falls in the latter. Yes, we are all entitled to our own opinions. I agree with you 100%, but he doesn’t let anyone share their opinion if it’s against Mercedes. He gets so butt hurt.

  • Hot Twink

    Not a fan of the trapezoidal grille, but it’s a render, so hopefully the actual car won’t have a trapezoid grille, and if so, I hope it’s less pronounced.


    looks korean, i hope it’s only a render


      It looks like a regular new Benz

  • Leconte Dave

    Just a bigger A-CLASS

    • Matt

      Hardly… the S-Class will be nothing like the A-Class other than sharing some family styling signatures.

      • Enter Ranting

        Like fake grilles and shiny black plastic dashboards.

  • pcurve

    don’t quit your day job.

  • PK

    it’s either you adapt or perish and mercedes benz chose to evolve. no car design is perfect. we all gotta accept what is given to us. beside it’s still an s class. it’ll sell like hotcakes for all we know so what’s the point of criticizing their design philosophy.

  • Bash

    I think it’s a winner.

  • MarketAndChurch

    In the past post that showed the spy shots, I was hating on this, but I think this is the first application of the slanted light / slanted/inverted grille layout that I really like on any recent Mercedes. The back looks pretty sharp too.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Dunno ‘bout that grille.

  • Ary Wisesa

    Mercedes S Class would become a Ford Mondeo? Oh no. Please bring back Bruno Sacco to the design department.

  • Alx

    haha hope not!

  • roy

    ImI not sure….. I mean this reminds me of Ford Mondeo/Fusion

    • Jim Ragland

      thank you….I was thinking are those Ford Focus headlamps???

      • The headlamps look like they were cloned off a Focus. The rear fascia looks just like a Fusion . Let’s hope this was just the artist trying to flesh out the render.

        • … but now I think that the headlights are based on the AMG, but they sure as hell look like the headlights on a Ford Focus.

  • Eduardo Palandi


  • Kapi19

    Ugly I’m planning to buy the S but not if it’s that ugly

  • Enter Ranting

    I can’t wait for the bumper side vent styling gimmick to die. Also, that rendering looks like an upscale Kia.

  • enthusia

    The front end is okay, but would have been better for a refresh than a redesign. the rear is horrendous. I’m sure the person who rendered this mistook the curves & contours on the trunk as a big chrome unibrow, but if that is in fact the design it will look terrible. I would trust that Mercedes’ design team has something truly great underneath all that camo, but when I look at how LAZY and uninspired they’ve been with every other vehicle in their lineup, I’m not so hopeful

  • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

    This wouldn’t be as bad as I thought

  • Cobrajet


  • Jboy Ababon III


  • Danny Boy

    Looks like a cross between a Charger and a Kia K900. Giving me Genesis from behind, and thats a good thing!
    Man, this is time for Genesis to make a move because bmw is sleeping on design with the 3 series , and now if appears Benz is if this is the S Class. Honestly, they need to market the hell out of those cars right now! I honestly haven’t seen anything on TV since the super bowl.

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