This Is Why The Mazda CX-30 Isn’t Called The CX-4

At the Geneva Motor Show, Mazda unexpectedly unveiled an all-new SUV dubbed the CX-30. Not only was the vehicle itself a surprise, but its name was too.

You see, the Mazda CX-30 has been designed to slot between the CX-3 and CX-5 in Mazda’s family of SUVs. Logically, it should be called the CX-4. There’s only one small issue. Mazda already builds a CX-4.

That’s right, the Japanese manufacturer already has a CX-4 in its line-up which happens to be sold exclusively in China. Rather than calling the CX-30 the CX-4 and selling two different vehicles with the same name in different markets, Mazda told Car&Driver that it had to think of something new.

Maybe it should be called the Mazda CX-3.5

Mazda decided to look at the BT-50 mid-size pickup truck for inspiration as the company’s only vehicle with a four-character alphanumeric badge. Eager to combine this with its existing CX prefix to denote its crossover and SUV family, Mazda tacked a 0 onto the end. Thus, the Mazda CX-30.

Confusing name aside, the Mazda CX-30 does have quite a lot going for it.

For starters, it looks good thanks to the automaker’s Kodo design language. In addition, we’re told that it will be powered by Mazda’s latest range of Skyactive engines, including the innovative Skyactiv-X powertrain. Certain specifics remain unclear but we have an inkling 1.5-liter, 2.0-liter, and 2.5-liter engines will make up the petrol family. Europe is also tipped to get a 1.8-liter diesel.

Prices for the Mazda CX-30 should slot between the $20,390 entry price for the smaller CX-3 and the $24,350 demanded by an entry-level CX-5.

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  • EM1

    Maybe CXL-4

    • Roland Fairwater

      I like your thinking. Or maybe they could open up a new line of crossovers, and called it the RX4 or something.

  • designer_dick

    This makes no sense. Skoda has no issues with selling different cars called Kamiq in China and Europe, so I don’t really see Mazda’s issue if the two cars are never going to be sold in the same markets.

  • Merc1

    I mean like who really cares, the names don’t mean anything anyways. Its all alphabet soup and totally forgettable.


  • The-Fez

    This should have been CX-4. The Chinese one should have been CX-7. Seems simple enough to me.

    • Roland Fairwater

      Makes sense to me.

    • TheHake

      No no no. CX-6.

  • PhilMcGraw

    They dug their own grave when they named the CX-3 instead of the CX-2 since it was based on the Mazda 2. This one is clearly based on the Mazda 3 and should be named the CX-3.

    And what’s sad is that when they announced the update for the CX-3 last year they could’ve quietly given it a name change and said this was now going to be called the CX-2.

    • Mark Collison

      Was just about to say the same thing, their naming mechanisms really just don’t make sense

      • ace_9

        CX-3 is bigger than 2, that’s why it is CX-3, not CX-2. But it’s not all about size. They simply used similar logic as BMW (and also the others) are using. BMW X2 is for example even smaller than X1. But I agree that CX-30 is stupid.

        • PhilMcGraw

          CX-3 and Mazda 2 have the exact same wheelbase. They may differ in other dimensions but the wheelbase is the same, hence the the CX-3 is really a jacked up Mazda 2.

          • ace_9

            I did not say it is not a jacked up mazda 2. I know it is. But it is bigger inside and outside. And I specifically pointed out that it is not even about the size…

    • SpongeBob99Swell

      But considering the number gap by 2… I think giving this the CX-3 name would make more sense, and give the next-generation of the already-existing CX-3, the ‘CX-1’ name.

      • TheHake

        What do they do in the mean time, while the existing CX-3 is still old?
        Maybe call this the “CX-3”, and the other “Formerly known as CX-3″…

  • charlotteharry57

    If I see this debate raging on one more time, so help me…The current CX-3 was in need of replacement. For starters, it has the tiniest cargo capacity of any in the class. It needed a slight upsizing, so this one should be called CX-3 and Mazda should discontinue the former CX-3. IF Mazda insists on keeping the old CX-3 around, then this should be called CX-4. Why on Earth does it matter if China has a different CX-4???? VW has 2 Passats, etc., Hyundai has 2 Sonatas….

    • ace_9

      It doesn’t have the tiniest cargo capacity in the class. The trunk volume in some countries is indicated including a big subwoofer coming only with premium sound system and also some strange measurement method is often used. Trust me, it’s really ok for people without children or special cargo needs.

  • talodokex
  • Witsend Cottage

    This is a PR nightmare for Mazda! Good grief. Hopefully, they will learn something from this…….

  • Dude

    I really, really, really hate this thing. It’s the epitome of so much wrong with the car industry.

  • Justin Spencer

    Calling it the CX-30 makes no sense at all when the next model up is the CX-5. CX-5 Sport would’ve fit much better or else just calling this the new CX-3, change the current CX-3 to the CX-2.

    • TheHake

      I hate it when the put the “Sport” moniker on a smaller version. WTF makes it a “Sport”? It’s mostly in the US that it´s used.

  • Giziclown

    Who cares about the name, when you have these huge, thick, cheap looking, horrible and hideous plast claddings on both sides. Come on!!!? What is this Suzuki Jimny design in Mazda’s lineup!!!?

  • ctk4949

    CX-40 would have made more sense.

  • scatman noyb

    All the great views of the outside and then that last of the dash—uuuugly. Plain, drab, gray with a little cushion of tan on top and along console. Give it a texture or different material than “same old pleather”. Maybe with a similar pattern to the front grill? Anything would be better than this.

  • adambravo

    Hey, ŠKODA has two different Kamiqs (EU and CH), and used to have two different Rapids (EU and IN)…


  • DM

    My OCD got triggered with this.

    • TheHake


  • SpongeBob99Swell

    We already know the reason. Because the CX-4 name is used overseas.

    Give it the CX-3 name, and give the already existing CX-3, the CX-1 name for the next generation.

  • SteersUright

    Cant imagine why they wouldn’t bring this good looking CUV here.

  • Scino Iem

    Mazda 3 Lifted. That’s what it should be called.

  • Dave Sturge

    They should just rename the current CX-3 and call it CX-20 since it’s already based on the Mazda 2. Then use the same naming theme throughout the CUV fleet. CX-30, CX-50, CX-90, etc.

  • Six_Tymes
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