Hyundai Confirms 2020 Sonata N With Over 275HP As Well As Hybrid Version

The new generation Hyundai Sonata is based on a versatile platform that supports electrification. Thus, a hybrid model is coming next spring, as announced by CEO Brian Smith at the 2019 New York Auto Show.

“Here’s something to look forward to; our all-new Sonata story is just getting started. With its incredibly capable platform, we’re going to introduce some dramatically different variants. There’ll be an all-new hybrid coming next year.”

Those hoping for a sportier version of the new-gen Sonata will have to wait until 2020, too, as “not long after that (the Sonata Hybrid’s unveiling), we’ll introduce the next model in our N Line”, said Smith. “A high-performance turbocharged Sonata, with over 275 horsepower.”

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Does that number ring a bell? That’s because the brand’s full-blown N Performance models, such as the i30 N, i30 Fastback N and Veloster N, have a 275 hp, 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. Even though it’s too early to assume that the Sonata N Line will adopt the exact same powertrain, the numbers do point to that.

As for the regular versions of the Sonata, it will launch this year with two engines. The 1.6-liter turbo makes 180 hp (183 PS / 134 kW) and 195 lb-ft (264 Nm) of torque, and the 2.5-liter produces 191 hp (194 PS / 142 kW) and 181 lb-ft (245 Nm) of torque. Both of them are matched to an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Hyundai will start taking orders for the 2020 Sonata this October. The car will be produced at the Alabama factory, alongside the Elantra and Santa Fe. The facility will welcome a fourth model in the near future, according to Brian Smith.


Standard 2020 Hyundai Sonata pictured

  • Rasta_Farian

    It’s funny: the more I see this car, the less I like it. The pictures in this article are particularly bothersome. Not a fan of the gaping maw grille picture. I hope it looks better in the flesh!

    • Mr Mister

      I haven’t liked it much from the start. That front end just looks so [email protected] And the rest of the styling is all sorts of weird. The canopy/glass reminds me of the old Ford Taurus Jellybean or Hyundais from the early 2000s, maybe some Buick and Lexus from the late 2000s (where it worked a lot better as those cars had more coherent overall designs). That beltline is just bizarre. The front and back ends look like they wanted to steal Audi (or maybe recent Ford; almost a little VW too with the LED lights flowing into the chrome) design but knew they’d get called out for it so they put images of them in a photoeditor on an iPad and then pinched and dragged portions of it. Maybe they put it through the “Lexus filter” as I see that some too in that ridiculous grille. Won’t be surprised if the next iteration goes full spindle shaped (or maybe double diamond).

      My best guess for what happened though is they tried to mash their old “fluidic sculpture” design (which I liked, and with some revision I think would look very nice, kinda like how Cadillac refined their designs) with their more recent squared/angular design language (that suits their SUVs much better).

    • charlotteharry57

      I’m finally seeing what some of you are saying about the grille. In the pic above, it’s atrocious.

  • TB

    I kinda dig it…and yet…it kinda looks like a Catfish. I’m really at odds with the look.

    • Mr Mister

      Yeah it does have that some (wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of the design inspirations).

      To me though, the most Catfish looking car is the 458 Italia (the projector headlights looking a lot like the beady eyes of catfish perched just above the corners of the gaping mouth) they even gave it the barbels (whisker/antenna looking protrusions).

  • getoffme

    Can you say UGLY.

    • .. EL CHAPO THA GREAT 🤴🏻

      Stop talking about yourself

  • bd0007

    Over 275 hp could likely mean the 286 hp or so from the new 2.5T that is slated for the GT variant of the next Optima.

    If Hyundai were to do a full-blown N and not an N-Line (would require the addition of AWD), the 2.5T is capable of putting out over 300 hp.

    The front clip of the KDM Sonata is better – the “cascading” element of the grille isn’t as pronounced and doesn’t look as “fishy.”

  • RysterARCEE

    Car looks ok, but there is no point in making an N version of this vehicle. It is an answer to a question no one is asking.

    Now, if Hyundai wants to offer a 275+hp AWD Santa Fe or Tucson, that would be way more enticing.

  • Dude

    Even better. I love it

  • WalthamDan

    Holy Catfish Batman!

  • KAG25

    They went a little to crazy with the nose

  • no25

    That thumbnail picture is exactly why I stand with what Ive said before that this Sonata is one of the worst looking. 2011 Sonata, we miss you!

    • donald seymour

      Dude, when I tell you that this car has so much presence at the car show, it had so much presence at the car show. The pictures doesn’t do this car any justice. This car attracted so many people around it it was pitiful, because I had to fight to even sit in the car.

  • SteersUright

    A whole whopping 275hp??

    • pcurve

      well, given FWD, its curb weight, all season tire, I think it’ll have problem putting power down on pavement during take off.

      • SellTheOsToCal

        The platform is also AWD-capable, and will underpin crossovers as well. So, if they’re really going for it, they will put AWD on the N model to make it worthwhile.

    • Escalade Navy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      The previous gen KIA Optima 2.0T has 274 HP and 269 lbs. ft. of torque, although this design is ugly to me, but the numbers sound impressive because everyone else in this mainstream segment has about 250 horsepower to 237.

  • pcurve

    There is another version of the grille design that looks much better. So much of design is in details. Also, this is not the best color for this car (or any car)

  • Galaxium

    I think I prefer the KDM front fascia.

  • This is a No for me.

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