Subaru WRX Engine, Transmission AND Driver Get Ejected At Violent Crash

The driver of a Subaru WRX has been lucky to survive what appears to be a high-speed crash in the United States that saw the engine, transmission and exhaust being torn from the vehicle and ejected on the road.

Facebook user Allan Keith posted images of the horrific crash and stated that the accident happened on a road with a 30 mph (48 km/h) speed limit. Evidently, the driver of the Subaru must have been traveling much faster than that for this to happen.

Images from the crash site reveal that, at some stage, the Subaru slid sideways across the road, mounted a curb, and continued to slide out of control along the sidewalk. It then appears to have come to a stop after slamming into an electrical pole and has sustained serious damage.

So this just happened right in front of our house on a 30 mph road. Yes that is a complete engine and exhaust sitting in…

Gepostet von Allan Keith am Samstag, 20. April 2019

Well, serious might actually be an understatement, as we can see that the WRX had a number of heavy impacts before coming to a rest as both the front end and rear have been crumpled and both the front and rear windows smashed. The boxer engine, complete with its transmission and exhaust system, was somehow ripped from the vehicle and left sitting on a local driveway, while various other car parts can be seen spread across the street.

Keith states that the driver of the Subaru wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time of the impact and was also ejected from the vehicle. He suffered a severe concussion, broken ribs, and a bruised hip, but was fortunate not to sustain any other injuries. All things considered, this is one extremely lucky man.

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  • Exotics

    Exact opposite of an intelligent person. Darwin.

  • Blinka Bot

    Wow, I’d love to read the forensic report on this,,
    did the car spit the engine after the driver..

  • Mr. EP9

    Well I’m glad the driver is okay but that should serve as a lesson not to drink and drive (that’s assuming it’s actually true). On the plus side, that’s probably the fastest way to do an engine swap and drop a transmission from the car.

    I’ll see myself out now.

  • kachuks

    Did he also sideswipe what appears to be a silver Pontiac G8?

    • TrevP

      It looks like a TL to me

  • TrevP

    Happened in Utah. Surprised it’s not on their local news.

  • SteersUright

    I’ve often wondered why “high performance” cars are even allowed to be street legal. Dont get me wrong, I love sports cars, but they’re meant to be driven fast and hard, which I dont think belongs on public roads with commuters just trying to get about.

    • TRB0T0Y

      Because sports cars are fast, they should be illegal? So just screw all the law-abiding motorists who work hard to own a fun car and use it responsibly?
      Heyyyy… trucks can get up to a high speed, plus they’re pretty heavy. So dangerous! Trucks should be illegal too. And the sun…? All that global warming! And skin cancer! Outlaw the sun too while you’re at it.

    • Ben

      The reason high performance cars are street legal is the same reason you can buy unhealthy food from McDonalds. Reasonable expectation of moderation. We expect people to follow the traffic laws regardless what vehicle they have. There are places that people can take their vehicles to race or drive “spiritedly”. We sell people Big Macs and let people feed it to their children because we expect reasonable moderation from people. Hopefully, someone won’t eat 30 big macs in a day for a week, but if they do, we can’t shut down McDonalds for that person’s bad indiscretion.

      Also, I would reason that more “average” commuter vehicles are at the center of crashes and deaths more than high performance vehicles. There are more commuter/everyday vehicles than these high performance vehicles. An example being the RAV4, which sold 403k units in 2017 I believe. The same year, Lamborghini moved an all time high of vehicles and set a sales record of…..3,815 units. To put this another way, Camaro has sold 270k units…since 2015 to present. My point being high performance vehicles aren’t at the center of most crashes as it would seem. They’re just reported more because of the popularity of the vehicles. Nobody wants to read about a Toyota Sienna hitting a light pole.

    • yomama

      I won’t be a jerk like the other replies, but instead of banning sports cars, I think it’d be more useful to make all vehicles require an ignition interlock device.

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