Next Toyota Tundra And Tacoma To Share A Platform

Toyota is working on an all-new Tundra and a report is suggesting it will ride a new platform that will eventually be shared with the next-generation Tacoma.

Little is known about the architecture, but Automotive News is reporting it is internally known as F1. It has been designed to enable the company’s various pickups to ride on a single platform and a share a greater number of components.

While there’s no word on specifics at this point, the use of one platform to underpin all of the company’s global pickups could significantly reduce costs and complexity. It would also help to streamline production while eliminating the need for multiple truck platforms.

Cost saving are likely one of the major factors behind the move as the Tundra sells in relatively low numbers compared to the competition. In the United States last year, Toyota only managed to sell 118,258 Tundras. This was a slight increase from the year before, but it’s nowhere near the 536,980 Rams and 585,581 Chevrolet Silverado trucks that were sold in the same time frame. Of course, the F-Series dominated the competition as the automaker sold 909,330 full-size trucks in the United States and more than a million units globally.

The Tacoma, on the other hand, has been a huge hit as Toyota sold 245,659 units in the United States last year. This put the model well ahead of competitors such as the Chevrolet Colorado (134,842) and Nissan Frontier (79,646). Of course, the Tacoma will now has to face newer competitors – such as the Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator – which could eat into its market share.

Toyota has been tight-lipped about the next-generation Tundra, but executive have previously said the truck is coming soon. No date has been set, but rumors have suggested the truck could be introduced next year as a 2021 model. It is slated to have some form of electrification and will likely be lighter than its predecessor.

  • Da Only Skid

    Of course, as rumors state, Toyota updates the least selling truck in their line up. Milk the Taco for all it’s worth before a “new” breed. I say we see new Taco in 2022. Why change what sells even if antiquated? Nearly 12 year old platform and resale value is ridiculous. I want to see the growing pains for the new platform. If nothing else buy a used Taco for under 18k.

    • MarketAndChurch

      I think that timeline will either be hurried or delayed depending on the success of the Gladiator and Ranger. An all new Frontier is also due out soon, and probably a refresh to the GM twins.

  • Benjamin B.

    Which are the rebadged Land Cruiser Prado and regular Land Cruiser. We will see the next generation Land Cruiser share this chassis too. I’m curious how Toyota will strengthen the chassis for the Tundra? Will it be fully boxed? There’s a difference between the full-size Land Cruiser and Hilux chassis frames. The Land Cruiser and Tundra share a heavier and larger frame. The Hilux and Tacoma are very similar , but the Taco has softer suspension for American tastes. Also Toyota wanted to keep capability down so Taco didn’t take sales away from Tundra.

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