Texas Police Troll Bad Parking Job With A Lesson In Staying Between The Lines

We’ve seen our fair share of bad parking jobs over the years, but the Southlake Police Department has found a creative way to call out an offender.

In a Facebook post, the city’s Department of Public Safety posted a picture of a Ram pickup which that was partially parked in a handicap spot.

While most officers would simply ticket the truck and call it a day, the department apparently created a funny note which reads “We noticed you had a little trouble staying in the lines when you parked next to a handicapped space….” The message includes an uncolored image of the police department’s shield and goes on to say “Maybe if you practice coloring our path and staying in the lines here, it could help you from avoid citations in the future.”

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In the Facebook post, the department said they usually try to avoid “snark and sass,” but sometimes residents make it hard to resist. They went on to remind drivers to stay within the lines when parking, especially next to a handicapped space, or you might get one of their new fliers.

Unsurprisingly, the post has been a hit on social media and a number of people have expressed support for both the comedy of the message and the department for looking after the handicapped. Drivers of offending vehicles might feel different but, as Fox News noted, getting a funny message is certainly a lot better than a $200 (£154 / €178) parking ticket.


  • Kash

    I’ve never been one to criticize parking jobs unless i see the person actually park because you never know who they were parking next to. It could’ve been the person on the other side who parked too far over so this person had to as well.

    • Aelwyn

      Or they could, you know, just find another parking space that’s completely empty. Walking an extra few steps isn’t going to kill anyone.

      • no25

        What about people with other disabilities that don’t allow them to receive a handicap spot? Yes, there are some.

        • Aelwyn

          Such as?

          • Liam Paul

            lazyitis, their too lazy to walk

        • Liam Paul

          Kash but then what about the person who needs the handicapped space and now they can not even park in their space. if someone left not enough room between their space and a handicapped space, then the other person needs to find another space. no25, what about people who get those plagues to hang in their windows when there is nothing really wrong with them. My Mom has multiple sclerosis and can hardly balance herself or stand without falling, so let me tell you, it burns me to no ends when I see a healthy person park in a handicap space and are able to just get out with no cane etc and just walk away, so if they cant get one, they must not need it that bad. sadly There are many lazy people who abuse the privilege of having a handicapped plague for their car

          • D-splash

            While some people abuse handicap parking (eg. using a family member’s permit), not all disabilities are obvious (eg. COPD or Cystic Fibrosis, neither of which require a cane).

  • Dylan Wentworth

    Why be professional when you can be obnoxious instead? 🤷‍♂️

    • BlackPegasus

      I would prefer this over a ticket or fine any day 😑

      • brn

        I’d even color it in and mail it to the PD.

        • Bash

          With a thank you note written on the back for not issuing a ticket.

      • Dylan Wentworth

        Or a third option… and I know this will sound radical…. a warning without being obnoxious! Wow! What a thought!

    • Dude

      You’re right. Should’ve just written a ticket.

  • Mr. EP9

    Seems more like a roasting if you ask me but okay.

  • Liam Paul

    you know someone is going to sue them for emotional damage and get a million dollar settlement and the taxpayers will pay for it, just give them the 200 dollar fine and be done with it.

  • AET

    Could’ve used a font different from Comic Sans…

    • Perry F. Bruns

      They know their audience.

  • Paul

    Gotta hand it to the Cops here, that’s funny.


  • Youaintwantone- PAM JONES


    • TheHunnn

      You’re right. As a legitimate business, they should really support criminals instead, that would make way more sense.

      • Youaintwantone- PAM JONES


  • Rzrlf

    why is everyone in the comments hating on comic sans? in this context using it is appropriate since it makes it even more condescending

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