Sheriff’s Deputy Gets Hit By Freight Train And Thankfully Survives

A Midland County Sheriff’s deputy was injured after a freight train plowed into his SUV. His decision to drive around the lowered barriers was caught on video, showing him unaware there was a second train coming from the opposite direction.

After the crash, the deputy was taken to the hospital with bruising on multiple areas of his body, as well as pains in his neck and head, as reported by CBS7. Of course, the extent of his injuries could have been much worse.

“When I got the call that he had been hit by a train and there was head injuries, everything runs through your head,” said Sheriff Gary Painter, while adding that the deputy was responding to a call of an infant having breathing issues. “You just, you pray for the best, but you expect for the worst. And thank God he’s not hurt that bad.”

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Painter went on to justify his deputy’s error stating that the accident happened “because they were in an emergency situation trying to get across. They had their red lighted and sirens on and they were trying to get across to help the family.”

Meanwhile, witness Mike Lopez found the whole incident shocking.

“I guess he just didn’t see the other train and the train just hit him head on. A couple more seconds and he would have been gone. Other than that, it was pretty crazy seeing it right here in front of us.”

“Lucky man,” he added. “Lucky somebody was watching over him. That’s crazy.”

As for the infant in distress, emergency responders were able to get there on time and take the baby to a hospital.




  • Howfarr

    Why was someone filming this in the first place?
    Even more pressing is why were they filming this using a potato..?

    • Rzrlf

      android phone probs

      • Jason Miller

        iPhone users…. *rolls eyes*

    • Dylan Wentworth

      Always film the cops. You never know what they’re gonna do.
      Just don’t let them know you’re doing it.

    • Ken Lyns

      Looks like the phone focused on the window glass.

  • BlackPegasus

    Did the deputy get a ticket or citation for breaking the law and endangering the lives of others? 😏

    • Dylan Wentworth

      If they weren’t responding to an emergency, that comment might be more agreeable.

      • eb110americana

        While the officer’s intentions were noble (to save the infant), the ends definitely don’t justify the means. Trains cannot yield to police. He put at extreme risk, not only his own life, but also the lives of everyone on the train, and anyone to the right of the crossing such as pedestrians and people in structures in the direct path of debris and potentially a derailed train.

        I feel like his injuries are probably punishment enough. Though that does not account for the countless police I see engaging in risky behavior like this, often without their lights on. The “above the law” mentality is definitely dangerous, and usually they get away with it because they are the police. But this shows exactly why that behavior should not be tolerated.

      • tbirdboy

        Is that what they told you?

        Law enforcement never admits fault, even when their blatantly wrong.

        The local reports say a baby was having breathing problems.

        An EMT en route would have lost his job doing the same thing.

        Got to wait for those gates…Good thing the Deputy lived. Most don’t.

        • Dylan Wentworth

          That’s not what they told me. I don’t trust them anymore than you do. I just happened to notice the gumball machine on the roof was blinking. That’s only supposed to be on if you’re responding to an emergency. If they weren’t then they had was was coming to them. If they were, then cut the guy some slack for going around the gates when the prospects of there being a train coming in the opposite direction at the exact second you want to cross just doesn’t seem like very good odds.

  • SASQUATCHelvis

    Can we talk about the utter lack of safety equipment at what appears to be a busy railroad crossing?

    • Mr. EP9

      It has barriers and they were down, it’s just that the video quality is so bad you can’t see them.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    As usual, the verbal reaction is 99% of what makes these videos fun

  • JGreen

    That was a recipe for disaster.

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