Los Angeles Wants To Have Nothing But Electric Cars On Its Roads By 2050

The city of Los Angeles has announced its target to have nothing but electric vehicles on its streets by 2050.

The announcement, which is part of an ambitious plan from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, calls for 25 per cent of the city’s vehicles to be all-electric by 2025, 80 per cent by 2035, and 100 per cent by 2050. A huge increase in the number of electric vehicles on the streets of L.A. isn’t the only thing being called for in the plan.

Electrive notes that the city wants all of its school buses to be zero-emission vehicles by 2028 and all urban delivery vehicles to be zero-emission vehicles by 2034. Additionally, the plan calls for the construction of 20 Fast Charging Plazas throughout the city and 100 per cent of the Los Angeles taxi fleet to be electric by 2028.

The Mayor’s office wants to reduce the amount of time locals drive from an average of 15 miles (24 km) a day to 13 miles (20.9 km) by 2025 and 9 miles (14.4 km) by 2035. He believes he can reduce how far locals drive through an expansion of public transport networks while also implementing congestion pricing, which would require drivers to pay a fee for taking their vehicles into certain areas of the city.

Broader green initiatives across the city also call for all new buildings to be “net-zero carbon” by 2035, with all building stock converted to zero-emission technologies by 2050.

“Los Angeles needs to lead, but the whole world needs to act. This plan gives us a fighting chance. It’s sort of a ‘greenprint’ for every other city in the country and the world, hopefully,” Mayor Garcetti told the Los Angeles Times.

  • Da Only Skid

    Because why? It’s California. That state has been a thorn in every performance vehicles side as well as aftermarket manufacturers. And because they are broke and need more money. Will be road tax for vehicles with ICE. Might as well make it, as if not, the highest tax, lowest output, state in the nation. Hope their movies can support this type of action, rebates and ‘ada boys. Good luck or succeed…

  • eb110americana

    Currently, and perpetually, major roadways in downtown LA are under construction, exacerbating already terrible gridlock traffic commutes for millions of residents. Simultaneously, traffic laws are complete anarchy, as people merge and run signals in whatever fashion suits their mission across the battlegrounds of LA. All while some streets get repaved in less than 2 years, while others inexplicably go ignored for over 20 years, and fresh pavement is constantly ripped up to access utilities under the roadway due to lack of planning.

    Maybe fix the chaos that is LA traffic with synchronized adaptive signals, better roads, police to monitor busy intersections and curtail offenders who only cause more congestion and endanger other drivers–do all this before you start regulating everyone into mandatory electric cars. BTW: Old people have formidable voting presence, and they will never let you outlaw the cars they are currently driving. For goodness sake, we have thousands of illegal old gross-polluter beater pickups being driven around our city that we cannot even get off the road, how do you expect to pull this off? It’s a promise (by a politician, no less), for something 30 years from now. It’s idealistic showboating that he will never have to back up with action, so he risks nothing with the proclamation.

  • Mr. EP9

    I don’t see that happening.

    • Exotics

      You’re in denial.

      Caveman can’t see from his cave.

      No one saw what Tesla was going to and continues to do. Sparked an electric car revolution. No one saw that coming. And now it’s happening.

    • Dark Rebel

      The first question these people need to ask is where is the power going to come from? I imagine more coal plants but I thought that was bad haha? Also Americans will not tolerate being told what to buy! Its California so I imagine that is what the commies want to do.

  • Ben

    Full well knowing that won’t happen, they’ll implement some type of law that compels you to buy an EV. If you won’t or can’t, they’ll hit you with a tax for your ICE vehicle. Win-Win for California and that’s all they care about.

  • Exotics

    That’s too far away. Should be by 2030.

    Amsterdam set their goal for 2030 as well as Germany

    The German chancellor shamed VW, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and praised Tesla, in Germany. That speaks ultra levels.

  • helloWorld

    SB county expanded the area where you can build solar panels to protect the desert turtle. if they want solar panels, they should build them on top of the warehouses

  • helloWorld

    i passed by the maintenance yard that is near the 110 freeway, near dodger stadium. It is embarrassing that they can’t maintain the sidewalks or streets in front of their own maintenance yard. I think the SUV mayor, who lives in a water hogging mansion, should fix those sidewalks

  • emjayay

    Despite all the petty whining in the comments here, this is gonna happen everywhere. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s being realistic and responsible. If LA was going to be really responsible this would happen sooner and more would be done.

    I just don’t see how everyone is going to clean out their garage so the car can actually get in there to get recharged.

    And seriously, for the hundreds of thousands of urban car owners who don’t even have a driveway and park in the street, how do they recharge overnight? Not that handy to go to the charging station and sit there for 45 minutes. And right now the rest of us are paying for roads and highways and their maintenance through gas taxes, and electric car owners like those with $100K Teslas are getting a free ride. It’s time for some other taxation method for all cars or a special tax for electric cars

  • Craig

    Apparently – there is a limitless supply of electricity in the world. [I say sarcastically]

    • Well, there is. Norway just needs 8% more energy if all their cars become electric (which is going to happen within a decade).

      • Craig

        My Norwegian grandparents loved to think of Norway as ‘the world’ but it’s not.

  • Public transportation needs fraction of the energy as individual transportation (car). See energy use of metro, tram or even electric bus.

  • Lucius

    Was in LA recently for work…based on what I’ve seen, by 2050 there will only be grocery carts on their roads.

  • Stealth333

    There will be a lot of electric cars on the road….but honestly they won’t take over anytime soon. They are simply too expensive and the whole charging is not convenient for drivers who actually drive a lot.

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