Mercedes GLE 580 Gets 483 HP Electrified Biturbo V8, $77,795 Tag

Mercedes is expanding the GLE range with the addition of the new GLE 580, which features the electrified V8 powertrain that debuted with the all-new GLS.

The German engineers have combined the company’s biturbo 4.0-liter V8 petrol engine with the model’s 48-volt electrical architecture and an integrated starter generator which eliminates the need for a belt drive for the ancillary components at the front of the engine, making it slimmer and easier to package.

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The output figures have been set at 483hp and 516lb-ft (700Nm) of torque – but if that’s not enough, the driver can benefit from the extra 21hp and 181lb-ft (245Nm) of torque offered via the EQ Boost function over short periods.

Power goes to all four wheels via the Merc’s latest and fully variable 4Matic system, while the trick new E-Active Body Control suspension makes bold promises for every type of terrain.

As with every new GLE, the new member of the range also benefits from the impressive dual 12.3-inch touchscreen displays with intelligent voice control and augmented reality video for navigation. Other features include Active Stop-and-Go Assist and -for the first time in a GLE- an (optional) third row of seats.

Mercedes hasn’t announced yet any performance or efficiency figures, but did announce the pricing details of the new GLE 580, which starts from $77,795 (including a $995 destination and delivery charge), featuring the AMG Line exterior package, Airmatic air suspension with adaptive damping, leather upholstery and optional 22-inch alloy wheels.

Sales of the new Mercedes GLE 580 in the US market will start in late 2019.

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  • TheBelltower

    Man I hate MB’s interiors. They look like the kind of lighting you’d find in a NJ strip club.

    • donald seymour

      Dang, I can’t argue, but I see that in all the luxury brands.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        Ha! Seen a few of dem Jersey joints have we? Loolololloll

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      You can choose from hundreds of colors or turn the lighting off entirely.

      • CBV2020

        Based on the above finding, lights will certainly be going out at some point! Lol.

  • eb110americana

    I wonder if this engine has the low-speed electric supercharging before the turbos kick in at higher backpressure, like some of the inline-6 engines do. I suspect not, but it would be cool if it did since the 48v architecture and turbo plumbing are already there.

    • raikkonen

      Yes…the electric compressor provides extreme low-end boost (electronically) until the exhaust gases can power the larger turbos…brilliant system.

      Apparently all models w/ the EQ Boost feature will have this functionality.

  • TheAmerican2point0

    It’s so ugly

  • Dude

    That might be the perfect interior. It looks amazing in person and if you don’t like the lighting it can be turned off

    • Mr Mister

      If you don’t mind the double tablets that look like they’re about 10 years out of date right now, so imagine how ridiculously out of place they’ll look in the future.

      • Matt

        How are they out of date? It’s a big wide screen (yes made up of two tablets, but the effect is near seamless) – are screens old fashioned now?

        • OS

          they are out of date bc they debuted with the 2013 s-class and were later tweaked to allow touchscreen capability. and they are smaller compared to Audi’s new screens and teslas huge tablet screen. Thats why Mercedes is coming out with a huge tablet like screen in the next gen 2021 s-class…so they are out of date by Mercedes own standards..

      • Dude

        The tablets themselves are good but it’s the UI and looks bad. I’m not sure why it’s themed that way. It looks more like a UI from a Nokia flip phone than a luxury infotainment system. But it’s extremely intuitive. That makes it worth it imo

  • Rafael

    Hybrid V8?
    I bet you any money this is the “test car” for the new C63 and relatives. AMG said it’s going full hybrid/electric, so, this being the first intro this mild-hybrid system in their V8, guaranteed it’s the new C63’s powertrain. Of course, it’ll be from the E63, etc, with mild tunes.

  • matilda

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  • Andrewthecarguy

    Looks tough and mean, and the rear as a whole is cleaned up nicer than the X5. And GLE 580 sounds like a lot of engine.
    That said, BMW has 2 options for hi-po V8, not counting an M version that is around the corner. We also know the bimmer will outhandle this thing, so why bother??
    X5 ///M50 FTW

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