Embark On An Epic Adventure With This 1995 Land Rover Defender

The 2020 Land Rover Defender is promising to be leaps and bounds better than the outgoing model in everything (not that difficult considering the latter’s age), but there’s something about older models that makes them very endearing.

Just take a look at this 1995 Defender. The two-door off-roader, currently listed for sale on Bring A Trailer with a highest bid of $24,000, looks like it would be the perfect companion for some epic cross-country adventures.

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This D90 Defender left the factory with a 3.9-liter petrol V8, but in 2004, the previous owner fitted a 2.5-liter diesel inline-four and a five-speed manual transmission. The chassis has approximately 118,000 miles (189,902 km) on it, while the current engine has 74,000 miles (119,900 km) under its belt.

A number of modifications make this Defender special. For example, there is a Mantec roll cage, heavy-duty Old Man Emu springs, a Mantec snorkel intake, rear interior window guards, diamond-plate hood and fender panels, an aluminum lower skid protector, aluminum gas tank protector, and Terrafirma corner guards.

Although it originally left the factory painted Arles Blueis painted green but . It is revealed in the listing that there are some imperfections in the paint but that’s not a big deal, as this is a vehicle made for taking on ambitious off-road journeys and, thus, some minor scuffs and marks are inevitable.

Complementing the changes are some new interior components like Scheel Mann front seats, a reupholstered headliner, factory dog guard, and a Tuffy locking center console box.

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