GMC Jimmy To Be Reborn As A Body-On-Frame Jeep Wrangler Competitor?

The purists called foul when Chevrolet revived the Blazer as a Camaro-inspired crossover, but its former counterpart could receive a more deserving treatment.

We’re of course talking about the GMC Jimmy which spent most of its life a rebadged Blazer. The model was phased out over a decade ago, but a new report suggests it could be reborn as Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco competitor.

According to Car & Driver, the Jimmy could be launched in 2022 and ride on the same body-on-frame platform that underpins the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. The SUV would also likely use the same 3.6-liter V6 engine as the pickups, so we can expect an output of approximately 308 hp (230 kW / 312 PS) and 275 lb-ft (373 Nm) of torque. The Jimmy could also follow in the footsteps of the Wrangler and be offered with a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine developing 186 hp (135 kW / 189 PS) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque.

While nothing is official as of yet, we’ve heard lots of rumbling about a new body-on-frame SUV from General Motors. Earlier this year, spy photographers snapped a mysterious version of the overseas Chevrolet TrailBlazer. While it looked like a simple facelift, speculation suggested it was actually a mule for an all-new model.

Those rumors tied-in with reports that GM was considering investing $1 billion (£782 / €895 million) in to their Wentzville plant which builds the Colorado and Canyon. It’s believed those funds would be used to produce the next-generation pickups as well as a new body-on-frame SUV.

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More recently, GM was seen testing a Jeep Wrangler at the Milford Proving Grounds in Michigan. That isn’t too unusual by itself, but it adds to growing speculation that GM might want to build a Wrangler competitor.

  • Mr. EP9

    We will see if that happens.

  • Bo Hanan

    If done right this is a great idea. No doubt Suzuki’s Jimny was part of the inspiration.

    • charlotteharry57

      Jimmy was around WAY before the Jimny.

      • Bo Hanan

        But Jimmy never competed with the Wrangler.

  • Mike anonymous

    GMC Becoming a True competitor to the likes of Jeep, now that is a direction I would love to see the company go. Stepping away from the slightly Modified Chevrolet products to creating truly unique models (even if they may be share platforms with Chevrolet products) would be a step in the right direction for the GMC brand, becoming more of a relatively premium (I use the previous term loosely, ) off road automaker, opposed to the ‘middle brand’ between Chevrolet & Cadillac. A Vehicle as such would certainly bring positive attention to the GMC brand.

    I personally would like to see a competitor to the likes of Jeep (as they currently have a hold on their corner of the market due to the lack of automakers in that space), Companies pushing each other forward to deliver better product for customers across the world. It would seem to be a Win-Win situation for everyone, Although if GMC goes through with these plans,.. they’re going to need to get it RIGHT!. 👍

  • Paul

    Dream on peeps. I’d say it ain’t gonna happen.


    and when that thing comes out, it be cool for a Typhoon trim again

  • Bash

    See, when the wrangler is around and doing great, bronco is coming to take a slice from that “cake”. GM is the next logical one to come to the party.

    • charlotteharry57

      Wrangler had a big push for 6 months after the last redesign. But sales are back in line with what they were before. Is there room for 2 competitors? Probably not.

      • Bash

        Let’s see, lots of people are looking forward to that bronco.

  • john1168

    please…PLEASE don’t call it Jimmy.

  • charlotteharry57

    Yep, that’s the vehicle that they’re talking about in the article as being a mule. But this isn’t butch enough. Not even close.

  • Socarboy

    You know if this comes to fruiation, Chevy dealers are going to cry foul

  • no25

    it’ll end up looking like the new Chevy Blazer, won’t it?

  • FordMopar

    Yea but Bronco will have removable top and doors like the Jeep. GMC cannot just slap a GMC name on that with normal looking body.

    • paulgdeaton

      They do it all the time….

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