Watch San Diego Cops Break Up Car Meet With Cheeky Honda Joke

Auto enthusiasts frequently going to car meets are the motorized version of sports fans that rarely miss out on their favorite team’s match.

As with said sports enthusiasts, car fanatics are known to stick to their team no matter what, and are pretty sensitive to derogatory jokes from their “opponents.”

Honda fans are among those most attached to the brand they love, so it comes as no surprise that they get pretty defensive when someone takes a shot at their rides. Imagine their surprise when a San Diego police officer used a Honda joke to break off a car meet.

In the video posted on Reddit by a participant, we see a San Diego Police Department Ford Police Interceptor driving through the parking lot of a shopping mall and announcing car enthusiasts they needed to leave the premises because the mall was about to close.

While that announcement could have been made in a number of ways, the police officer chose to do it by taking a stab at Honda owners. “You don’t have to go home but you got to get out of here, especially if you drive a slow Honda,” were the words that immediately made the crowd burst out laughing.

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The joke was not only good (sorry, Honda owners), but it also served to diffuse a potentially tense situation. No one protested and everyone left the parking lot safely.

As if to let participants know he was more a fan of American cars than a Honda hater, the policeman let out a second warning: “If you drive a V8, I’ll give you a two-minute head start.” Good job, officer.

  • Christian

    That’s not funny! Where is the joke police? This is borderline harassment for us who owns Honda’s…

    • Mind Synthetic

      well apart from s2000 and nsx, there really isnt much else there. sure they came out with type r in the states now, but general hondas are nothing more than daily drivers. if you want to blame someone for poor honda rep i would blame fast and furious, they started the whole honda tuner madness, so you now have a bunch or poorly done up civics. i had personally had a few honda cars, and they were good fun, but yeah they are slow.

      • Christian

        This is the US, after T rump Got elected… You don¨t think that my feelings are “gettin hurt reading that? My Honda Fit is fast enough and I bet I could outrun a Challenger or VETTE.

        • Dubble Bubble

          For the record, I have a “VETTE” and I’m sure you can take me, until I start the car.

          • Christian

            The thing is… And I make it short.. Your “fast” car kills more animals thing my earth lovely little beast…! What does a your ” VETTE” pack? A V8 and let me guess Straight pipe, so you can make the cima go “Kabooom”

          • Dubble Bubble

            Um, you do know this a car site? You know, where people who like cars hang out?

          • Christian

            don’t you get it? Your car kill us? Kill our world!

          • Dubble Bubble

            oh I get it Christian but so does yours, it just takes a little bit longer…

          • Christian

            why do you own such car, then..

          • Dubble Bubble

            So I can drive the streets everywhere and look for Honda Fits and race them…

          • Christian

            I bet you voted for T rump….

          • Dubble Bubble

            I did not my friend. Why are you switching topics to politics anyways? I thought we were talking about all the environmental damage your Honda Fit creates.

          • Christian

            So didn’t even vote? OMG! Lord have mercy!

      • Seats & a steering wheel

        Most mainstream cars are normal daily drivers with 2 or 3 performance models. Along with NSX and Civic Type R, I’d also argue the new Accord 2.0 Turbo is no slouch either. That car would be low 6’s 0-60 mph? This is considered slow?. Even the regular turbo Civics are not too bad. From what I can tell it’s more the drivers which are slow rather than the cars.

    • Dubble Bubble

      Christian, would you rather of seen a “situation” during the disbanding? Seems to me the policeman was indicating he is also a car enthusiast but still has a job to do.
      Lighten up.

      • Christian

        sad thing is he won’t get fired for that… make fun of us with Hondas… This is why I like ANTIFA…

        • Dubble Bubble

          C’mon, car guys always poke at one another in friendly terms.
          Camaro vs. Mustang, Chev pickups vs. F150’s, Camry vs. Accord etc.

          It was a friendly poke to avoid a potentially nasty situation.
          Maybe have more oatmeal in the morning and you feel so uptight.

    • brn

      People missed your invisible tag.

  • Jason Miller

    It’s not.

  • Jason Miller

    In your dreams maybe.

  • WC

    If the Challenger or Vette was pushing you then maybe you would beat them.

    • Christian

      ra(eist profile picture… Are you trying too call me an ape?

      • WC

        Haha! I used this image before people were offended by the air they breathe. Now I just leave it out of principle.

        • Christian

          will you place change it ? I don’t feel safe looking at it ?

          • WC

            I will get right on that, just let me know when you are in your safe space and then once you have your blankie and your bottle I will change it.

          • Christian

            reported you

          • Dubble Bubble

            This guy’s elevator isn’t quite getting to the top floor, is it.

          • WC

            The out of order sign has been up so long it’s collecting dust. I rarely comment on this site but he comments all the time and it’s almost always soy boy rhetoric like this.

          • Dubble Bubble

            He seems harmless enough, a little flighty but harmless.
            Thanks for heads up, I will have to drop in more often.

  • Brent Morrison

    Because the site is based on the Middle East…. that is why from time to time, they feature cars from Middle Eastern dealerships.

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    My 2008 Accord 3.5 V6 isn’t muscle car or supercar fast, but it’s not ‘slow’ by any stretch. I love putting it in ‘S’ mode going into second and burying the throttle and enjoying that iVtec at about 5,000 rpm. Engine sings along too.its faster than the myriad of 4 cylinder SUVs and hatchbacks on the road.
    I even took down my friends Mondeo 2.5 Turbo ST from a standing start and in a roll race..and this was after he had the CPU flash done which was a surprise for both of us.

    • rodriguez256

      I have the same engine in my 2008 Pilot. It’s not a bad engine and I’ve wondered what it would feel like in a lighter vehicle. I’m sure the accord feels great with it.

    • Shobin Drogan

      He said “if you drive a slow honda” he didn’t say all Hondas are slow. This is only offensive to someone who knows their honda is slow.

  • MarketAndChurch

    it’s bait bro

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