A 2002 Honda Accord With 6k Miles For People Who Say They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Modern vehicles are loaded with safety features and for the majority of motorists, a simple hatch or crossover can tick most, if not all boxes. However, what if you’re in the market for a car priced under $15,000 but don’t want something new nor a used vehicle with heaps of miles on it? You could take a look at this 2002 Honda Accord Coupe.

Currently listed up for sale from John Hinderer Honda in Heath, Ohio, this Accord may be 17 years old but it has hardly been used and probably runs just as well as it did when it left the factory. It’s the top-end model with a silky 200hp 3.0-liter V6 paired to a four speed automatic transmission.

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The first thing to note about this Accord V6 Coupe is that it has just 5,913 miles (9,516 km) under its belt. The listing doesn’t state if the car has been driven consistently throughout its life or if it’s been stored for long periods of time but it shouldn’t matter. Hondas are known for their bulletproof reliability and potential buyers can rest easy knowing they won’t have to deal with many of the issues you would for a car of this age but with a ton more miles.

Making this Accord Coupe all the more appealing is the fact that it is loaded with a number of impressive features. For example, it features a six-speaker sound system with an AM/FM radio and six-disc CD changer. There’s also air conditioning, automatic temperature control, independent front suspension, dual front impact airbags, dual front side impact airbags, a host of leather components, and traction control.

The car has an asking price of $12,437 and while that may seem like a lot for an Accord from 2002, it is the price you pay for quality.

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  • DMax

    This model had a glass auto tranny paired with V6. With such little mileage there’s also going to be a ton of preventative maintenance to be done on this car. I’d rather buy one with 150k miles for 2k.

    • trig biggers

      Took the words out my mouth. You are 100% correct

  • Adilos Nave

    I had a new 2001 EX-V6 coupe just like this except in white. Wheels were larger too, maybe 16″ versus what appears to be 15″. Before I even hit 20K miles, I’d already had the tranny replaced twice due to a recall. It didn’t fail on me but was brought in for replacement as a preventative measure. Car was smooth and very dependable.

  • BlackPegasus

    I would offer the seller $8.5k cash. Then I’d use the $3k in savings towards some cosmetic upgrades.

    – shop some newer OEM Honda EX wheels on ebay.
    – upgrade the factory stereo with a double din screen with backup camera capabilities.
    – swap out all the lights with LED brake and turn signals (front and back). HID or LED headlights as well.


  • Justin Spencer

    Definitely one of my favorite generations of the Accord Coupe! I loved the NSX-flavored taillights and the sleek side profile. Honda definitely doesn’t make them like this anymore.

  • Paulbe

    We’ve been saying they don’t make ’em like they used to since at least the 60s.


  • David

    2002 was the worst year ever for the v6 transmission issue. Honda refused to admit their trannies had a piece that fell apart and destroyed the entire tranny instantly with zero warning. It happened in the v6 accords, v6 odyssey and the acura v6.
    Terrible issue, only resolved by a private transmission company that had the replacement part fabricated for the tranny. Shame on Honda.

  • anthony801

    We still have our 99 v6 sedan with 258XXX miles, bought new. Original
    transmission, only used or short distances within the city. On occasion, car would refuse to upshift from 1st to
    2nd. Sometimes, there would be a hard “thunk” when the car
    automatically downshifts when coming to a stop. It’s refusing to die, but it has served us well since 1998.

  • Kagan

    Wrong gearstick.

  • Pavel B.

    Desirable with a manual, not that slushbox.

    • TRB0T0Y

      Manual wasn’t available with the six pot with this generation.
      Maybe it was on the Acura CL of the era?
      The sharp, chiseled generation after had a six speed – V6 on the menu. So choice!

      • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

        Only the 2003 Acura CL-S had an available six speed.

      • c gaivoto

        The manual was not available with the V6. I had an Acura CL, manual, basically the same car.

        Great car but unfortunately the automatics were not that reliable.

  • RAY

    Honda needs to bring back the Euro R, those are the only Accords I ever loved.

  • DerKommissar

    If “quality” means an automatic transmission virtually guaranteed to grenade itself by the time the odo hits 60,000 miles, then yeah… “quality”.

  • Evgeni Grinberg

    This is a literal crackpipe. For so many reasons. Only one of which is the fact that you can get a 2013 ACURA TL with around 60,000 miles on it FOR THE SAME PRICE, or the same car from 2003-2004 for 5x less and not deal with recall issues. I have buddies who ran accord’s to 250,XXX+ WHO CARES if this has low miles? I dunno who needs to be locked up first, the person who didnt drive this car at all or whoever buys it next.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      First of all all miles matter when you’re buying a used car blind. 100K could mean vert different things depending on the owner. Unless you know the history of the car more intimately, lower miles is usually better. Granted, your example of 60K over 5 years is not very heavy use either mechanically or in terms feeling “lived in”.

      The other thing is if you’re really partial to buying a coupe, a blatantly selfish and less practical car, then a TL wouldn’t have the same appeal.

  • tony a.

    so does it come with a broken or unbroken four speed automatic transmission.?

    • Ten Count Toronto

      I believe that was a new transmission system for Honda and there was a huge goodwill campaign to fix some of the issues. However with so little miles on this car you have to wonder if it was an absentee owner who never bothered to keep up on such things. Without documentation of the unofficial recall work it’s too big a roll of the dice for $12K since it’s probably way too late to get than done now.

  • Liam Paul

    for the condition, milage and how clean it is, I think 12k is a very fair price in this case.

  • Ten Count Toronto

    I always liked that rear end styling. However I personally found the driving position of early 2000’s Hondas somewhat uncomfortable – just a personal thing. Still it;s tempting to be able to get a practically new car without having to bother with TPMS sensors, annoying voices that talk to you, or needles waste like touch displays and multimedia in the car.

  • Navigator Navy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Mileage rollback.

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