Manual 360 Modena Is Probably The Best Way To Get Into Ferrari Ownership

Supercars equipped with manual transmissions are a dying breed. Several companies stopped making them years ago and, sadly, Ferrari has its name written on that list.

The only way to buy one nowadays is to limit your choices to older models and turn to the used car market. Which might actually be a good thing, as you can find great examples – like, say, this 360 Modena that’s coming up for grabs.

Advertised by SilverstoneAuctions for ‘The Heythrop Classic Car Sale’ in Chipping Norton, UK, on May 10, it features the highly desirable six-speed stick shift that’s coupled to a 400 horsepower, 3.6-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine.

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One of only 341 RHD 360 Coupes supplied new to the United Kingdom, it was made in 2000, has an Argento Nurburgring paintwork and a Blue Scuro leather interior, plus the Scuderia wing badges (which were actually optional), red brake calipers and heavily bolstered bucket seats that make it even more desirable. The car has been in the possession of the same enthusiast for the past three years, during which it was only driven on dry days.

The odometer shows roughly 28,000 miles (45,062 km), and it was last serviced a couple of weeks ago. Thus, the only thing its future owner needs to do is take it out for a spin. Of course, even a used Ferrari is a serious investment, and at an estimated selling price of £60,000-£70,000 ($78,380/€69,553-$91,444/€81,145), this one is no exception; not to mention that you have to take the running costs (and ridiculously expensive servicing) into account before you pull the trigger.

Anyhow, if you do, you’ll be glad to know that this 360 Modena also comes with the two original keys, red remote, book pack including full service history, and tool kit, which should be a great conversation starter with any car enthusiast – although the chrome gate with that metal rod and gear knob protruding out of it are going to do the job just fine. And if you’ve ever sampled one and experienced that tactile feel, you know that you wouldn’t trade it for any dual-clutch in the world, no matter how faster it may be.

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  • Mr. EP9

    Simpler times, I tell you. Great, now I feel old.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I first saw a red 360 Modena parked outside of a grocery store.

  • AMG44

    What a beauty. Compare that to the styling mess of today’s Ferraris like GTC4Lusso, 812, F8 Tributo…etc
    IMO the last great looking Ferrari was 458.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Bland color. But it’s still a good price, more or less.

    • Matt

      I actually like the 360 in this hue, it makes it look far more modern – it could almost be launched today.

      • Wandering_Spirit

        It’s not ugly. But they had a rarely seen gunmetal grey which i found more interesting. Especially with red or tobacco leather. There was one in my town in Italy when i still lived there.

  • Bash

    still looking better than most of the current offerings.

  • drc

    Before you buy one of these, get the price of a belt service on both this and the prior gen 355 – you may want to be sitting down. You will find the 430 is less costly in routine maintenance as they went to chains instead of belts.

  • Carl Sloan

    The purchase price is the easy part. The maintenance and repair costs will kill you.

    • Matt

      I’m pretty sure maintenance on a 360 is a lot less than the purchase cost…

      • Carl Sloan

        I’m pretty sure you’ve never owned a Ferrari.

        • Matt

          No sadly I have not. I know some of the more expensive maintenance they require though, at least this being a manual won’t need the clutch pack replaced every 30k. But some of the ‘horror stories’ are exaggerated (other than maybe the cam belt/water pump job).

          • Carl Sloan

            I owned one. People think they can “afford” one when they can come up with the purchase price. The REAL expense starts when you start getting repair bills. Over and over again. Their cars are extremely unreliable. Parts are very expensive. Service rates are astronomical. Many service shops will blatantly try to rip you off. I’ve experienced it first hand.

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