2020 Toyota GR Supra: You Asked, We Answer And 300+ Picture Gallery

Last week, we asked our readers what they wanted to know about the 2020 Toyota GR Supra.

After spending some time with the model – both on and off the track – we’re ready to answer your questions about the highly anticipated sports car. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Bryceee asked “Why are all the vents fake?”

One of the more controversial styling decisions about the Supra is the car’s use of blocked off vents and intakes. Toyota says this did this on purpose as the car has been designed to be aftermarket friendly.

As a result, the plugs can be removed to improve brake cooling or send air where needed. The tuner focus extends beyond the exterior as the engine bay has cutouts in the plastic for an aftermarket strut tower brace. The car’s composite hatch has also been strengthened in anticipation of the installation of rear wings.

Mr. EP9 asked “Are there any rear seats in this thing?”

While previous generations of the Supra had rear seats, the 2020 model is a strict two-seater. The space behind the seats is occupied by a horizontal brace and a carpeted pass through to the trunk which only has a small opening.

TB asked a couple of questions including “Does it feel somewhat upscale or like a stripped car to save weight?” and “Does the fit / finish meet expectations for the cost?”

The Supra certainly feels like a premium product on multiple fronts as it a smooth ride and a luxurious interior with premium leather upholstery and carbon fiber trim. Virtually everything you touch is leather, metal or high-quality plastic. The only things that look or feel a bit cheap are the gloss black trim on the door panels and the JBL tweeters in the doors which have a large plastic surround.

The car comes nicely equipped in standard form but, I’d personally shell out the extra $4,000 for the Supra 3.0 Premium which adds heated leather seats, a wireless smartphone charger and an 8.8-inch infotainment system with navigation. The model also has a color head-up display, wireless Apple CarPlay support and the aforementioned JBL audio system.

TechLegend wanted to know if the car feels underpowered compared to the BMW Z4 M40i?

In the US, the Z4 M40i has a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six that produces 382 hp (285 kW / 387 PS) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque. That’s 47 hp (35 kW / 48 PS) and 4 lb-ft (5 Nm) more than the Supra.

The difference is pretty sizable and it obviously has an impact on performance. In particular, the Z4 M40i accelerates from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) approximately 0.2 seconds faster than the Supra (both manufacturer times). However, both models are electronically limited to 155 mph (250 km/h).

Unfortunately, the extra power comes at a significant cost as the Z4 M40i starts at $63,700. That makes the model $13,710 more expensive than the entry-level Supra and that’s almost enough to buy a Yaris.

What about a manual transmission?

As it stands, the 2020 GR Supra will be offered exclusively with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. We joked with Toyota about how many times they get asked about a manual and it’s clear they know there’s a lot of interest.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear cut answer about a stick. Supra chief engineer Tetsuya Tada has previously said it’s “not an impossibility” and suggested demand will be the deciding factor. Speaking of the latter, Toyota has already received more than 40,000 requests for information about the Supra in the United States alone.

Nordschleife asked “Do you think it’s differentiated enough from the Z4 and has your feelings changed on its shared existence.”

That’s a question a lot of people have been asking and it’s worth noting the Supra and Z4 are far more different than the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86. While the latter two sport cars are virtually indistinguishable from each other, the Supra and Z4 have unique styling inside and out.

While it’s true that the Supra’s cabin borrows heavily from the BMW parts bin, each interior is unique as it features a different design and layout. In fact, little of the switchgear actually carries over from new Z4. Instead, it’s largely sourced from slightly older BMW models.

We’ll also have more to say about the differences between the Z4 and Supra a bit later, so stay tuned.

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  • baofe

    that’s one ugly BMW

  • Bash

    You know what is it missing? a flat bottom steering wheel.

    • Aiman Rahman

      IKR the steering wheel looks bloated and ugly

      • Bash

        Exactly bro.

  • LJ

    The faux vent explanation makes zero sense. There’s absolutely no good reason to put fake vents on a performance if they can be made functional by simply removing the plastic inserts.

    • illogicalPotato

      They’re not fake they’re just covered. Their explanations was that they have the channels if “Tuners” want to open them up. It’s not laziness it’s COST. This is essentially a Cayman fighter for 20k less. They wanted to keep the price in the mid 50’s max.

      • LJ

        It cost them less to mold plastic inserts and attach them to the vent openings, than to just leave them open in the first place?

        • illogicalPotato

          Not all the openings have channels (Which is the expensive part) but there is room for the channels to be placed in afterwards.. Not making this up as I realize how ridiculous it sounds but that’s what they said at the press launch. But yes, that is a way to save cost. I’m sure there will be a much more expensive version of it down the line with all the bells and whistles.

  • Lucius

    “…joked with Toyota about how many times they get asked about a manual and it’s clear they know there’s a lot of interest.”
    FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH: “demand will be the deciding factor.”
    Well Mr Tada, sounds like you’ve got your answer…sack up and make a manual already.

  • SteersUright

    Thoroughly goofy design, almost cartoonish. Then again, it does look like nothing else out there so you can call it “distinct”. What really kills it is the massive front overhang that has no business on a rear drive sports car. Interior looks really good though, so do the big wheels. Dont care about no manual option, would have liked to have seen a DCT from the M2 though. In fact, would love to see the entire M2 powertrain make its way over.

    • Matt

      The overhangs on front and rear and near identical – that makes for a well balanced design. Aerodynamics, crash protection and engine cooling are also factors to consider. If the front overhang was shorter it would appear ‘stubby’ and flat. It’s really no different to almost all RWD coupes – just look at the Ferrari F12 as a comparison.

    • Sjaak

      the body looks like an older cougar, saggy, meaty (where she does not really want it), sadly over botoxed, but when you look sharp you still see some traces of her beauty 30 years ago

    • Harry_Wild

      Probably the best “track car” you can buy at any price, the new Supra!

      • javier

        read the pistonheads review, it actually is honest unlike 99% . It mentions that it is too heavy and that the suspension cant cope with fast directional changes very well, so not really that great as a track car as is. They did like the car though.

    • TheBelltower
  • DaruniaG

    This car is such a disappointment

  • Wandering_Spirit

    The more pics i see, the more disappointed i am.

  • Harry_Wild

    Rumor has it that the new Supra handles better then the latest $25 million F1 race car!

    • ErnieB

      But it still looks 50 million times uglier though ..

  • RV9161

    I know who exactly asked

  • jrelon

    Aftermarket this, aftermarket that.

    Because that’s what everyone wants to do with their brand new $50k car. Drop another $5k in mods and ruin the warranty right out of the gate.

    Really feel like they missed the mark on this one. Probably still a good car, but not a good Supra.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      The entire mythos of the A80 IS the aftermarket.

      Exactly what makes this a bad Supra?

      • TheAmerican2point0


  • dumblikeyou2

    I feel like Toyota could have achieved this on their own and it probably would have been a little more raw and rough around the edges in the way that people remember the good ol’ days of affordable sports cars. This is more BMW than Toyota. The whole effort seems more to satisfy an exercise in cost savings joint venturism mainly, and the product itself was merely the vessel to carry it all. Again, Toyota couldn’t afford to do this own their own???

    • getoffme

      Unless you want to pay $100k for one instead of $55k, sure go ahead.

  • StuffyAnt

    Wow, it’s cool actually.

  • Gerardo Jiménez

    If the handling and drive are “pure sportscar”, and sportier than the open-top Z4, everything else can be forgiven. On may 22nd I will tell you 🙂

  • salamOOn

    ok….how many buttons?

  • Emoto

    This is one of the most hideous cars of all time. It is a grotesque expression of discordant elements.

    • Smith

      You must be looking at a picture of a Corvette, and I therefore agree.

      • Emoto

        Feel free. This car will not age well. The styling looks like something done by an elementary school child who has gotten into mom’s prescription drugs.

  • Smith

    I’ll just wait for the manual transmission. That BMW automatic is horrible and a sports car should have a stick anyway.

    • getoffme

      ZF 8 speed is the best in the industry. You have no clue what you are talking about.

      • mas921

        DITTO! like most of the commenters lol

  • mas921

    man this thing looks gorgeous!!!!!

  • Yishay


  • Alexandro Pietro

    Its not any Ferrari,Porsche or Aston Martin over the time that is as aggressive and oustrageous as this Supra V.

  • CarbonPhiber

    I’m sure it performs wonderfully, but this is not a good looking car.

  • I doubt if Toyota has manufactured anything in that interior.

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