This 2020 BMW 730Li LCI’s Massive Nostrils Mask A Small 2.0L Four-Cylinder

After undergoing significant cosmetic surgery back in January, the BMW 7-Series is now more imposing than ever thanks to its massive kidney grille, which is bigger by 40 percent over the previous model, complimenting the 50 mm (1.9 inch) taller front end.

Yet, what makes this particular 7er interesting is the fact that it’s a 730Li spec model and therefore its grille is hiding a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline power unit, which as you might imagine, won’t win you many straight line contests. It’s the same unit found in America’s BMW 330i and 530i models.

What can I get out of a 730Li?

The four banger produces 258 PS (255 HP) between 5,000 and 6,500 rpm, to go with 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque from 1,550 to 4,400 rpm. With the aid of a standard 8-speed automatic transmission, this engine sends all of its power to the rear wheels exclusively, allowing you to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.3 seconds (6.2 if you opt for the regular wheelbase model).

On display at BMW’s Abu Dhabi showroom, this 730Li appears to be wearing a glossy shade of red, which to us looks a lot like Aventurine Red II metallic, although we could be wrong – it’s hard to gauge due to the artificial lighting conditions.

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As for the interior, it mostly features dual-tone beige and black leather, plus plenty of Fine Wood Poplar Grain Trim with a grey metallic high gloss finish on the middle dashboard, center console and door panels, as well as on the back of the front seats.

While this is by no means the most spectacular BMW 7-Series configuration we’ve ever seen, it’s definitely a very interesting one, mostly due to the engine. Also, if you fancy your BMW limos wearing a brighter shade of red, check out this Imola Red M760Li, with a dual-tone red and black cabin.

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  • Jason Miller


  • Marc Gruben

    Apparently the question “How can we make a 7 Series depreciate even faster?” HAS been asked, and this was the answer.

    • Finkployd

      funny, I’d say it’s the gas guzzlers no one can afford to run and maintain that depreciate fast

      • Enter Ranting

        A person spending 7 Series money on a car is probably not worried about gas money.

        • Finkployd

          Just talking depreciation here; my point is I live in europe with gas nearly at 2€/L; here no one wants to buy a used V12 7series or S-class bc they cost a fortune to run, maintain and insure; that’s why they’re so cheap.
          With a four cylinder though, it might be more desirable as a second hand purchase and hence retain more value over time.

  • Rocket

    Do German affirmative action laws require BMW to hire a certain number of blind designers, or is it purely voluntary?

  • Nordschleife

    This car looks good in this color. I have no complaints.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    That grille looks that of a truck transplanted on a sedan.

  • TheBelltower

    That color is insanely good looking. Never would have thought red would work on a 7 series.

  • Bo Hanan

    Big guy with a little surprise under the hood.
    So I would guess that it can’t get out of its own way.

  • Nick Hebert

    I’m guessing the kidney grille is basically a black hole that is slowly swallowing the rest of the car while it grows in size.

  • Bash

    It IS a sheep dressed up as a wolf the.

  • TheAmerican2point0

    A 7 SERIES with a 4 banger. wtf

    • DMJ

      In Europe we have also a 4 banger diesel, the 725d. But they are necessary here, due to the high car taxes in some countries. And 6.3s from 0-100km/h is not bad at all.

      • TheAmerican2point0

        My truck can accelerate quicker than that lol

        • DMJ

          Yes, but if you were European your truck would be a Ford Ranger with a 2.2 liter 4 banger with 180hp, and something big with the kind of power that you have would cost 100k…that’s why we have the 730i and the reason why the 520d is the best seller 5er.

          • TheAmerican2point0

            What is considered high power in europe?

          • DMJ

            Most of the cars are Golfs and Astras, so the average power is between 110 and 150hp. A car with 200hp or more is considered fast. For a car like a 5er, here you don’t see more than 520d, 530e/i/d. A 530 is a fast car around here. Big SUVs (big here is Cayenne size) are usually 6 cilinder diesels, around 250hp – 300hp.
            Anything that does 0-60 in less than 7 seconds is fast.

  • Finkployd

    Not gonna lie this is very sexy

  • lapirk

    optimus is that you?

  • MarketAndChurch

    The interior should have been a darker or richer color combo as it looks lifeless and sterile in these photos. The exterior is stunning.

    • dumblikeyou2

      Agreed. I’ve seen better from BMW. There have been reviews that say the new 3-series’ interior has a lot of flat surfaces of plastic and it looks like that in here as well. It reminds me of a last-gen Equiss a little. Props to Hyundai.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Looks good. But from a distance, look way similar to the A8 now especially in the rear. The only identifiable difference is their front ends and of course the grille, but otherwise, both are typical homogenized Euro blob silhouettes. The S-class manages to look in the market at least outside of the MB family of identical mini-me sedans.

  • Nathan

    I’m loving this more and more. Why didn’t BMW use this design as the 1st gen… The materials in the 7er are much nicer than the S Class too…

  • Enter Ranting

    The Ultimate Poser Machine.

  • Enter Ranting

    It seems like the old designers from BMW’s days of refined elegance were replaced by the team from Pontiac.

    • Adilos Nave

      Wonder how long it will be until the 3″ thick plastic cladding starts showing up?

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