Fatal Crash In Colorado Involved 28 Vehicles, Sparked Fire Which Reached Over 2,500° F

An accident involving 28 vehicles has left at least four people dead in a town outside of Denver, Colorado.

According to The Denver Post, the accident occurred at approximately 4:50 pm on Thursday afternoon. Police say 23-year-old Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos was driving a semi when it crashed into commuters stuck in traffic. This sparked a chain reaction crash which involved at least three other semis and 24 vehicles.

Unfortunately, this caused multiple explosions and a massive fire which was spread by leaking fuel. The situation was so intense that the chief engineer for the Colorado Department of Transportation said temperatures on the highway soared to over 2,500° F (1,371° C). These high temperatures melted aluminum and Fox News reports this is complicating matters as Lakewood police spokesman Ty Countryman said “We’re still trying to identify what some of the cars even are.”

While the incident is certainly tragic, a hero has emerged in the aftermath. CNN reports Darin Barton was panhandling nearby and ran to the scene.  He reportedly managed to pull three or four people from their vehicles, possibly saving their lives.

The cause of the crash is under investigation, but authorities have said it doesn’t appear that drugs or alcohol were involved. Police has also stated the crash doesn’t appear to have been intentional.

According to CNN, Aguilera-Mederos was injured in the collision but is cooperating with investigators. It remains unclear what he has told police, but Aguilera-Mederos’ brother said the brakes on his semi failed.

Regardless of what happened, the Lakewood Police confirmed Aguilera-Mederos has been taken into custody and was arrested for “suspicion of multiple counts of vehicular homicide.” That seems like a possible rush to judgment, but Countryman told reporters, even if the semi suffered from mechanical issues, the charges should stick.


  • Arthur

    Wow, that’s one brutal scene to watch, can’t even begin to imagine those that perished in that fire.

  • Jason Miller

    So if the brakes did in fact fail and he had no control over the truck, he gets life in prison? How exactly does that work?

    • replace with plane. So, if brakes failed… now think, regimented maintenance. Now think if one should be tried as criminal for driving a vehicle with improper maintenance. Now, if you don’t think THIS instance, now that collectively we know it might have killed multiple souls, what will be the excuse for the next criminal neglect for safety? And of course, what if it was your wife and kids? I had an 8 year old family member killed with no penalty similarly. It’s not easy to take, understand, accept.

      • Jason Miller

        Unless he’s an owner/driver, maintenance wouldn’t be his doing. If I was given a company vehicle to drive and the brakes failed causing an accident that killed someone, is it really my fault? I would say no.

        • Benjamin B.

          But the owner of the company is probably white and the tech who worked on the truck is white. It can’t be their faults.

      • Benjamin B.

        Why not go after the diesel tech who worked on the truck? Charge him with homocide? Wait, the tech is probably white. He’s innocent. White people are always innocent. Always blame the minorities. That’s what racist police and DAs do.

        • ChrisInIL

          Interesting that you keep crying about racism, and then post racist comments.


    • Dude

      Yeah I’m 100% sure the writer was wrong on that part. No way a vehicular homicide charge would stick if the brakes went out.

    • Benjamin B.

      Must have been something else or the Denver police are just racist bastards. My bet is on the latter. This was a tragic accident. An accident. So if the Denver DA tries to paint the truck driver as an evil man who wanted to kill that day, you know that there’s racism even outside of the Deep South. Why not go after the diesel technician who worked on the truck? I don’t trust techs… they’re up to something. Terrorists the lot. See how ridiculous that sounds? Government…

    • Carl Sloan

      Better than your pea brain.

  • sidewaysspin

    Autonomous trucks are needed as fast as possible, everyone wins.

    • TRB0T0Y

      The truckers don’t really win.
      And haven’t you heard of Tesla’s infamous ‘Autopilot’ failures? We’ll see who’s winning when its a loaded semi that misreads construction barriers and topples over into oncoming traffic.

    • Enter Ranting

      Yes, because computers never crash.

  • Carl Sloan

    “The cause of the crash is under investigation…”

    The cause of the crash is open borders.

    • Jason Miller

      You know how I know you’re racist? Take a guess.

      • Carl Sloan

        Fool thinks immigrant is a race, lol.

        • Paulbe


  • Carl Sloan

    Open borders isn’t a race, dummy.

    • Enter Ranting

      And you know this driver entered the country illegally, right Carl? Or just assuming?

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