Infiniti A-RT Concept Is Aimed At Stylish Weekend Warriors

You know how sometimes people just need to get out during the weekend and go somewhere to relax and recharge for the week ahead? That’s where something like the Infiniti A-RT Concept would come in.

According to designer Won Choi, the A-RT, which stands for All-Road Tourer, is an electrified premium crossover that’s meant to accompany you on your weekend journey, especially if that means “venturing out to the unbound,” as Choi puts it.

Weird or innovative?

While beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, the A-RT’s concave windshield design looks pretty awkward from certain angles. We also can’t help but wonder how such a design would affect visibility, although we suppose that if this concept was advanced enough, the driver may not have that much responsibility behind the wheel – which might actually be the case since the designer mentions the year 2050.

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So imagine a fully interactive windshield/head-up display, Level 5 autonomy and perhaps even a steering wheel-free dashboard, or at least one where the wheel slides inwards so you can fully enjoy the vehicle’s multimedia features.

As for its overall appearance, it does look properly futuristic, for better or worse, and the light graphics at the rear do feature a very intricate layout – while the front end design has little to nothing in common with any modern day Infiniti model. Also, this isn’t meant to be that big of a vehicle, measuring just 4,700 mm (185.0 inches) in length and 2,040 mm (80.3 inches) in width, dimensions not unlike those of a 2019 BMW X4.

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  • Bash

    As stylish as a potato!

    • wccw

      Lol I hope you are talking good grade potato. I am the student that did the above work as a student work, though I was really surprised to see it posted here. What do you think can be improved unless the whole thing is a dud?

      • J. P.

        A photo of the interior with a steering wheel. Personally, I find it awesome

        F*** Gboard and the haters

        • wccw

          It was a short exterior exploration, but you are right expanding it to a full package would be nice.

        • wccw

          Thank you.

      • ace_9

        I like it, only the front window is too strange and impractical. But if it is meant to have displays instead of windows, then it’s fine and I would even say some people would buy it just for the unusual look. Everything else is quite fresh styling-wise, even aggressively modern.
        Buuuut since I’m a little bit old fashioned I cannot shake the feeling that it would look much cooler without the black “pod”, big V12 under that long hood (it is asking for it) with side exhausts and a space for a proper suspension travel allowing it to be a true offroad coupe. But my view just shows that I’m certainly no car designer 🙂

        • wccw

          Your suggestion could very well be a cool variant of the car. I knew going in that I would get heat about the visibility, but I really wanted to try it out and see what it becomes. For this to be a full project I will have to invest a lot of time in practical details such as ingress/egress, cargo, packaging, etc, but I do feel like I have something here in terms of a design feature.

          • ace_9

            Sure, the top part of the cabin is certainly unique and the rear part of the “pod” sticking out looks good. It can even be a space for some air cooled electronics.

          • wccw

            For sure. There could be some interesting aero aspect to it. Thank you for your input!

      • Mike anonymous

        If found it to be very a very delightful design. It reminded me immediately of (a reinterpretation of) the very quirky but (in my personal opinion) incredible designs of the 1950s’ & 1960s’ with vehicle such as the Mercury Wagons (although this is of course an SUV). With this said I do believe there is room for improvement,….

        ….Having studied and practiced automotive (amongst other forms of) Design for the majority of my life, I felt as though I may be able to make some personal suggestions. Mainly I have little complaints apart from this ‘belt‘ design element that seems to come from the rear wheel arch over the vehicles forward canopy (Which I’ve highlighted to the left in Orange below). I see than and thing it should be removed as it give the impression of a (excuse me if this may be rude, but) basket. Rather

        have this element of the design stop around the doors themselves and create their own belt-line that extends as shown by the RED LINE in the image above. Letting It Curve By align With the canopy (as shown by the DOTTED BLACK LINE).

        As second variation also includes a third element shown by the BLUE LINE. Have this Third Belt (if you would like to add it) (near exactly) Follow the BLUE LINE laid out in the image above. Have this element wrap around the bottom of the vehicle and back over the rear canopy in a similar fashion to where you previously had it on the front of the vehicle.

        I would also opt to work on the overall design of the front headlamps. I would go over them more, but I do not want to make this too long. I have a few other emails to send out to a number of other people, BUT, if you’d like to contact me you may reach me at: [email protected] if you would like to go over things more.

        • Mike anonymous

          Oh! Also To Quickly Add, Might I also suggest going with the front end Circled in GREEN instead (more a personal choice as I prefer the more fluid aspect of its’ design. It is also a shape that could translate well onto a show vehicle (depending on certain thing regarding the actual development of the show vehicle, what technologies will be used for lighting, etc).

          • wccw

            That particular one also has some good expression or “attitude”. The red circled one is more robotic I would say, which may not fit the overall car. I will see what I can do!

        • wccw

          Thank you for your time on the feedback! I did hear from few people that the overall design is somehow classic and modern, so I see your point with the comparison. I may have hung myself up a bit too much on trying that floating trim thing, so it is nice to see other ways of treating it. I was using that basket handle in the hopes that it would tie the car together a bit better countering the massive graphical separation of the black greenhouse. I will have to try more variations for sure. The overall facia needs work too. I am just surprised that my work is featured here where I visit every day. I will keep your contacts too. Again, thank you very much!

  • nellydesign

    Sooo… it’s SUPPOSED to look like it’s got a kayak strapped on top of it?

    • wccw

      Lol I did think it kinda looks like it has a Thule box strapped on it when I was drawing it.

  • Honda NSX-R

    It’s cool and fugly at the same time.

  • Socarboy

    In a word: hideous

  • wccw

    Wow thank you for the kind words. It means a lot.

  • MarketAndChurch

    It looks good from behind. Not really a fan of the front end though. It’s a design that dares you to like it, and I think I’m okay.

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