Fuel Cell Car Prices Will Match Hybrids Within A Decade, Says Toyota

Toyota is a firm believer in fuel cell cars and is one of the very few car makers that currently offer such a car, the Mirai, right now.

As with every ground breaking technology however, the Mirai isn’t exactly cheap nor widely available to the masses. In fact, in the U.S. it is available only in California for a rather steep $58,500.

Toyota however predicts that the price of fuel cell vehicles will drop significantly over the coming years, matching that of hybrids in a decade.

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“By the third generation we fully expect fuel cell costs to be comparable with hybrids,” Toyota’s European head of sales and marketing, Matt Harrison, told AutoNews. “We believe fuel cell vehicles have a huge potential.”

The Mirai is the company’s first-gen FCEV, with the second-gen model expected to be reach the market in the near future. Toyota plans to offer the third-gen model within a decade.

Another driver for Toyota to reach its FCEV-related goals is the increasingly tougher emission targets, which force automakers to progressively reduce the CO2 levels from their new-car fleets.

“There is no perfect technology to meet this task to succeed,” Harrison added. “We are preparing various alternatives and will let our customers decide which form of electrification suits them.”

Toyota is expected to hit the European Union’s CO2 target for 2020 thanks to its hybrid models and is the car maker with the lowest average CO2 of any mainstream player, according to JATO.

While Harrison didn’t say how they are planning to reduce the price of their FCVs, German supplier Robert Bosch said that the technology will eventually become cheaper due to the reduced use of platinum, with future fuel cells set to use the same amount of platinum as a current diesel catalytic convertor.

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  • Baeyoung ❂

    One thing is for sure, a decade later, all that fancy decoration on Hybrid/FC vehicle will be misaligned then fall apart


    • Mike anonymous

      😂 oh my goodness. They’re not allthat‘ bad.

  • Liam Paul

    why would anybody buy a car that looks like that?

  • Exotics

    Fool cells. Backed by Big Oil. Can’t fill up at home. And it looks hideous. These cars are a complete waste of money and time.

    Toyota is totally clueless not making full EV’s.

    • Mike anonymous

      I personally like Fuel Cell vehicles (nothing against EVs’ much either). There are upsides to Fuel Cell technology and there are some obvious upsides and reasons companies are investing heavily into the technology itself.

      1. You have about 312miles of range with this vehicle (which the range can always be increased with a simple tank. With a ‘good’ tank (and vehicle weight) you can likely get anywhere from 500 up to 1k miles in range.).
      2. You can ‘re-charge‘ within about 5 minutes.
      3. The Only Emission is water,.. which is the only thing I prefer to Battery-EVs’ is that you have to worry about what happens to the battery (over time and at the end of it’s life-cycle, which can be harmful to the environment).

      1a. As for Toyota specifically; their designwell it’s a Toyota, you should know what your getting into when you walk into their showrooms wether you like or dislike their designs.
      2a. Also Toyota pays for your first 3 years of Hydrogen free, so you literally pay nothing for the first 3 years, and similar to Battery-EV charging stations, some Hydrogen stations charge you while others are free to fill up at.

      Also This car IS and EV… but opposed to a Lithium-Ion battery, it has a hydrogen tank. The technology & vehicle can only be as good as the automaker decides, therefore I would look more so to criticize the car & the Automaker, rather than the technology behind it.

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