F1 Concept Takes A Shot At Guessing What Post-2020 Cars Might Look Like

Perhaps our best look into the future of Grand Prix racing came last year in September when F1 tech boss Ross Brawn spoke about what we can expect from future race car designs.

Since in motorsport form always follows function and regulations, from 2021 F1 cars will be designed with a reduction in “dirty” air in mind, as opposed to post 2017 changes which focused on high downforce characteristics, which generated a lot more turbulent air and made overtaking difficult.

Going forward, future F1 cars will look to keep as much as 80% of their peak downforce in turbulent air, with 80% being a conservative estimate according to Brawn.

Meanwhile, their designs will probably be a lot more streamlined, with more aggressively-sculpted end plates on the front wings, extending far above the nose section. At the rear, we may or may not end up with end plates covering the wheels as a safety precaution, while the DRS system could be ditched altogether.

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This rendering by Jamil Rza seems to adhere at least to some of these notions. The front wing end plates extend upwards, albeit not as high as the nose, whereas the rear wheels remain uncovered. The car also doesn’t feature a HALO system, although that is probably to best show off the rest of the design.

As for the overall styling, it’s properly futuristic but not too extreme. We could argue that if you add the HALO, this digital drawing would look a lot like an even more streamlined version of what Brawn showed the crowd last year during that ‘Tech Talk’ seminar.

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