2020 Chevrolet Camaro Facelift Gains SS Shock Concept-Inspired Front End

Chevrolet’s 2020 Camaro lineup features new front end styling for the SS, a new LT1 V8 performance model and a 10-speed automatic gearbox option for 3.6-liter V6 models.

The Camaro SS’ front end is inspired by the design of the Camaro SS Shock concept that came out last year at the SEMA Show. This means that the 2020 SS now boasts a repositioned bowtie emblem in the upper grille and a body-color bar between the upper and lower grilles.

Sharper front end design

“Customers spoke, and we listened,” stated Chevrolet marketing exec, Steve Majoros. “The overwhelmingly positive reaction to the Shock’s stylized design helped prompt its transition from concept to production.”

Additional 2020 updates include a new Rally Green exterior color, plus a wide range of features that customers can use in order to personalize their new Camaro.

These include a rear spoiler (on LS, LT), dark-tinted taillights (LS, LT), 20-inch alloy wheels (LT, LT1, SS), red or orange brake calipers (LT, LT1, SS), red seat belts and knee pads available on all models, RECARO performants seats for the LT, sueded microfiber-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob trim (LT, SS), alloy pedals on all models, black bowtie badges and Camaro fender badge for the LT, plus Adrenaline Red and Ceramic White leather interiors available on 2LT (previously 3LT and 2SS only).

Also, the 3LT now comes standard with the 2.0-liter Turbo engine and both the Convenience and Lighting packages, which before were optional.

A new LT1 model

The 2020 Camaro LT1 is said to combine the “content and design” of the 1LT and the SS. Powered by a 455 HP LT1 engine, this is the most affordable Camaro V8 model with a starting MSRP of $34,995, including destination.

Customers can get it in both Coupe and Convertible form, with a standard six-speed manual gearbox or the optional 10-speed automatic. Additional features include the LT exterior styling which now gains the SS’s vented hood, LT1 fender badges, black bowtie emblems, 20-inch SS style wheels, all-season tires, plus the optional Technology Package, which includes an 8-inch color touchscreen and a Bose premium audio system.

“The new Camaro LT1 is a great choice for those seeking a pure V8 performance experience,” said Majoros. “And at less than $35,000, it will be one of the most affordable V8 performers on the market.”

New 10-speed automatic

Chevrolet will now match its 10-speed automatic transmission with the 3.6-liter V6 engine in Camaro LT models. This gearbox is based on the 10-speed design offered in the Camaro SS and ZL1, yet it was specifically tailored for the “performance parameters” of the V6.

Chevy’s 2020 Camaro range will go on sale early this fall, with production taking place at GM’s Lansing Grand River Assembly plant in Michigan.

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  • Bill Nguyen

    Huge improvement… But it also looks too much like the previous generation.

    • Jay

      They decided not to fix what wasn’t broken.

      • Bill Nguyen

        Agree, but technically, it was great, then they broke it, and then they fixed it by making it the way it was before 🤣🤣🤣

  • Six_Tymes

    better. but the ZL1 is best

  • samurai

    You somehow forget to mention the new LT1 model for the 2020 Camaro, which is the entry level V8 Camaro for $34,995 with the LT model styling but SS hood – It’s actually the red Camaro in the pictures.

    • SteersUright

      LT1 is the better looking of the two, for sure.

  • charlotteharry57

    Tomorrow, the exciting GM news will be that both the Malibu and Equinox gain new wheel designs for 2020 (they actually do).

    • Emoto


  • Mike anonymous

    FINALLY. This is all I have to say.

    This is the best version of the Camaro we have had since the pre-2015/2014 facelift with the original 5th Generation Camaro which originally launched in 2011. This is in my opinion how the 6th generation should have originally looked (in not exactly as the concept used for the T4 film).



      While I do like how some of the 5th gens look, the 6th imo should’ve had a revolutionary design.

    • Nordschleife

      I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this. I personally like the pre-faceifted 6 gen. The front of this while better looking than the the one with the black bar looks contrived and rather ill fitting. This is one of the least successful refreshes in my opinion.

      • Mike anonymous

        No Worries @craigdoss:disqus about disagreeing, We’ve all got Our own opinions 👍. I am not sure if when you said “the one with the black bar” you are referring to the yellow 5th generation in my previous post. If so the yellow one if from the T2 Film. The First two are the prototype (1st image) and normal production version (2nd image) of the 5th generation.

        The original 6th generation was based on the design of the Modified 5th Generation from the T4 film. (shown on the right next to the 6th generation on the left)

        I am not sure about how the 6th generation matches up to the 5th generation overall, but if you are referring to the ‘original pre-facelift 6th generation’ then I suppose I can agree with you on that.

        If you ask me I personally think it would be nice if they redesigned it for a 7th generation and start from scratch to create a cohesive design from the ground up (that won’t require a facelift every-other year).

        • Nordschleife

          I am referring to your vehicle on the left. the silver Camaro. I much prefer that fascia over either of the refreshes. I do think the 7th gen (if there is one) should start from the ground up and rely a little less on the focus groups. I am sure some of the focus groups told Chevrolet that the black black bar and the center mounted Chevrolet badge would be a hit.

    • Tabs Luther

      early 6th gen nailed it, then it got progressively terrible

  • no25

    they were QUICK to get rid of that awful grille. Looks so much better

  • SteersUright

    The current Camaro looked great upon arrival, now bastardized to “stylized” silliness. Seriously, that front end graphic, outside of the nice looking headlights, is just terrible.
    How about dropping some weight and increasing visibility finally? When the heck is an all-new Camaro coming out? I’d never buy this oversized sports car that I can’t even see well out of, despire its epic performance capabilities for the money (which I am a huge fan of, for the record).

    • Nordschleife

      Well considering the 6th gen came out in 2015 as a 2016 would mean it’s on 3/4 years old and the last one stayed around for 7 years or so so that should give you an ideal or when the next gen (if they make one) is coming. So no weight dropping or visibility enhances are coming soon.

  • Enter Ranting

    Tortured plastic styling.

    • Jay

      Plastic was harmed in the making of this vehicle.

  • LJ

    Love the PR spin… we didn’t change it because the stock front end was horrid, we changed it because you loved the Shock concept so much.

  • getoffme

    Ugly schmuck.

  • performante

    Say what you will, but this car with the LT1 for $35K is a tremendous deal – for the level of performance this car offers!

    • Emoto

      This is the bigger news than the minor cosmetic mods touted in the headline. This LT1 MSRP includes destination charges. When you include destination in the v8 Challenger or Mustang GT price (well, 2019 prices; we don’t have 2020 prices yet), the Camaro v8 is significantly LESS EXPENSIVE. This may turn the tide in sales.

  • Merc1

    That LT1 model is their way of getting some sales back. On paper it appears to be a great bargain.


  • Mr. EP9

    We all knew GM was going to do this and they did. It’s up for debate what the real reason is but I personally think it’s because their sales are losing out to the Challenger.

    • Matt

      Well sales are pretty much the main factor when a car gets an emergency facelift…

    • Nick099

      I agree. The latest generation of Camaro resembles more of some kind of anime creation rather than an American pony car. It was all transformers style with that ridiculous front end. It kept me from buying one, despite it’s performance capability.

      The Challenger on the other hand has some great retro styling…. and that big cube motor doesn’t hurt either. It’s a brawny gt car with lots of passenger and cargo space.

  • john1168

    Looks a lot better.

  • J. P.

    Holy Camaro, Batman 🤣🤣🤣! Looks much better now!


  • eb110americana

    For everyone claiming they ruined the design with the refresh, I will once again post this reminder. The SS has some polarizing design in the giant grille, but the mainstream models look so much better.



  • MarketAndChurch

    The LT1 looks nice.

  • Puddingpopper

    Your DLO is small

  • Six_Tymes

    the red lt1 looks good. the nose on that blue camaro looks terrible. who thought a folded inward flap design was a good idea? who approved that nasty front end design? ire whoever designed it in the first place. it is so cheap looking its not even funny

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