Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce S Features Sporty Trim, Limited To 30 Units

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is getting long in the tooth, having been around since 2009, but the Italian brand’s Australian division has just announced a new version in the form of the Veloce S Edition.

Restricted to just 30 units nationwide, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce S Edition is offered in Alfa White, Alfa Black, and Stromboli Grey metallic.

All 30 units will come with 18-inch black wheels alongside various red exterior badges and a grille, exterior mirror covers and side skirts with carbon fiber finishes. Alfa Romeo has also outfitted the limited-run model with the ‘Elaborazioni 1919’ exhaust system from parts supplier Magneti Marelli.

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As for the cabin, the Veloce S Edition sports a 10-speaker Bose High Performance sound system and distinctive floor mats with red Giulietta logos and a Veloce S badge. The car maker says the model comes with $6,900 in additional components for only $3500 more than a lesser Giulietta Veloce with prices starting at $45,400 ($31,566 USD).

Powering the vehicle is a 1.75-liter turbocharged four pumping out 237 HP and 340 Nm (250 lb-ft) of torque that’s mated to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission which powers the front wheels. Other key features of the car include launch control, Brembo front brake calipers, sports suspension and an intake sound generator.

Inside, customers of the Veloce S Edition, as well as lesser variants, are welcomed by a flat-bottom steering wheel, leather and Alcantara trim, sports pedals, a dark headliner and some trim in faux carbon fiber.

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  • Six_Tymes

    This looks fantastic, and the specs sound impressive. why limit its production? If i can locate one of these in the states where I live I buy one.

  • Vangelis Goulis

    Dear Lord. Just make a new one or just put this one to rest.

  • ThatGuy

    Alfa is doing a last gen Lancer with this now. Time for a new car Alfa, priced near a 1 series, A-Class, A3 and Volvo V40, all have newer cars and better interiors.

    • StrangerGP

      Alfa’s next model is probably going to the production version of the Tonale. I wouldn’t expect a new Giulietta in the next few years.

      • ThatGuy

        Yeah i get what you mean, they will maybe drop hatches for the small SUV, Like many are doing.
        I hope they dont and just make an all new Giulietta. But i fear that is a hope.

  • Alpina

    Funny, 30 units, it’s like Suzuki Swift Katana (also 30 units). It turns out that these cars are more exclusive than some Ferraris, Porsche or Lamborghini. Also this Giulietta looks dated and plane ugly IMO. Alfa has always been something more special compared to “regular” brands , but never premium.

    • Matt

      How could you consider this ugly? I know styling is subjective but despite negative reviews over the years, the Giulietta has never been referred to as ‘ugly’ – often it’s labelled the prettiest in its segment.

      • Alpina

        I just have an odd sense for beauty. It’s just my opinion. The front headlights ruins the car for me and the black color isn’t flattering. Rear is OK, let’s say it’s pretty 🙂

  • robotlogic

    Nasty, it looks like a VW GTI with a funky nose.

    • Matt

      The Giulietta is considered by most to be one of the best-looking hatches for sale, even after all these years with almost no styling updates.

      • robotlogic

        If you mean “considered by most” lovers of the Nissan Juke I believe you. Everyone else thinks it’s hideous and should be killed with fire. Or maybe I’m not both drunk and stoned enough to appreciate it.

        • Matt

          ‘Everyone else’ huh? Sure…

          • robotlogic

            Sorry mate, the Giulietta is one fugly looking beast.

  • atomicbri

    I don’t think Alfa will be replacing this anytime soon. If anything, the Tonale will make its debut and it will effectively replace this for the time being. Hatches like this would be too niche for Alfa now, unless this Renault alliance takes effect and they can platform share.

  • looks good

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