Quick Thinking School Bus Driver Grabs And Saves Kid From Reckless Motorist

A quick-thinking bus driver in the United States has been praised online for helping to save the life of a young kid.

Footage shows the driver of the yellow school bus stop on the side of the road to let out a child. As the doors of the bus begin to open, the kid starts to run down the stairs to quickly jump off. However, the bus driver was able to see a white sedan in her mirrors illegally traveling on the right side of the bus and failing to stop.

Acting almost instantly, the bus driver grabs onto the hoodie of the kid, preventing him from exiting the bus and potentially being hit by the car.

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Drivers in the United States are not permitted to overtake school buses pulled over to the side of roadways with their lights on in an effort to ensure kids and enter and exit buses without any danger. However, it is an all-too-common issue for motorists to illegally overtake school buses, putting lives at risk.

It’s difficult to determine if the kid in this video would have actually been hit by the white sedan if the bus driver didn’t stop him from exiting. However, that’s not the point and the onus is on other motorists to drive carefully when near school buses and not on bus drivers or occupants to ensure roadways are kept clear. The driver of this white sedan should be counting their lucky stars that they didn’t injure or even kill someone.


  • Matthew Daraei

    And the ungrateful kiddo didn’t even thank her saving his life, not even a goodbye! Kids nowadays, smh

    • Dylan Wentworth

      Oh stop. He didn’t even know what happened.
      He probably thought it was just another adult grabbing and getting inappropriate.

    • Liam Paul

      he might had not realized what happened in the time frame of the video we saw him. I am sure he said thanks later and also he could had been in shock, imagine a car flying past you that fast and you almost getting killed like that, I know I think I would be in shock

    • jesterking

      He’s a child who had no idea what the hell happened. Even if he did, he may not thought of it as a big deal. Get over it.

  • eb110americana

    She didn’t even look. She just reached out and caught him at exactly the right second. That was badass.

    • Ruel Lewis

      It looks like she say the car in the mirrors, but quick reaction nonetheless.

      • Liam Paul

        as she should had seen because she is a professional driver

      • eb110americana

        I’m sure she saw the car in the rearview, I meant that she didn’t look at the kid as he walked by.

    • Liam Paul

      that’s what you call a professional driver

  • Ruel Lewis

    Maybe he wanted to die……………sorry too dark??

  • brn

    I’m guessing that was the shoulder we saw to the right of the bus.

    • Harlan McCartney

      It was he is just being a troll. That solid white line means the same in most EU countries, at least the 7 I have visited.

    • Christian

      you should know not guessing…

      • ChrisInIL

        And yet you posted without knowing the facts, and you jumped to conclusions.

        So, yeah.

        • Christian

          Wanna fight?

          • ChrisInIL

            You never fail to live up to your potential. Thanks for the entertainment!

  • McFly

    I guess there are some differences here between countries…
    If there’s a road shoulder so wide a car can freely pass why isn’t the bus using that shoulder to stop in?
    And why is the kid crossing the road in front of the bus?

    • Liam Paul

      I drive a school bus so let me try to clarify what I can for you, only the USA and canada has school buses and both counties have the same basic laws for stopping and passing school buses.

      As for if school buses stop on shoulders- yes we do stop on shoulders but only if the students do not have to cross in front of the bus to get to their neighborhoods and homes. If they have to cross than we don’t use the shoulder because than 2 lanes of traffic would be open in the path of the students crossing and Also if a school bus stops on a shoulder and the bus is on the inside of the white line than we don’t use our 8 way stop lights because said students are not crossing the road and the buses are outside of the flow of traffic but if the bus is making a stop on a deceleration lane, we use our 8 way stop lights because we are still on a road with a flow of traffic.

      I mean if that bus had pull over onto the shoulder to let that student cross, you can bet that same car would had not stop as well when that student cross over both lanes of traffic, so using the shoulder for crossing students is a huge no. if that car driver was willing to pass the bus on the shoulder, you think that car driver would had stop to the left of the bus?

      as for why students cross in front of traffic, it’s sadly unavoidable because of time scheduling and trying to use the same buses at many schools as possible, most buses drive students to school and back home from 3 to 4 schools each day one after one. so say my bus, I have a high school route I drop off, than a middle school route I drop off and than a elementary school I pick up for and return students from in the pm , if we all did only shoulder drop offs, it would make the bus routes twice as long and we would never get to our next schools and we would need twice as many school buses and twice as many school bus drivers to serve each school alone and most schools alone fill up a bus, so putting all 3 schools on a bus at once is not a option and right now there beside that fact, as it is now, there is a huge storage of school bus drivers all over the country due to low pay and student behavior and strange hours, most drivers work from 5 30am till 9 30 am and than 130 pm till 430 pm so the hours suck unless your lucky like me and have a mid day route and a after school route from than to do this job as a living like me, you are on the bus from 530 am till 7 pm and most school systems do not give drivers health insurance or any benefits like they do the teachers. its only going get worse too and the less drivers there are, the more longer it will take buses to get schools in a school system home so again, shoulder use would be dangerous for crossing students and it would never work time wise for getting the said buses to all the schools it need to get too. also a bus costs 100k dollars, the more buses you add the more money the school system need to buy buses but again, who is going drive all those extra buses

    • FoxJ30

      It looks like there’s a white line to the right of the bus – probably a shoulder or parking lane.

      In the US, kids are instructed to pass in front of the bus, as bus drivers are instructed not to move until kids are on the proper side of the street. Passing behind the bus gives other drivers the opportunity to not notice them.

    • Jweisberg

      That is a parking lane. The bus has to stop in the traffic lane especially since the kid was going on the other side of the street.

    • jesterking

      Shoulders are for emergency stops only. This is a rural/town, not a city. Buses stop freely in the middle of the street to stop the flow of traffic, as well as have flashing stop signs to stop oncoming traffic. If a bus pulls over, traffic would continue to overtake the bus when they are trying to get the kid to the other side of the street.

      • McFly

        Ok, that clarifies things. I guess there are different approaches to this in different places. Giving children the habit to run out in the road in front of large vehicles (where the vehicle obscures both them and the passing traffic) seems a bit hazardous to me.

  • Liam Paul

    not a sidewalk and school buses here in the states are not the same as a city commuter bus..I think you would have to read my comment to one guy here to understand why we don’t do only sidewalk stops as you called it.

  • Liam Paul

    The School Bus Driver was right on top of it all, she the kind of SBD you know your child will be safe with. Thank you for doing a great job!

  • Ben

    Good on her, but doesn’t she have control over the door? Couldn’t she just have kept the door closed and then released them when the conditions were safe? I haven’t been on a school bus in 11 years, but that’s how public transport buses operate.

    • FoxJ30

      She probably already hit the door-open switch when she noticed the driver.

      • jesterking

        Look at her left hand as shes grabbing him. She flicked the switch.

    • jesterking

      She does and you can see she was closing it at the same time she was grabbing the kid. That is all WAAAAY besides the point. She was aware, and she reacted. I hope this idiot gets caught and is arrested and loses their license.

  • Enter Ranting

    And here in America, school busses sometimes drop kids off where there are no sidewalks. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

  • john1168

    Great save! Well done bus driver!

  • FFEMT6

    Kids seldom pay attention when exiting a schoolbus, glad this bus driver does. Definitely an example every one of her peers needs to emulate on a daily basis.

  • jesterking

    99.999999999% of all roads in the US do not have sidewalks. We are a very rural country.

    • Christian

      vo te b iden…

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