BMW 8-Series Touring Is The Shooting Brake We’d LOVE To See Happen

The CLS Shooting Brake is long gone from Mercedes-Benz’s lineup, so currently there’s no luxury shooting brake in the market. But what if its arch-rival from Munich picked up the mantle with such a version of the brand-new 8-Series?

Yes, we do know that the chances of it coming to life are exactly zero, but still, as you can see, it would make for a mouth-watering proposition.

Rendered by XTomi the sleek-looking executive estate is based on the recently unveiled 8-Series Gran Coupe, to which it adds a redesigned rear end and longer roof. The rest of the signature features of the car have been preserved, including the styling of the rear bumper and taillights.

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Hypothetically speaking, the top 8-Series Touring would get the 4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V8 from the M850i models and put its 530 PS (523 hp / 390 kW) and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque to (very) good use. Unless, that is, the M Division decided to chip in, giving it the 625 PS (616 hp / 460 kW) M8 Competition treatment.

Would BMW need such a car in its vast portfolio? Nope! Would we want to see it, at least in concept form? Definitely yes! However, with the demise of what would’ve been its main rival, hell will freeze before this happens. Plus, BMW already has the 5-Series Touring to appeal to those in the market for a similarly-sized model, as an alternative to the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, Audi A6 Avant, Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate and Volvo V90.


  • 2PacOfCarscoop

    would you guys like a “No troll week”?

    • donald seymour

      I don’t care but if you need prayer or someone to talk to just hit me up. At [email protected] .

      • 2PacOfCarscoop

        See… Old me would send a d ick pic to your Gangster mail – but I won’t, unless you’re into that. 🙂

    • C172fccc

      I would like an “actually funny week” if that’s possible.

  • Bash

    It’s certainly a looker.

    • Smith

      Compared to a dump truck, maybe!

      • Bash

        That’s harsh.

      • Bash

        lol Come on! that is not true.

  • Tinky-Winky

    Yeah that would be awesome.

  • Smith

    This is disgusting, I just don’t get the fascination with ugly nation wagons, and especially a BMW.

  • Ilbirs

    This would look great. The doubts would reside on practality, considering how cramped is the 8 Series Grand Coupe on the rear.

  • Nordschleife

    That looks almost ungainly massive. I already think the Grand Coupè looks huge (at least in pictures) so I can only imagine that is Buick Roadmaster length

  • Bart

    Could work with steeper back, akin to Panamera, Kia ProCeed, or – ideally – Aston Vanquish Zagato.

    • Jason Panamera

      Vanquish Zagato is so beautiful that I wish they could make 4 door version of it instead of Rapide.

  • MarketAndChurch


  • Valentin

    Nice, ruin the legendary 8 series even more, make a van too

  • Zed68

    And here we go again… THIS… IS… NOT… WHAT… A… SHOOTING… BRAKE… IS !!!! If you don’t know anything about cars, maybe trying writing for a knitting or culinary blog, thanks.

    • Mill0048

      It’s akin to how people label sporty sedans, or sedans made from 2-door cars, “coupes”. A sporty station wagon (4-door) is now called a shooting brake (2-door). Lame.

    • exeptor

      I’m sure that in 5 years they will call shooting brake some fancy pick-up truck … just because that.

    • Marc Gruben

      At least they didn’t call it a “bespoke shooting brake”

  • benT

    Go buy a Volvo V90 Cross Country D5.
    Lever off their badges and stick on some beemer transfers ( so they can be taken off easily later when you get tired of the joke.
    The beemer you want is already there in the Volvo V90 (Cross Country or not).

    • The new D5 is an awful engine. Too noisy and makes a bad noise. Driving the V90 cross country I spent the hole drive thinking if only it had the 5 pot D5 of our XC70. The orginal D5 wasn’t the most powerful, but it was almost as round and smooth as V6 engines, it made a great sound (for a Diesel). The new D5 is more suited for the V60 (Cross country or not). In the 90 series it’s just working too much all the time. And the fuel economy is a joke. As is the T8 powertrain I tested with the XC90, loved the silence and comfort, but by times it drinks like a V8 with the pleasure of a V8.

      • benT

        what were you driving in the hole ?

  • john1168

    This wagon looks great but I think I prefer the hatch.

    • Marc Gruben

      Except that the Gan Coupe isn’t a hatch. Your confusing it with the almost identically-profiled Kia Stinger

  • StrangerGP

    Timing is unfortunate, new 3 Series Wasgon looks like a hearse.

  • 2PacOfCarscoop

    Bruh, you scare me.

  • Keith G

    Just… no.

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