Ford Confirms Plans For New Entry-Level Model And “On-Road Performance” Crossover

The Blue Oval bloodbath won’t spell the end for affordable Fords in America as the automaker has confirmed a new entry-level model will arrive by 2022.

According to Autonews, Ford’s vice president of enterprise product line management, Jim Baumbick, used the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2019 Auto Summit to reveal plans for an all-new model. Baumbick was coy on specifics, but said the vehicle will be an “affordable” model that will fill the gap left by the death of the Fiesta, Focus and Fusion.

This is important as entry-level models are a stepping stone for consumers. Automaker hope that once a person buys their entry-level vehicle, they’ll return to the brand later in life to buy a more expensive product.

There’s no word on how much the model will cost, but the 2019 Fiesta starts at $14,260 while the 2018 Focus begins at $17,950. With the death of those models, the EcoSport would have effectively become Ford’s entry-level vehicle with a base price of $19,995.

While Baumbick was tight-lipped about the upcoming model, Automotive News noted the timeline matches up with Ford’s entry-level pickup that will slot below the Ranger.  However, it not entirely clear what body style the affordable model will take.

Besides talking about a new entry-level model, Baumbick’s presentation mentioned an all-new “On-Road Performance” crossover. In terms of size, it will slot between the Edge and the 2020 Escape. Interestingly, it will be about the same size as the Mustang-inspired electric crossover but be more performance-oriented.

The slide also suggests Ford sees a lot of opportunity for more rugged models such as the Bronco and Baby Bronco. However, it remains unclear if the company has any plans for even more Jeep competitors.

The presentation went on to say the automaker will significantly shorten the lifecycles of its vehicles starting in 2020. The average age of its product portfolio will drop from 5.6 years today to just 3.3 years in 2020. Eventually, in 2023, the company will get down to an average of just three years.


  • FlamerSmasherMBXCar_Part II

    Cool the U.S. market is getting the new Ford Puma.

    • ME

      I just hope it is not another FWD Nissan Kicks or Hyundai Venue competitor. It should be all wheel drive.

    • Zandit75

      That will be on the cards to replace the EcoSport, but the model they are talking about will be sized between the Edge and Escape. Big difference in size.

      • Rocket

        It won’t be that large if it’s considered an entry level model.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Timed right, you could lease a newly-released Ford product every 3 years which is perfect if you want to enjoy the latest design, and autonomous and electric/performance tech.

  • PhilMcGraw

    I would be worried to see what their entry model will look like since the EcoSport turned out to be such a bad vehicle. I think it’s placed near last in all the comparisons I’ve seen.

    I think they got it right with the new Escape though.

  • charlotteharry57

    Many of you are confused, big time. We’re talking 2 different models here, plus the “Courier”. The model between the Escape and Edge is NOT the entry-level model. The EcoSport should become the Puma, but that’s also NOT the entry model. Sounds like it would be a car – gasp!!.

  • Harry_Wild

    Okay, what is a BEV Mustang Concept? A sport car, crossover, sedan?

    • Mr. EP9

      It’s that EV performance crossover with Mustang styling there are calling the Mach-E. They were going to call it the Mach 1 but caught hell for it so they changed the name.

    • Benjamin B.

      A BMW X6 crossed with a Tesla Model X

  • Mr. EP9

    Hopefully the EcoSport will be vastly improved because that thing was a real POS.

    • Bobby Lee

      Agreed. It was designed for another market and brought here as a stop gap measure. But Ford was short-sighted and did not have a viable product soon enough.

      • Benjamin B.

        I was never excited for the EcoSport as the Euro spec reviews said the car was bloody awful. It hardly fits into Ford Euro lineup, not alone its US lineup. Can’t wait for the new crossover that’ll replace the horrible EcoSport and aging B-Max in Ford’s global lineup. Ford is killing MPVs (minivans) in Europe as they are sedans and hatchbacks in the USDM. I suspect the next generation Mondeo, Lincoln Zepher and Continental will all become RWD based. The S-Max and Galaxie are being phrased out in Europe as Ford introduces the US-built Explorer Plugin Hybrid (same drivetrain as Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring model). The next B segment crossover promises to be much better to drive, more like the B-Max than the EcoSport.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    Hey, trust them! They have charts and graphs!

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    So we will be seeing a mustang BEV?

    And a new eco sport ……. but we’re is the new Puma in that chart ? Doesn’t make sense

  • ME

    Ford Authority website mentioned that Ford Bronco Scout was just placed under patent.

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