Tesla Model 3 Rear-Ended By Truck While Yielding For Ambulance

Driving always brings with it inherent risks and no matter how safe you drive, you’re always at the mercy of drivers around you. Case in point, this careful Tesla Model 3 driver who was unfortunately collected by an inattentive trucker.

The husband of the woman driving the Tesla recently uploaded footage of the crash to YouTube, captured thanks to the plethora of cameras found across the electric sedan’s exterior.

At around the 25 second mark in the video, the Tesla driver can be seen approaching an intersection with a green light. Some 100 feet before the intersection, however, an ambulance with its lights flashing can be seen heading towards the same intersection off to the right. Doing what any motorist should, she  slows down in order to let the ambulance pass through the intersection uninterrupted.

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Unfortunately, the driver of a large dump truck directly behind the Tesla didn’t notice the ambulance or the Tesla slowing down and slammed into the rear of the sedan, sending it barrelling through the intersection.

The video uploader hasn’t explained the damage which the Model 3 suffered, but it’s apparent that much of its rear would have been crumpled by the huge truck. Thankfully, the woman behind the wheel of the Tesla was able to walk away from the crash without any major injuries. It’s unclear if the trucker was injured but we hope they have a good insurance policy because they’re clearly at fault for the crash.


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